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New form of anti-male oppression discovered: Women’s magazines in checkout lines!

Yeah, I know you've all seen this one before, but, come on! It's funny!

Over on Reddit’s Men’s Rights subreddit, cheester warns all of us dudes about an especially insidious form of anti-male oppression: the racks of women’s magazines that lurk near the checkout counters of grocery stores everywhere!

can I get some feedback on womens magazines at the grocery checkout? Every issue states “new tricks he doesn’t know in bed” and shite like that. It’s obvious porn for the gals but why is it so accepted by everyone that it has carte blanche to be within a two foot reach as I pay for my food? If a magazine for men had on the cover: “20 Ways To Make Her Squirm Like A Fish”….there would be a national outrage.

Yeah, it’s not like Men’s magazines ever run anything like that.

Church groups and womens rights would say it demoralizes women and have the publication banned or put behind censored racks in seedy smoke shops.

Yeah. It’s not like this ever happens to women’s magazines.

But the womens mags are right there as a last shop item in the flourescent lit, sterilized, family atmosphere where every mother parades her toddlers and kids right past the 3 letter word in big black block letters;SEX on the cover of every flashy colored womens mag that comes out each month.  

Not only is this oppression of men, it’s oppression of all toddlers who can read and know what the word “sex” means.

Also, feminists have never criticized women’s magazines in any way. “Ten Ways to Make Him Squirm” articles are the distilled essence of feminism! And most of them are written by the ghost of Andrea Dworkin.

NOTE:  Does this even need a “sarcasm” tag?



856 replies on “New form of anti-male oppression discovered: Women’s magazines in checkout lines!”

Your “fans,” Meller? Whatever gets you through the night, but I’d hardly call a bunch of people who think you’re sexist, racist, doll-wanking freak your fans.

Meller: Your feminist girlfriend is calling. She wants cuddling!

She’s at work. I am, however, doing things I’m good at. I’m making your folly plain, and I’m making supper (a tabouli, with no lemon; using short-pickled persian cukes and celery with some rice vinegar for the acid), a braised brisket with turnips, carrots, celery and marrow, and some homemade noodles).

In between times I’m practicing some shooting, and rebuilding the hard drive that crashed on the computer. Tomorrow I’ll go to work, and someone else will be making dinner.

My current collection of LLLs is quite adaquate, sooner or later a place will open up in my “harem”, and one or two shall be welcomed.

I just threw up a little. That’s… so far beyond disturbing I’m not sure there’s a word for it. If you want to wank with dolls or plushies, Meller, have at it. Just don’t tell the rest of us about it. Please.

I don’t really give a shit about Meller’s doll fetish, myself. It’s his desire to turn actual human women into what are essentially dolls made of meat that I find disturbing.

And even that, if he accepted it as a kink and tried to find healthy, non-harmful ways to play it out, I wouldn’t have a problem with.

Fan/fan/Noun: 1.An apparatus with rotating blades that creates a current of air for cooling or ventilation.
2.A person who has a strong interest in or admiration for a particular sport, art or entertainment form, or famous person.

You don’t have any fans, Meller, unless you meant that you have an apparatus with rotating blades and you think that it talks to you. (That wouldn’t surprise me at this point, what with the dolls and all.) Everyone here thinks that you’re a deranged lunatic, and rather pathetic. You’re a sad, lonely old man who’s been reduced to playing with dolls because you can’t figure out a way to remove free will from actual real life women.

BTW, “I bet you’re good at cuddling your girlfriend!” is the least effective insult of all time, especially coming from someone who has nothing to cuddle except his Madame Alexander collection.

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