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Off-topic: Blink Blink Meow

Blink Blink Meow!

Sometimes you need to take a break from adorable kitten pictures. So here are some terrifying blinking cat ladies of doom.

Oh, ok, here’s a kitten who haz a puppy, borrowed from Cute Overload’s cutest pics of 2011.

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Crumbelievable, you just made my day. Possibly my week. You should never wait for an excuse to post that.

An OT… I’ll be in Seattle (at a filk convention in SeaTac) this weekend. I’m hoping to head out to Pike Place, so I can stick my head in at Lark in the Morning Friday. I may be available for something at various points int the weekend.

Bah! Cute cats are overrated, I say! What about the under-appreciated cute animals, like guinea pigs, or rats, or jumping spiders? And… oh, fine. The cat gifs are overwhelmingly cute.

That said, I’ve got a dachshund on my lap as I’m typing this, and every word or so he pokes one of my hands with his nose. Both cute and annoying?

Awww….the little golden kitty has an even littler dachshund puppy. So cute! Reminds me of my hell hound when he was just a hell puppy.

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