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Reddit quote of the day: “I lost a really good friend because he didn’t want to believe his wife was a [six expletives deleted].”

On AskReddit, lostabro33 tells the sad story of how he, er, lost a bro. The tl;dr version:

I lost a really good friend because he didn’t want to believe his wife was a fucking whore bitch slut cunt lying piece of shit.

Here’s the full quote. As you’ll notice, it has 1314 upvotes.

Yeah, that totally happened.

Is Reddit officially the worst place on earth?

(Sadly, I know the answer to that is no. But, damn, Reddit, you really to seem to want to take that number one slot.)

(Thanks to ShitRedditSays for finding this, er, gem.)

EDITED TO ADD: [TW: Child porn]

Speaking of shitty things on Reddit: There was more child porn up on Reddit, this time a post in r/videos with more than 900 upvotes and numerous positive comments, with a link to a video that showed the sexual abuse of a six-year-old boy. The folks in SRS have been talking about it; after numerous complaints from SRSers to the r/videos mods, Reddit admins, YouTube, and the FBI, the video has apparently been removed from YouTube. More details, and a link to the original r/videos thread, in the SRS thread devoted to it. There’s also a lot of discussion of it in the comments to this post here.

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10 years ago

Why would you feel that? If some stranger gets into your house at night while you’re sleeping and makes you have sex then that is rape under the law. Do people feel guilty if a burglar robs their house?

I imagine quite a lot of people would feel guilty if the person who robbed them was their brother or their husband or their best friend or their boyfriend or their uncle or their neighbor, whom they had liked and trusted. Quite a lot of people would feel guilty if when they tried to tell anyone about being robbed, people immediately said things like, “Yeah, but look at how you were dressed! Everyone knows women who dress like that want people to rob their houses!” or “I’m sure it was just a misunderstanding. You probably told the robber, ‘Okay, rob me!’ before you told him no, and it’s not fair to expect a robber to stop robbing you just because you say so,” or “Why would you say things like that about that poor guy? Stop being so crazy and hysterical. Of course he didn’t rob you,” or “Well, you know most people who say they were robbed are lying,” or “If you didn’t really want to be robbed, obviously you would have fought back harder,” or “Jeez, he’s your boyfriend, he should be allowed to take your stuff whenever he wants anyway, so it’s not like it’s really robbery!” Quite a lot of people would feel guilty if, when they went to the police to report being robbed, the police treated them with suspicion or disdain, or told them that there really wasn’t any point in reporting their robbery, since it would never be prosecuted – and if, somehow, they went ahead and reported it anyway, and it did go to trial, quite a lot of people would almost certainly feel guilty if the trial focused on all the times they’d ever done anything anyone might see as making them somehow deserve to be robbed – if they’d ever consensually given anyone anything of theirs, say, which would be held up as evidence that they were dirty, rotten, terrible people who couldn’t possibly be robbed because everything they supposedly owned was common property anyway. Quite a lot of people would feel guilty about being robbed if the cultural narrative on robbery centered around all the things you should not do if you didn’t want to be a robbery victim, from “don’t ever leave your house alone” to “don’t ever drink alcohol” to “don’t dress in a way anyone could possibly disapprove of” to “don’t be out at night” to “don’t have friends of the opposite gender” to “don’t ever be alone with anyone” to “magically somehow know who all the robbers are and just don’t associate with them,” with the implication that not doing all of those restrictive and often mutually contradictory things meant you should expect to be robbed. Quite a lot of people would feel guilty about being robbed if we lived in a culture which finds all sorts of nasty, insidious ways to condone robbery and make robbery victims feel like shit. And it is frankly rather amazing to me that anyone could manage to live in such a culture and still ask a robbery victim, “Gee, why would you feel guilty?”

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