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A Very Spearhead Valentine’s Day

The Spearhead, in a nutshell.


Turns out the boys at The Spearhead are celebrating V-Day in their own special way. I thought I’d share this lovely e-card I found there. And a couple of little rants from the comments. First, here’s Eric, with this sweet little tale:

Earlier, I was waiting at a bus stop near some restaurants and saw, in 20 minutes’ time, 9 couples going out to ‘V-Day’ dinner. The women were dressed up, hair done, &c.—and in 8 of those cases were dragging along some piece of human waste who looked like he hadn’t been near either a bathtub or a jobsite in months!

It’s amazing how little sense of shame these bitches have to be seen with these louts and thugs. Of course, none of them would ever dream of being seen in public with some respectable-looking guy.

Just as an aside, the 9th couple I saw was a tall, handsome, clean-cut, well-dressed looking guy who had an aura of confidence and intelligence about him. And the woman with him was Asian! LOL

LOL indeed, Eric. LOL indeed.

(NOTE TO SELF: Find out why what he said is supposed to be funny.)

And now, let’s listen to whatever the fuck Poiuyt is on about:

On behalf of women, owed and entitled to valentines, the sexist-police-state sanctions plunder, rapine and murder of men and of children pursuant to its repugnant social policies. How can mutual appreciation exist in such environments of one sided self love of all things female ?

In such a state of extracted obligation and responsibility by one side of partnerships for the undue benefit of the other side, there can only be hatred, contempt, jealousy, indifference, cruelty, maliciousness and spite.

Relationships are no longer mutual, voluntary nor free in gendertopia. They come with such attatchments and baggage by outsiders to it, as to effectively be man-traps. Why would any man willingly expose himself or even his kids to expropriation, torture or even death ?

Gendertopias caste of sexual aggrieviance hacks lack the natural human feelings of kinship or sincerity. And their poison has spread because of this, meaning everything moral and material is to be appropriated for the woman, only for the woman and no one else but the woman. There now isn’t anyone left amongst men, women or the pawned, bartered and pledged children cappable of knowing genuine love.

And a happy Valentine’s Day to you too, Poiuyt!

I can’t wait to see what you have to say about Arbor Day.

Also, “cappable?” Did you take spelling lessons from this guy?

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Haven’t you wondered why guys love sex so much, Molly? It’s actually rather lovely in there. The bartender makes a great hot chocolate. ^_^


So, if a woman dates a poor slob, she’s a fool and if she dates a hot rich guy, she’s shallow and hypergamous. Women, as usual, can’t ever win in mra land.

Obviously middle-class white misogynists are the breakfast of champions

There once was a man with a Vag Badge,
Who won an important nude chess match.
When he jumped up
The ref dropped his cup,
And that boner led to a quick rematch.

Vaginal access and licensing standards differ worldwide. Contact your local Department of Vaginas for a pamphlet or ask a Registered Vagina Training Organisation for information concerning qualification(s)/courses. Your pamphlet will be delivered in 5-7 working days. Some exemptions and exceptions may apply for vaginas manufactured between 1958-1987 inclusive.

A processing fee may apply.



“Standard vaginal access” sounds so completely unsexy, I sure as hell wouldn’t permit anyone who said that any access – substandard or standard – to mine.

And now I’m picturing a robotic female with HAL-like glowing nipples saying “Please place palms on Breast Detector Unit for verification. Thank you.” A naked guy places his hands on the robotic breasts and a moment goes by…”Verified. You have permission for Standard Vaginal Access.”

For some reason, I now want to write a story about this.

No real Valentines today. Some of them are feminists. However Valentine’s day is better than women’s day.

Are you insinuating that Valentine’s cards from feminists don’t really count?

I know I shouldn’t feed trolls and that this particular troll never responds, not even to billy goats…

And now I’m picturing a robotic female with HAL-like glowing nipples saying “Please place palms on Breast Detector Unit for verification. Thank you.” A naked guy places his hands on the robotic breasts and a moment goes by…”Verified. You have permission for Standard Vaginal Access.”

I know! It sounds so clinical and perfectly suited to a standard sex program for a sex fembot.

Wow, Explore Nature is extra-incoherent today! Or is it a haiku?
*counts syllables on fingers*
Nope, just gibberish.

“Standard vaginal access” just makes me think of TS2-servo sex. Except all my servos are a) male (1. tuxedos 2. no creepy makeup) and b) confirmed genital-free.

Keyster’s incredibly crass comments make perfect sense, if you’re an MRA.

In MRA-land, women enter the marriage contract with men. This contract stipulates that the men provide for the women who sit home and eat bon-bons. Amazingly, these self same women also manage to steal the men’s jobs using affirmitive action, then earn more than the men and then lie about it. The woman’s role in to the marriage contract is to provide vaginal access for the man. That’s how MRAs view marriage.

Women only *enjoy* sex when it is with the mythical “alpha” male. Women cruelly reject the nice/beta/MRA guys who want the woman, despite her evil money grabbing ways. However, the nice/beta/MRA guys have the last laugh because, get this, they refuse to marry the woman – and the “alpha” male isn’t interested in her long term.

What happens next has fuelled many late night MRA fantasies. The woman’s “sexual market value” has decreased and she gets increasingly desperate to enter into the marriage contract. BUT – MRAs, despite there not being enough to fill a 1,000 signatute petition, are causing the tide to turn. Suddenly, even permitting standard vaginal access isn’t enough – fewer than 1,000 MRAs, some of whom are married or in relationships (like Paul Elam) *refuse* to marry the woman, despite her sexual market value!

That will teach them.

Meanwhile, a few dozen celibate, emotionally adrift men named themselves after slang terms for bottoms and create AVfM. My favourite comment on there recently is from a man who claims he’s a father and claimed that his daughter asked for advice regarding sex. His advice? Masturbate a lot, sometimes in front of her partner.

Now call me cynical, but I don’t think that guy is father and, even if he is, I don’t think that conversation happened. I think he’s indulging a little fantasy. They do that on AVfM, Paul Elam talks about getting erections from mildly irritating feminists.

Elam’s a father, I wonder what sex advice he gave his daughter? I wonder if she’s self sufficent? Does she permit standard vaginal access? Should she have full control over it?

I pity her, and her pathetic father.

Ah yes. Another day to whine about how those bitches chose everyone but me! And because these guys are either not able to ever date or only want to date fifteen year olds, they totally can’t see that women do often reciprocate in like and kind.

Has anyone read some of the stuff on “golden uteri”? Some definite issues starting way back with their mommies.

It’s amazing how little sense of shame these bitches have to be seen with these louts and thugs. Of course, none of them would ever dream of being seen in public with some respectable-looking guy.

But wait! I thought we were hypergamous bitches, dating beyond our matches in terms of SMV. Are we actually bitches who are rejecting high-earning, respectable dudes in order to date down? Also, in what scenario are we not bitches?

Oops! I am sleepy and didn’t notice that there was another page of comments. Obviously my point had been made several times before this, silly me.

Poiuyt is gibbering. I mean he’s spouting gibberish. It’s got words, and everything, but it makes no sense.

How, one wonders, does he see relationships as being, “mutual, voluntary [and] free,”? Does he believe in no-fault divorce? Does he believe in equal opportunity for men and women (regardless of color)? Does he think a stay at home partner should be recompensed for work in the home?

He implies this used to be the case, and that, “gendertopia” ruined it.

I am so sick of these racist cowards using the word “thug.” We all know what you mean, just say it, you can’t look worse than you already do. It’s almost like they know racism is bad, but have no idea why or their role in it.

If Eric thinks Asian women are submissive, he wouldn’t last an hour with my sisters-in-law. They take no shit.

So we have standard and club level vaginal access, what about Platinum membership?

Also, a golden uterus sounds painful, but might make for some extremely profitable periods.

Cramps would be a whole lot more tolerable if I found three ounces of 24K flake in my pants afterwards.

What the actual f**k is Poiuyt talking about? Entitlement? what to a yearly chocolate/flowers combo maybe dinner in exchange for sex? Effort it’s poison to men. The government (or someone idk) killing men and children coz…. Feminism.

As for the first guy women can’t do anything without scorn, date ‘above their stature’ they’re gold diggers therefore whores and bitches, date at their stature also they’re
also whores and bitches, give a guy a chance and date below their stature then there’s something wrong with them and bitches (whore is debatable on this one) and finally don’t date men man-hating, frigid, lesbian who somehow manages to be a whore. Can’t win the misognynist game.

*’stature’ is subjective

I wonder if there are different levels of vaginal access. If so, is “Standard” the lowest level of access, or is it middling? Is there “First Class” or VIP access? Does it (or you) come with complimentary champagne?

Is there a points reward system? Can I redeem my Discover CashBack bonuses for valuable vagina points?

This one from one of Elizabeth’s links is nice and snooty:

That one looks like an L. Frank Baum drawing. Glinda: the original snooty Gibson Girl.

In addition to “standard vaginal access,” I’m wondering what an “off night” is. Around here, we don’t have a schedule. We have “increasingly creative ways of asking if the other person wants to get naked and have fun.”

I currently have the title, with “so, would you like to get euphemistic?” But I’m sure he’ll win it back any second now. 🙂

Dani – We have a schedule! But it’s always up for adding in extras (or, horrors, deciding we don’t feel like it some nights), it’s a Google Calendar rather than a days-of-the-week thing, and it’s something we keep in part because my sex drive is considerably higher than his.


Keyster is the one who complained on an article about Slutwalk that women have the ability to consent to sex with whoever they want, yet they get to “tease” men with their sexuality. It was some NWO-level misogyny.


Holly: Makes sense!

The Fiance and I talked about a schedule a few months ago, when my meds were making me all “meh” about sex. But then I got the meds tweaked and our sex drives are roughly equal again. Still, I imagine we’d go back to a schedule if we needed it, especially if it were a floor and not a ceiling.

I must be the least demanding woman in the world. I spent Valentine’s Day alone at home (Ben had a gig that was too loud for babby – yeah, you can damage their hearing in utero), watching CSI, with only a pair of hound dogs as my date. No flowers, and only a couple of chocolates.

And my New Year’s Eve was pretty much the same! Except with waffles.

I’ve been doing this whole woman thing wrong, guys!

@ Crumb

It’s impossible to consider what MRAs write without being acutely aware of the sexual frustration and emotional detachment that they experience (not making excuses, BTW).

I watched a Paul Elam video the other day, he went on and on about men jumping through hoops “like seals hoping for a piece of fish” – basically, talking about traditional dating in the hope of having sex. What MRAs will *never* understand is that ascribing to outdated notions of gender like that will lead to frustration. Women want to be treated as equals, not as the keepers of “standard vaginal access” which they “give up” after an appropriate number of “dates”, no matter who is paying.

MRAs, want to have sex? Ditch your idiotic beliefs, talk to women, be comfortable with them, and yourself, and explain how you feel.

Paul Elam is a waste of sperm and egg. I bet he acts like complete “beta” at home with his woman and those online to vent his misogynistic views. Not that I support the “beta-alpha” BS. Just using a term I think we are all familiar with. Go on RooshV and they’re all “alphas.” What a joke.

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