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Actual discussion taking place on Reddit’s Men’s Rights subreddit

Just another day on r/mensrights, dealing with the terrible injustices facing men today in a thoughtful and compassionate way.

414 replies on “Actual discussion taking place on Reddit’s Men’s Rights subreddit”

What I love is how you keep coming back and trying to get the last word in.

If I really looked down on them, why do they keep calling me? Why do they want to hang out with me? Why do they get annoyed if I don’t see/talk to them for a while? Why do my female neighbors constantly knock on my door to see what I am doing and if they can hang out with me? Why do they cook for me without me even asking? Why do they always flirt with me? Why do they constantly hug and kiss me? Why are they always touching me affectionately? Why do some of them respond positively to my advances?

Because they’re as dumb and narcissistic as you? Birds of a feather and all.

Too bad us feminists can’t repel you.

@Hellkell: Really? Most of them have completed college…plus I can’t tolerate dumb girls. Ya, some are narcissistic, but some aren’t. I get along with most people, so I have a large, diverse group of friends. How does it feel to be wrong so much?

90% of men despise women and would rape one if they could.

Most women prefer men to be eaxactly 35 years old and have more than $100,000 in their bank account.

The majority of men working in IT are insufferable bores.

What, you want me to back this shit up? Who are you, my college professor???

Things I Learned From Brandon, #327:

You don’t have to back up any of your claims outside of college courses. College has weird rules and shit, and this is one of them. It is not clear why college students are required to learn how to back up their claims. Because that’s totally not necessary in the “real world”.

I find it amusing that Brandon tries to slip the last word in. He goes and posts to several other threads, then come in, when the action is going hot and heavy, and tosses off a little attempt at one-upmanship, thinking it might get lost in the shuffle of posts streaming by.

It’s also amusing to see him refer to quotations as, “twisting his words”.

But hey, since no one has to prove what they say… because that’s for college professors, did you know that most 30 something IT dudes from Boston who post contrarian rants on the internet are solipsistic dickwads who couldn’t pour-piss out of a boot if the instructions were on the bottom? The sort of guy who needs a ground guide and a map to find his ass?

The sort who would pull shit out of his ass and pretend it smelled like truffle-infused duxelles?

Of course I don’t need to support it… because those dudes aren’t my professors, they can just google it, amirite?

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