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And the Redditor of the Day Award goes to … AnnArchist! No, really. It actually did, yesterday.

AnnArchist is also in the running for this prestigious award

Good news, everyone! The good folks on the RedditorOfTheDay subreddit picked our friend AnnArchist to be Redditor of the Day yesterday. He filled out a little questionnaire for the RedditorOfTheDay folks listing all sorts of fun facts about himself.

In addition to moderating the Men’s Rights subreddit and posting hilarious videos of women getting beaten up to the beatingwomen subreddit, AnnArchist (who is a dude, despite the name) also enjoys: Skyrim, bass fishing, sports talk radio, chicken tacos, and football!

His biggest pet peeve:

People who want to interfere with other people’s happiness.

His biggest worry about Reddit?

I just hope the community doesn’t grow so quickly that we lose the quality debate and discussion that has kept many of the users around reddit for a long time.

Over on ShitRedditSays, fxexular has helpfully catalogued some of AnnArchist’s contribution to the “quality debate and discussion.” Like his considered opinion on one female judge:

I hope someone kills her.

And his opinion of an alleged false rape accuser:

I hope she was harassed. Fuck I hope her house was firebombed. Lets be clear, I really will applaud anyone who does anything to her, be it slash her tires or slash her throat.

You can find even more of these charming nuggets in my post about him here.

In his answers to the RedditorOfTheDay questionnaire, AnnArchist reveals himself to be a truly sensitive soul. Here, he shares a painful moment from his past:

When I was a senior in HS and when my friend and I saw … the plane fly into the twin towers our first reaction was laughter rather than OMG thats a tragedy. Yea, we’re fucked up. I TPed my High School that night. I’m a horrible person.

Oh, and did I mention that he’s the creator, sole moderator, and basically the only contributor to the NSFW4 subreddit, devoted to posting pictures and videos too horrific and offensive to post anywhere else on Reddit?

Godspeed, AnnArchist! Thank you for making the world a better place!

NOTE: This post is almost entirely made up of sarcasm.

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10 years ago

And I just found this interesting link:

which I am FAR too tired to read fully “tonight” (it’s quarter past 4 in the a.m.) but will tackle tomorrow. A brief quote however (forgive me if I blow the blockquotes; this is my first time ever commenting on a blog and I’m figuring it out as I go…

It’s tempting to dismiss this poem and Lovecraft’s general racial views as being typical of his time, but really, they’re not. At the very least, Lovecraft’s racism was more pronounced than that of his contemporaries. He believed very firmly in the concept of what we might now term “White Power,” whereas a more common view among his class would have been racial segregation: he promoted an active form of ethnic glorification at the expense of others, while many American Whites felt that, with the American Civil War still in living memory for many, physical separation and as little mutual antagonism as possible would have been preferable.

(hope that worked…)

2 years ago

You have no idea what you’re talking about. This person is obviously just a troll.

2 years ago

That burn is extra sick coming in 8 years later. David, will you be alright? Do we need to get out the burn kit again?

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