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How to spot a feminist

Some feminists can be converted!

Over on Reddit, DoktorTeufel has a problem: he likes the ladies, but he doesn’t like the feminists. Unfortunately, some ladies are also feminists! And therein lies the danger. Naturally, he turns to the fellas in the Men’s Rights subreddit for help.

I’m just going to come out and say it: I will never knowingly enter into a romantic relationship with a feminist. I do have some female relatives and acquaintances who are feminists … and it’s not like they all wear signs that proclaim I’M A FEMINIST. (Some do.)

Aside from obvious telltales (feminist bumper stickers, etc.) or outright asking them “Are you a feminist?”, what are some discreet ways to ferret out a woman’s views on gender activism without creating an awkward situation? Feminism is a minefield topic, and I certainly wouldn’t broach the subject directly with a woman I’ve just started dating.

Naturally, this being the Men’s Rights subreddit, he received much helpful advice. Celda broke it down for him:

You don’t really care whether she identifies as a feminist or not – you care what her views are.

For instance, does she feel women have the right to force men into parental obligations against their will?

Does she feel women are oppressed in Western society?

Does she think that women make less money than men for the same work?

If yes to these questions or similar, then you probably want to avoid her.

Exactly. Always avoid those with a basic grasp on reality. They’re the worst!

Naive1000 suggested looking for more subtle clues.

Ask their thoughts on “benevolent sexism” if they know what your talking about you likely have a feminist. Just to make sure go into male privilege, it’s the feminists’ most popular talking point. Let her talk about it then you can see what she’s really like. But, there are some women who call themselves feminists, but are really egalitarian: they just don’t know the term.

Memymineown also suggests a subtle approach, and holds out hope that some of the younger feminist girls can be won back to the path of righteousness:

Bring Men’s Rights issues into the conversation subtly. I was talking with my family about Justin Beiber and brought up the paternity charge and no rape charges filed against the woman.

That led into a discussion about how women aren’t punished for rape.

Just do things like that.

But you shouldn’t exclude all feminists. I would say that the vast majority are just girls(I do use that word on purpose) who have been lied to. Once you show them the real facts they will probably come around.

ThePigman, by contrast, urges DoktorTeufel to  go for the jugular:

Why do you need to be discrete about it? Just ask her. If she is a member of the cult she will start screaming about the patriarchy, then her head will explode.

It’s true. Pretty much every conversation involving feminists quickly devolves into screaming about patriarchy. Heck, a feminist friend and I once screamed about patriarchy for five hours straight. We probably could have gone longer, but the manager at Applebee’s, evidently not a feminist, threw us out. Sometimes I start screaming about patriarchy when no one else is around, just to keep in practice.

Conversations with feminists pretty much all go like the conversation in the video below, only instead of a cat you need to picture a feminist, and instead of the word “no,” the word “patriarchy.” You can see how annoying that might get, and not just to Hitler.

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“Do I have sex with the dress itself?”

Now I’m imaginine someone frantically humping a pouffy, frilly Lolita dress. Thanks for that!

Now I’m imaginine someone frantically humping a pouffy, frilly Lolita dress. Thanks for that!

What’s unsettling is that it’s likely someone has done that at some point.

What’s unsettling is that it’s likely someone has done that at some point.

Possibly even someone we know … (cough!DavidKMellercough!)

Do you think Meller knows that the whole lolita movement exists? You’d think they’d be his dream girls…right up until he talked to one anyway. Rufflebutt on cranky old misogynist fight! My money is on the rufflebutt.

Well you are INSIDE it 😀


Now I’m imaginine someone frantically humping a pouffy, frilly Lolita dress. Thanks for that!

Fear ye not, for, like Zoe of Firefly, I prefer me a dress with some slink. I’m sure that’s a much less objectionable image.

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