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Women! Why must you assault men with your evil sexy outfits?

Women totally slutting it up in provocative waist-cinching attire

Apparently, or so I’ve learned from the manosphere, every single thing that women do is designed to torment men. Yesterday, we learned that women with jobs are leeching off of men just as much as women without jobs.

Further proof of female perfidy can be found in a recent post on the popular manosphere blog In Mala Fide with the provocative title Provocative Female Attire is an Assault Against Men. Guest poster Giovanni Dannato lays it out for anyone who needs convincing:

When a woman walks down a crowded sidewalk in revealing clothing, she is forcing herself on every man nearby.

The woman fully understands the powerful biological drives of men. She knows they cannot ignore her, not even if they want to.

Amazingly, the fact that a woman might show some cleavage does not automatically mean that she wants to have sex with every single man who sees her.

She has chosen to advertise herself to everyone passing by, but she is looking only for a few men. The wealthiest, the most famous, the most powerful men she can attract. …

There’s an old elementary school custom…when you bring something tasty to class, it’s understood that you should put it away unless you intend to share it with others. …

Likewise, a woman who puts her goodies blatantly on display is making false advertisements. Nobody supposes or expects that she could share herself with her entire audience—not even if she wanted to.

That’s right. Women are like gum. Or that pizza Spicoli had delivered to him in class in Fast Times at Ridgemont High that the mean Mr. Hand forced him to share with everyone. And if you gum-pizza-ladies are not willing to share yourself with every horny man (and, presumably, lesbian) who happens to notice you in your slut uniform, you are committing a terrible infraction.

Oh, sure, wearing a totally cute outfit is not specifically against the law, but, as Dannato reminds us,

looking for refuge in explicit written law is inherently disingenuous. …

[W]omen exposing themselves without intent to reciprocate the attention they attract is impolite and inconsiderate – an act of aggression in which they use the power of their sex as a weapon.

So how can men defend themselves against such evil feminine perfidy? By yelling “hey, whore! How much?” or “can I squeeze those titties?” or “Can you give me directions to Pussy Avenue?” Because street harassment – sorry, catcalling – is

a defense mechanism used by lower status men against women flaunting themselves publicly – for the benefit of millionaires only.

What else are men supposed to do?

[M]en are effectively strapped down, gagged, and muzzled while females can flaunt and taunt with impunity. For many men this pretty much sums up every single day of an entire lifetime at school and at work.

And women won’t even admit that when they put on a cute outfit and leave the house that they’re doing it to torment men.

Western Women don’t just abuse their incredible sexual power, they pathologically lie about their inability to understand the effects and implications of their actions. In fact, they seem to derive a sort of sociopathic pleasure from being able to sow unpleasantness and discord without consequence – all while playing innocent. They express their contempt and hatred for men even as they troll the populace for providers. Their enormous power comes without responsibility and they love it that way.

And now these evil women have come up with an even-more-dastardly-than-usual way to torment men “[i]n the most vengeful, derisive, and mocking way they know how.” Yep, you guessed it: The SlutWalks. Large groups of women tormenting men with sexy clothes in unison!

Apparently overwhelmed by contemplation of the sheer feminine evil of the SlutWalks, Giovanni ends his post abruptly at this point.

I admit I don’t have the patience to wade through the comments. If any of you do, please post any of your findings below.

EDITED TO ADD: Ironically, Ferdinand Bardamu (the guy behind In Mala Fide) aids and abets the evil sexy-woman assault on men with his own retro porn site Retrotic. NSFW, of course. And if Dannato’s post is to believed, not safe for straight men generally.

NOTE: This post contains sarcasm.

518 replies on “Women! Why must you assault men with your evil sexy outfits?”

NWO, you still need to tell women what to wear. Clearly, that will solve all sorts of problems and bring an end to the feminazi gestapo. The longer women are allowed to wear what they wat, the longer you suffer. So why aren’t you in a hurry to make a decision?

I’ve now lost track of who posted that Hot Chelle Rae video in which thread, but I can’t help noticing that those guys are rather fine. Even though I get the sense that this is what we’re going to laugh at in 20 years.

I’m posting this as an observation as someone whose read many different things in the manosphere (and even gotten stuff posted at Inmalafide.)

If you see “contradictions,” that’s because there are, there are “white power” guys vs mixed race guys vs others etc. There are PUA’s like Roissy/Heartiste and Roosh V who make fun of MRA’s like Paul Elam. Then Mr. Elam insults PUA’s, even Fidelbogen and Alek Novy will often post against PUA’s and “Gamers.” So it’s all kind of funny in a way….

It would be kind of like Hugo Schwyzer making fun of Roger Jensen, then Clarisse Thorn saying that they are both prudes, then Twisty Faster and Amanda Marcotte saying that none of the others even get “it” and the real problems are such and such….

Still waiting for that definition of “slutty” clothing. Owly’s “Dress like a menonite” in the other thread didn’t really help matters.

If you see “contradictions,” that’s because there are, there are “white power” guys vs mixed race guys vs others etc. […]
It would be kind of like Hugo Schwyzer making fun of Roger Jensen, then Clarisse Thorn saying that they are both prudes, then Twisty Faster and Amanda Marcotte saying that none of the others even get “it” and the real problems are such and such….

Yes, the diversity of opinion in the MRM is stunning, what with some of them being racist misogynists and some of them being less racist misogynists.

…”mixed race guys?” Really?

Because it’s racist!

That’s what Occupy Wall Street is. They were promised that if they loved non-whites enough and lived to serve them, they would get a middle class lifestyle. This worked for decades.

I guess we know stonerwithaboner isn’t one of them “mixed race guys.”

katz, suit yourself….

I go everywhere, from Pandagon to AVfM, Quite Riot Girl, Feminist Critics, hell I’ve even read about prison rape at Stormfront and those losers would love to throw me in an oven while pretending the Holocaust never happened…..

oh, and I don’t expect a “cookie” if you read my comments, I expect I’ll be called an asshole, but since I hope I am dealing with intelligent people, that they can make a distinction that i am a different sort of asshole…..

Oh hey, good for you, Stoner.

It’s pretty funny there are guys there trying to define themselves as “unmixed whites.” Like they had their own personal Garden of Eden in Sweden or they descended from only blond apes.

I don’t know why you’re aiming so low, stoner, an asshole is an asshole regardless of difference.

… then Twisty Faster and Amanda Marcotte saying that none of the others even get “it”…

I know Amanda M. is a favorite villain of the MRM, but these two are not really in the same category of feminist at all.

“And they say women can’t control their hormones. Really dudes, get a hold of yourselves!”

Women can’t control themselves in the least. From the time they hit puberty thru their entire lives, they dress and act like an animal in heat with the express intention of sexually exciting all men within eyeshot.

Are there young boys around entering puberty who have no understanding of what’s happening? They don’t care. If they did they’d show the slightest bit of restaint and understanding. Worse, they encourage young girls to imitate their behavior as well.

Do they know their actions of teasing and denial is cruel and degrading? Of course. They enjoy taunting men with sex and then calling men animals as they themselves behave like the cruelest of animals.

They enjoy acting like animals while demanding men behave. They seem to be in their glory when they can excite as many men as possible, but woe to any man who dares touch the sacred chalice he’s been taunted and teased with.

Their animalistic actions of teasing, taunting and denial over and over again brings a perverse pleasure. Young boys, socially awkward men, lonely men; It’s like a game of how many sexually frustrated men you can leave in your wake.

With their animalistic behavior they’ll cause every type of sexual dysfunction possible. All the while screaming behave while laughing at the sexual dysfunction they’ve caused. By the boatload they’ll become the majority coucilors and therapists of every kind to council men on their poor behavior; A final insult.

These same women will scold a child for teasing a dog while she commits and encourages all women to commit the vilest act of taunting and degradation. Truely, modern day women treat a dumb beast with far more love, tenderness and compassion they afford to any man.

Does anyone else hear the Eddie Murphy “Ice Cream Man” bit in their heads when NWO goes off on how women taunt men by being dressed?

“I got some ice cream, and you can’t afford it…”

NWOslave seems to be having theme days lately. Yesterday it was , “Why are you so mean to me, guys?!” and today it’s “women are animals”.

I can’t wait for his upcoming blue period.

And to the guys who want the old way back, are you crazy?

I love the non-contractual sex whoo hoo Lol

“There’s an old elementary school custom…when you bring something tasty to class, it’s understood that you should put it away unless you intend to share it with others. …”

I wanted to link to Brian Griffin (?) saying “Did you bring enough breasts for the rest of the class?” here, but I couldn’t find it on YouTube (and the results of the search were… odd).
Probably just as well, half my posts are just linking to videos. I’m the Wreck-Gar of Manbooz!

Seriously, though, there’s a reason why that custom is associated with elementary school. Adults are expected to be mature enough to deal with not getting everything they want without throwing a temper tantrum over it.

Also, even if you bought into that weird idea about ‘men are only attracted to bodies, women are only attracted to actions’, wouldn’t the male equivalent of dressing sexy be acting cool? Not raping someone, FFS. They’d have to organize CoolWalks where they walk around being all confident and charming and dressing snappily and playing in bands.

Let’s be honest folk’s, there really is no intelligence here. Everything is mockery and hatred in the old boobsphere. It’s what you’re all about. Isn’t it? Oh that’s right. I forgot the lip service equality speech. Your little social experiment is about to crash all around you. No biggie, nothing I wanna save anyway. The real fun is about to begin.

Joanna – They’re at the knee! I am a Proper Lady!

…I’m also extremely short. On an average-sized man they’d be above the knee. I guess that makes him sluttier and more animalistic than me.

Gosh Holly, I can see your forearms, and your knees! And if the picture had extended further downward, I might have been able to see your ankles – and everyone* knows that they are extremely sinful to be left uncovered.

* In the 19th century, perhaps.

NWO, thanks for finally waking up to the fact that the purpose of this site is to mock misogyny. You may go now.

NWO: Where the hell do you get this bullshit? Even if every single woman in the world acted like a dog in heat (WHICH WE DON’T), that doesn’t give you (or any man) license to skip the asking permission part of sex. YOU have to take responsibility FOR YOUR OWN BEHAVIOR. Even if a woman is walking naked down the street, YOU need to keep your fucking pants zipped. And it’s the same if there’s a man walking down the street naked, I have to keep MY pants on. See, everybody has to take responsibility for controlling our sex drives.

Hey… if women are interested in money and a provider and that’s our sexual desires, why aren’t there more female thieves? You’d think that if:

A) Rape is the natural result of frustrated male sexuality
B) Men are attracted to bodies while women are attracted to $MONEY$,

Then women with frustrated sexuality would steal large amounts of cash all the time. And, I don’t know, masturbate with it or something. Buy themselves shoes and handbags. If women really are all turned on by money and desperate for status symbols, why aren’t women all enormous petty thieves?

(Pre-emptively: No, claiming that dating/marriage/divorce is “like theft” does not count. Yes, I’m sure you can find a news story of a woman stealing something. But it’s definitely not the female epidemic this worldview would predict.)

Yea, Stoner….the different ideologies of the manosphere are which aspects of a woman’s life are appropriate/more useful for men to control.

At the end of the day, MRAs/PUAs/MGTOWs have one uniting belief: that women are subhuman and only men have have the final say on how they should live their lives.

All of them and their “varying ideologies” can go fuck themselves.

You know, I would probably be a miserable person too if I decided everyone walks by and turns me on is doing it on purpose just to taunt me.

If I’m understanding this correctly, women are just doing this to frustrate straight guys, right? So when I see a woman and find her attractive, that’s just a side-effect and I don’t get to be all righteously indignant?

Imagine if a woman was walking down the street naked. Not “like naked,” not with exposed arms or whateverthefuck, seriously buck ass naked. How would you react?

You might be very surprised.

You might be worried about her, particularly if it was cold out or if she seemed confused.

You might be offended, if she was hangin’ it out in front of people who really didn’t want to see that.

You might be curious about why she was doing it.

You might be, if this wasn’t the first time you saw such a thing, completely indifferent and more concerned with getting to the bank before closing or remembering to buy dog food.

You might like yourself a look, sure, if the situation seemed under control and she was your type. Maybe even a dopey grin if she wasn’t looking your way.

But I’m having a hell of a time getting to where it makes any sense to sexually assault her. Just because she’s naked? At the absolute extreme of “slutty appearance,” it still makes no sense in my head.

” YOU have to take responsibility FOR YOUR OWN BEHAVIOR.”

Indeed you do. if a woman devolves down to animalistic state when she dresses and acts sexually to attract the attention of all men. And a man devolves down to an animalstic state when he takes what sexually attracts him. What is the ration of men-vs-women who have devolved down to an animalistic state?

Responsibilty is for everyone.

NWO, what’s your explanation for the fact that most people tend to choose mates in their own socioeconomic class? If women went after money, and men went after looks, that shouldn’t be the case.

“…if a woman devolves down to animalistic state when she dresses and acts sexually to attract the attention of all men.”

Except we don’t. When we dress up, it’s either for ourselves, or for someone in particular, OR we aren’t dressed up fancy, but it just happens to be attractive to someone’s tastes. Since you are the one making the assumption that we do it to attract every man, the burden of proof is on you. It’s not for us to have to defend existing while being attractive to some.

Right, so now I’m just waiting with bated breath for NWO’s predicted Manboobz Apocalypse Fun Times.

*drums fingers impatiently*

How about now?

I’ve taken figure drawing classes before. That includes naked male and female models. Surprisingly, no one has sexually assaulted any of them simply for being naked. In fact, most people are just interested in getting a good drawing done.

Amazing how people have the ability to control themselves! you’d think we have something crazy like free will and common decency to not rape!

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