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MRA demands that people stop calling him an MRA, and instead call him an … MRA.

A Male Renaissance Agitator in action.

Stop the presses! Noted counter-feminist bloviator Fidelbogen has an announcement: He no longer wants to be known as an MRA. In a shocking and stunning post on his blog, Mr. Bogen informs us:

I am an agitator against feminism, and in favor of a Male Renaissance.

But I am not an “MRA”.

That is not a word which I apply to myself as a label. I formerly did, but I no longer do.

He likes these one-sentence paragraphs.

But why, oh, why would you turn your back on those three little initials, Fidelbogen?

That word has picked up more baggage than I can honestly claim to be carrying. I mean that it has picked up other people’s baggage. And it would place an unwanted burden on me personally, to carry a shitload of baggage which I do not own — or which is worse, to have other people assume that I am carrying such baggage.

Huh, what kind of baggage might that be? Could it be that MRAs have picked up the “baggage” of being labeled a bunch of histrionic woman-hating angry dudes – perhaps because ( I would hypothesize) so many of those calling themselves MRAs just happen to be historionic woman-hating angry dudes.?

But what shall we call you now, oh Man Who Will Not Be Called an MRA? He’s got some suggestions:

A counter-feminist….

A non-feminist. . .

An activated non-feminist. . .

These are his actual suggestions; I swear I’m not making them up.

A non-feminist partisan. . .

A partisan of the non-feminist sector. .

A pro-male agitator. . .

A pro-male partisan. . .

And last but not least:

A Male Renaissance Agitator. . .

Uh, really? Male Renaissance Agitator? Mr. Bogen, I hate to break it to you, but “Male Renaissance Agitator” has the exact same set of initials as “Men’s Rights Activist.” In other words, you want us to stop calling you an MRA, and start calling you an … MRA?

[I]f you still insist on calling me an ‘MRA’, it is in contravention to my own stated wishes.

But you just said to call you a Male Renaissance Agitator!


But Fidelbogen is off and running again:

I invite others to crystallize around the suggested list of terms above, in order to create a distinct brand that will gradually come to be differentiated from the ‘MRA’ brand. We ought to create many, MANY such distinct brands if we wish to claim the liberty of the non-feminist sector.

Or for short: the Liberty of the Sector.

The what of the who?

Fidelbogen imagines a glorious future for this new brand of activism:

Some day, I hope to organize “Non-Feminist Be-ins” at such venues as college campuses. It might be nothing more than a crowd of silent people at some popular location, standing stock still like the guards at Buckingham Palace and wearing identical t-shirts that say, “I am not a feminist”. And maybe holding up signs, too.

Yeah, the signs and the shirts would be nice touches. Otherwise you’ll just look like a bunch of dudes waiting for the  bus.

Does anyone want to think of more things to call the guys who now call themselves MRAs?

Let’s make it a little game. It has to be three words. Double your points if it can be acronymized into MRA. Triple points if it’s an anagram of Men’s Rights Activist. No using terms that already exist, like Magnetic Resonance Angiography, Maritime Reconnaissance Aircraft, Michigan Restaurant Association, or Magneto-Resistive Asymmetry.

Men Raving Annoyingly?

More Ridiculous Asshattery?

Manly Robogirl Admirers?

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10 years ago

All the more reason to call them that, then.

10 years ago

Men for the Raping of Adolescents?

I’m still trying to figure out how to shoehorn the homophobia in there.

2-D Man
2-D Man
10 years ago

Man Relying on Anger

Man Raging at Anyone

Mean, Reactionary Anthropoid

Massively Repulsive Andrist

10 years ago
10 years ago

Misanthropic Risible Arseholes, I think, pretty much covers my experience of MRAs, renaissance agitators or otherwise (Not Magneto-Resistive Asymmetry, though.)

Also, as Men’s Rights Activism Space Pope, I must clarify that St. Fidelbogenus is neither King of Neptune (that’s Owly) nor is he permitted to become an apostate. I prescribe that St. Fidelbogenus consult his nearest Men’s Rights Priest and seek absolution, to be accompanied by no fewer than 70 Hail Her Holy Highness Maries.

Haec Dixit Spatio Papa

10 years ago

Riffing off of Dracula’s contributions: Misinformed Raging Assholes?

Also “Me Right Always” made me LOL.

10 years ago

Mammothly Rancid Ass-Clowns

10 years ago

Monsters Revealing Andro-centrism
Morbidly Revolting Animals
Mating Robotic Alternatives (not as good as David’s Robogirl one)

And Bagelsan’s one-liner to Mandolin’s suggestion earns a +1 from me.

(KathleenB’s description of the guy in the elephant codpiece has me recanting the desire for a return to Renaissance garb!)

10 years ago

I sort of picture the codpiece guy as looking like this:

10 years ago

There was much manboobage in this video by Kreator, so I thought of y’all….

Maybe the final battle between Mr Futrelle and Mr Fidelbogen?

10 years ago

huh, i guess i got him mixed up with another one

He sort of specializes in incredibly longwinded pomposity.

yeah, that really narrows it down…

Rutee Katreya
10 years ago

Sharculese: Fidelbogen is the one who went “Explain. Expound. Elucidate.”, unironically.

10 years ago

David, I think the anagram challenge is a bit too difficult without inventing words – no three word combinations with initials MRA came up (apart from swapping the letter s around on the usual words). If you don’t restrict it to those initials, then other possibilities arise, such as:

Schism Averting Tits / Maths Servicing Tits
Ministers Stitch Vag
Might Vet Narcissist
Hi, Strangest Victims / Gets His Victim Rants / Hater Stings Victims
Racists Might Invest
Snatch Germs Visit It
Tights Snare Victims
Manic Rightist Vests
… thousands of possibilities.

10 years ago

Racists Might Invest: for Brandon, obviously.

10 years ago

alright, alright, I’ll join the game even though neither a Feminist nor MRA should I be….

Mangina Resistance Association

Masturbation Retardant Accelerant

Manboobz Recalcitrant Anonymizer

Mendicant Rebellious Alliance

Massage Repellent Asphyxiant

Morbid Realization Assistant

Mass Rescues Ass

Myopic Repulsion Allegiance

Megalomaniac Requiem Apostate

Mystic Rebellion Aquarium

Mend Ridiculous Attitude

Manage Retarded Assumptions

I know, I know, some sound like crusty punk grind bands and some like some weird Zappa side project from the 70’s and hopefully one or two sound like some kind of Star Wars obscure reference….

Happy Anti-MRA
Happy Anti-MRA
10 years ago

Mediocre Ranting Anonymous?

Merely Running Away?

Masturbatory Ridiculous Arguers?

Men Ranting Aimlessly?

Myopic Retarded Ass?

Miserable Risible Atavars?

Happy Anti-MRA
Happy Anti-MRA
10 years ago

I think I have a particularly apt one for the MRAs who constantly announce “victories” in their struggle, usually by manipulating Google to show today’s “misandrist enemy/feminist atrocity” on p4 of when doing a specific search;

Mission Rarely Accomplished


Misplaced Results Announcer

10 years ago

Minimal Reasoning Allowed

Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson
10 years ago

For the real Buckingham Palace guard experience are they going to hire Japanese tourists to take photos and 10 year old kids to poke M&Ms up their noses?

Hershele Ostropoler
10 years ago

Minimally Reasonable Allophobe?

I, like, I suspect, coryat, was hampered by the lack of a word starting with M that means “a complete lack.”

“Activated antifeminist” sounds like something you find in a water filter.

Beautifullest Kate in All Christendom
Beautifullest Kate in All Christendom
10 years ago

Match Testis, Virgins! (and you thought I was going to suggest they sit around and compare cock size! Wrong!)

Matches Virgins’ Tits (I have no idea what this means, but it came to me when the “es” from testis was on my mind, not being able to come up with another ‘e’ to make it ‘testes’)

vaginitis smart tech (not that they’re smart, but they sure cause me vaginal pain just thinking about them sometimes!)

Trolling Women Incessantly? Totes Satisfying!
Trolling for Rape And Sexist (or ‘Sexual’ as you prefer) Harassment

10 years ago

“We are no longer the nuts who call themselves the MRAs, we shall now be known as the MRAs!”

I’m sure this make sense to someone …

(Just not me …)

7 years ago

Oy, we’re not really going to use the word “retarded” as a pejorative, right? Please no?

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