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MGTOWer: We don’t hate women. We just think they’re greedy sluts who need to be punished.

Supreme Court Chief Justice Judge Judy

You know those guys over on, who spend so much of their time complaining about women and talking about how glad they are to not have anything to do with icky lady stuff? Well, it turns out they don’t hate women at all! They just think that women are all money-hungry narcissists who deserve to be punished for abusing their “rights.”

That may seem like a rather subtle distinction there, or possibly a giant heaping load of steaming bullshit. So I’ll let the eminently rational Spocksdisciple explain it all to you.

A Misogynist hates women because they’re women…

An MGHOW distrusts women for the powers they abuse…

Go on.

An MGHOW isn’t a misogynist and should never be, he’s a person who doesn’t allow women to impact his life and doesn’t care what women think about him.

Evidently he means “a person who doesn’t allow women to impact his life except for the hours he spends every day complaining about them online.”

He’s also a person who doesn’t actively hate women, but hate the things women do with their gov’t granted powers. The abuses and legal atrocities women commit is the fault of the gov’t and judicial system allowing these abuses.

Yes, those evil feminazi judges that run the country, headed up by that evil Chief Justice Judy on the Supreme Court.

Women will be women just as men will be men, their ingrained nature is no more different then how other animals behave.

Well, perhaps a bit different than how some animals behave. I mean, flatworms have swordfights with their penises in order to determine who gets to be the dude flatworm when they have sex, and I don’t know many people who do that.

I personally think women are hardwired to be hypergamous and self centered, they have to be in order to survive.

We don’t hate women! It’s just that they’re HARDWIRED to be selfish moneygrubbing bitches. It’s SCIENCE!!!

Just as men are hardwired to be analytical problem solvers as well as highly aggressive creatures when the need arises.

Don’t hate us because we’re so smart, ladies!

The trouble is that society today lets women get away with anything and everything, from getting harassed by random dudes on streetcorners to getting paid less than men for the same work.

Sorry, those were bad examples. Back to Spocksdisciple:

Today’s women may not be worthy of trust as has been proven over and over again in the news but in the past women were granted privileges their predecessors earned for them in blood and pain, privileges which were then turned in “inalienable” rights without the ability to suffer the consequences of abusing these “rights”.

Exactly! Now that women have the right to (for example) own property, they should be roundly punished each and every time they abuse these rights! Like, if they buy too much shit, they should have to pay money to rent storage units to keep it in.


I’m not sure Spockdisciple has thought of that example. I’ll have to mention it at the next meeting.

But anyway, even though Spocksdisciple thinks women should suffer some sort of consequences for “abusing” their rights –oddly,  he doesn’t actually mention what rights women are abusing or how they should be punished – he wants to make it clear that this doesn’t mean he hates the ladies.

Hating women for their innate nature is like them hating men for ours, nothing will come of it, men and women won’t change their innermost nature so why bother wasting the energy in the first place.

A true MGHOW doesn’t hate women, he hates the system which enables such bad behavior in women without them suffering the consequences of such behavior, if women suffered the consequences of their misbehavior you can bet many of them wouldn’t be so eager to abuse their “rights” with impunity.

So, again, MGTOWers don’t hate women. They just think women are inherently a bunch of greedy hoebags who are completely untrustworthy and deserve to be punished.

What on earth is hateful about that?

Naturally, most of the totally non-woman-hating dudes over on found Spocksdisciple’s argument to be logical as shit.  As cdub noted:

I don’t hate women. I hate that they are not held accountable for their actions. There are too many blue pillers out there to ever see thru this shit. I think the only thing that will change any of this is if there is complete collapse of the Western world and all those strong, independent women will have to rely on men just like nature intended.

AussieSteve, though, thought Spocksdisciple was being a bit too lenient on the ladies.

I hate the system and I hate what women are. I can hate both because both have earned my hatred. The system hasn’t made women loathsome it has merely created an environment that has exposed their true natures. If somebody lets a poisonous snake out of its cage am I not allowed to kill that snake because it isn’t its fault that it got out? The person that opened the cage should be held accountable as well, sure – but a snake is still a snake and if I have to kill it to protect myself then that snake is going to die.
All the system has done is allow women to do abhorrent things, it hasn’t made them do it. It just removed the restraints that our forefathers, in their wisdom, put in place to keep them under control. Women are poisonous snakes and we have stupidly let them out of their cages.

Huh. Women represented by evil snakes. Haven’t ever heard that one before.


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PFKAE: I laughed too, then the word dissent soaked in, and the bitter humor of, “And this Court gladly obliges” (I wonder if efasfas would chide her for the terminal sentence fragment?), and I too cried.

Yeah, I really really look forward to the day that Scalia stops being on the bench, it will be a battle royale in the Senate but at least we can get a “moderate” on the bench. Thomas and the others are not old enough and Thomas is just a Scalia clone anyway.

10 years ago

Scalia is an unregenerate hypocrite, a liar and a dishonest sack of shit.

Alito is at almost as bad.

But Scalia… He makes me hope for a day of judgement… I’d love to see his heart weighed in the balance against the Feather of Maat. I’d love to be there to see him at the sifting of the sheep and the goats.

I wonder where Dante would place him.

And I wonder how long it would take him to purge his soul and get out.

10 years ago

Scalia is possibly the most reactionary and intellectually dishonest judge the Supreme Court has ever had. Even McReynolds, who was an unrepentant bigot outside of his job, was a lot better at achieving judicial impartiality. Plus, whenever he is invited to speak before students (who, of course, ask him questions — the nerve!) he acts like a complete and utter asshole.

@Pecunium: I’ve always thought the most fitting punishment for someone like Scalia is to be locked in a room with the people he’s hurt for a week.

10 years ago

While he wears orange. There could be some obfuscating greenery.

10 years ago

Scalia is absolutely dishonest, not just intellectually.

It’s amazing that when he sits down, “as a little child” to look at the intent of the founding fathers, he has yet to find a single case in which they disagreed with his personal politics.

That’s intellectual dishonesty. But in his personal life (esp. where it touches the political) he is no less dishonest. He was one of the people saying Kerry is a bad catholic for looking at the law, as it relates to abortion, and making his decisions based on that, civil, law, instead of canon law.

But Scalia has said he, personally, favors capital punishment, which is something the Catholic Church has made anathema; to at least the level (and arguably moreso) than it opposes abortion (it’s arguable, because it’s issues of doctrine, v.s those of advocacy. The present pope is more opposed to abortion than the death penalty, which was not the case with his predecessor; and the American Catholic Church is far more advocarian in the cause of being anti-choice than anti-death penalty, though they do oppose both).

And yet, when he was opining that Kerry might not be eligible for communion, he goes to the rail every week.

Beams and motes.


What made me furious was his inane claim that was so utterly illogical it took my breath away over there being no reason to reverse a judgment of guilt when new evidence arises showing the defendant is innocent.

He claimed that there was no history behind it. I wanted to take my copy of the Magna Carta and smack him in the nose with it.

10 years ago

Yeah… that and his tap-dances around habeas corpus.

The man is vile, which we all know is just another way to spell Evil.


I was surprised he was so pro-defendant when it came to Crawford then I realised it is because he likes it making things harder for police to stop spousal abuse.

Especially in light of US v Owens.

10 years ago

Yeah, as I like say, Scalia doesn’t even agree with his own rulings half the time, judging by his other rulings. He isn’t even trying to use a messed up way of looking a things and then applying it, he decides what he wants the outcome of the case to be, and lies his way towards it. And, you know for certain that he knows some of this stuff, because he knows it in other cases where it gets him the result he wants.

10 years ago

I have to see footage of that flatworm thing narrated by David Attenborough. If that doesn’t exist on the internet, it should.

bobbyjo (@bobbyjo1950)
10 years ago

“An MGHOW isn’t a misogynist and should never be, he’s a person who doesn’t allow women to impact his life and doesn’t care what women think about him.”

If women don’t impact his life like he boosts then that contradicts their entire premise which whines how women are oppressing them.

“……except for the hours he spends every day complaining about them online.”

10 years ago

“Sorry, I’m reading this with a mixed tension migraine coming on and I just can’t help reading that OP’s username as Spotsdickle. Please help me.”


I am SO going to remember the OP as that from now on.

10 years ago

Strangely enough all MRA/MGTOW tracts make just as much sense with a MTM as without!

Tired of the bullcrap
Tired of the bullcrap
9 years ago

women are greedy whores that just want a free meal and look down on you if your not employed.

9 years ago

More necromancy, I just noticed.

Women look down on you because you don’t know how to write a coherent sentence and , more importantly, because you hate women. But thanks for sharing!

Argenti Aertheri
Argenti Aertheri
9 years ago

Hey, it’s necromancy with a dose of Scalia ridicule, and that’s always welcome (unlike Scalia)

9 years ago

Don’t worry Bullcrap, I’m sure plenty of men look down on you too.

6 years ago

Most of the women today are so very Pathetic. And the ones out there that have their Careers now do really think that they’re God’s gift to men which their Not at all since their total Losers to begin with.

6 years ago

Once women’s Lib started which gave them the Right to vote too, that is when many of us Good men have been Ruined because of this Unfortunately.

Well That Is The Truth
Well That Is The Truth
4 years ago

Most of the women in the old days were the very best of all compared to these very pathetic low life loser women today.

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