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Justin Bieber, MRA?

Over on The Counter-Feminist, the self-proclaimed Counter-Feminist Agent of Change (CFAC) known as Fidelbogen has written a very strange fan letter to Justin Bieber. The teen heartthrob and lesbian-doppleganger, you see, has written a song about the woman who falsely accused him of fathering a child, which makes Bieber practically an MRA.

Poor Fidelbogen is clearly having a hard time dealing with his conflicted feelings about Bieber. He’s overjoyed that Bieber is taking on an evil paternity fraudress, but he’s clearly afraid that expressing too much enthusiasm about the Beebs will make him look, I don’t know, sort of girly? What else could explain all the hemming and hawing in his account of the Beebs’ new song?

Mind you, not that I give two spits about the young pop singer Justin Bieber, but the significance of certain events does not escape me. The lad is quite popular among people of a certain generational subculture, and he was recently the target of attempted paternity fraud. The attempt failed, and Justin memorialized the experience in a song … .

The Fides goes on to deliver a standard-issue anti-feminist minirant:

What’s this got to do with feminism, you ask? Well, feminism has empowered women to do many, many things — especially things that would hurt or exploit males. Likewise, feminist propaganda and legal activism has generated a cultural climate in which the “deadbeat dad” trope has risen to special prominence — aye, to a point of moral hysteria! Finally, feminist complicity with the paternity fraud industry is written in blazing letters by anybody who cares to look.

And then it’s back to the glory of Bieber:

Justin Bieber’s song might just hammer home, in the minds of certain male youngsters, some of the cruel facts of male existence in today’s world. And that can only be to the political benefit of the non-feminist revolution. So, on with it!

I don’t know. When I feel the urge to listen to music about paternity fraud, I tend to go with the classics:

Try this one, too, if you like Ukes:

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“Shouldn’t the law still go after her for extortion?” — I am not a lawyer, and my usual nearly-a-lawyer friend won’t be around this late, but I *think* it’s only extortion if it works, or threats were used — I could be wrong there, but I don’t think it meets the legal requirements. And as was said upthread, Bieber et al are suing her.

Where is Toy Soldier when you need him?

probably making a fresh batch of nonsense for his next no comment blog post on how the whole internet is out to get him. where is toysoldier usually?

Justin Beiber’s team COULD write a better (at least catchier) MRA anthem than the couple we’ve heard lately.

Yeah, my understanding is that extortion requires a threat in order to be extortion. Simply claiming paternity isn’t considered extortion because it’s a specific legal action much like a lawsuit. There certainly is grounds for civil action here but not criminal.

Much as I dislike Beiber’s brand of cheesy pop, there’s no question that he could come up with something better than the “fuck your shit up” song. All by himself without the help of his usual team of songwriters, even.

Wow. Zarat, I might not like you (in fact I really don’t) but I am starting to worry about you. Your disconnect from reality is getting worse. Get away from the MRM and get help.

I must admit, I have a soft spot for young Mr Beiber. He looks so much like my twelve year old nephew. I really hope nobody messed with him and if they did I hope they get a nice room for a long term stay in their nearest penetentiary. But according to Beiber’s version of the story he’d never even met the woman, so her story looks really fishy and although I doubt very much that paternity fraud is as common as the MRA like to portray it, I think this might be a genuine case. Still, I doubt Mr Beiber is hurting for money so a paternity test should put all to rights.

Entirely off topic, but how do you embed video? I could probably solve this, but asking the people who do it successfully seems a lot simpler ^.^

lol, so simple and yet….I was trying the youtube embed code, which was fail >.< Thank you!

So if Justin Bieber continues to not condemn all women as lying whores who lie to get money by lying just because of this one incident, will CFAC et all:

1) Pretend they never said anything?
2) Denounce Bieber as a white-knight mangina?
3) Claim that he secretly believes it but won’t say it out loud because of the femspiracy?

I also don’t find it very convincing that babies are the best way to get money out of men. One full time job at McDonalds pays more per month than child support minus child expenses. And if you slave away at McDonald’s instead, at least you get to go home and have time to yourself. The second I come home from working all day, my daughter wants to climb into my lap, play games, and go running around the neighborhood with me. If I want to hear myself think for one second, I have to lock myself in the bathroom with her howling and crying because I won’t let her in.

How many times have I tried to explain this. Women who are full time mothers collecting child support are not living the high life and are often times barely making ends meet. And they don’t get to punch out at 5pm. It just baffles me when MRAs compare getting a chunk of their paycheck taken for child support and compare it to the 24/7 job of being a single mother.

I think the MRAs know that spermjacking is a terrible scheme in term of money making, they just believe than women, sorry females are too stupid to realize it, or that it’s in their genes too want to take care of a baby.

@Jessay- if women really wanted to get tons of money out of men, they’d just go out and try and provoke a man to beat them up, then sue them for assault. Rinse and repeat. Actually, that kind of reminds me of the Chuck Pahalanuk book “Choke” where the guy pretends to choke in restaurants and supplements his income by getting money from the people who “save his life” when he’s choking.

That way, there’s no baby involved, and she could sue him for tons of money. Yet, most MRAs argue that domestic abuse simply DOES NOT EXIST and women NEVER get abused by men, so wouldn’t they be saying the opposite if it’s all a vaginal conspiracy to take away the MONIES of the MENZ?

“Yet, most MRAs argue that domestic abuse simply DOES NOT EXIST and women NEVER get abused by men, so wouldn’t they be saying the opposite if it’s all a vaginal conspiracy to take away the MONIES of the MENZ?”

No, because DV results in jail time not child support. I think they’re too afraid that admitting DV happens means admitting some men belong in jail.

@Jessay — they think taking care of a kid is easy, you clean the house anyways, so how much more work can it be?! (I don’t have kids, but having babysat, I know damned well the answer there is “a lot”) — And per NWO mothers just kick kids out when they hit 5, off to school, nothing else you ever have to do for them.

In other words, I don’t think they have a clue what a baby requires for even just a few hours, forget about the child’s entire life.

@Hershele — my vote is on “3) Claim that he secretly believes it but won’t say it out loud because of the femspiracy?”

I remember reading a blog by this woman whose mother died when she was little. Her father was generally quite clueless about how to raise his children and obviously didn’t do much about learning to take care of them. So she spent most of her elementary school life standing by the garbage can and taking food from people who were about to throw it away and she wore shitty clothes that didn’t fit properly because her dad didn’t realize that when kids grow they need clothes that fit well.

Of course, a couple years later, he remarried and suddenly there was food in the house and she actually had clothes for someone of her age and size, but it just seems like there are a good number of men out there who just like to bury their heads in the sand about exactly what it takes to raise a child, and children get neglected if put in their custody because of that.

It also really disturbs me that so many men remarry so that a new woman can just fall in as the under-appreciated “help” to keep him living at the standards he is accustomed to. It’s almost as though these men think of women as little more than slaves.

@Nanasha, Just saw this. That just sounds like straightforward neglect rather than cluelessness. A friend of mine who works for CPS sees that all the time with male parents, female parents, foster parents, etc. In fact, she sees more female parents who neglect their children, just because women are still more likely to be the primary caregivers. Without good data to back it up, I would not be comfortable making an assertion that male parents are more likely to be neglectful.

That said, I think we do a terrible job of providing support/training/education for new birth parents in this country, period.

When I tried looking after my teenage godson, DOCS gave us both all sorts of support, and I still failed massively 🙁 Really fucked things up 🙁

His workers came and checked out my house, and were always there to talk to on the phone. He had a GP, Paediatrician, Child Abuse Psychologist, School Counsellor. I did a course on caring for abused kids, and a worker from that place visited me once a week (as well as being available on the phone) to help me learn to parent. School staff, friends, neighbours and the kid’s relatives all tried to help, too. And, as a foster carer, I was paid $300 a fortnight to help cover his expenses.

Magpie, for what it’s worth, caring for children/young adults who’ve already been abused is hard, even by psychologist standards.

Nanasha, that sounds more like neglect to me too — simple cluelessness is more like not realizing that, for example, a 13 year old girl and 9 year old girl will want very different wardrobes. Or sometimes not realizing that the only food in the house was stuff the kids hate, but generally having food. Having so little food for so long that she resorted to eating other people’s trash strikes me as serious neglect.

“That said, I think we do a terrible job of providing support/training/education for new birth parents in this country, period.” — seconding that

Bieber isnt girly Fatroll. You obviously havent seen the type of women he hangs out with…
The guy is a natural womanizer!

Thank you for reviving a thread that has been dead for nearly 2 years with that insightful comment and hilarious pun that you are the first ever to come up with on David’s last name.

You are so clever and alpha that my panties literally shredded themselves and flew off of my body.

Actually I get an A since you read the comment. You also fail because i never invented “Fattroll”. But it would be good for him if he ever wanted to change his last name.

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