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Dr. Pepper Ten: A Diet Soda Going its Own Way

Since dudes apparently scoff at diet drinks, the folks behind the new Dr. Pepper Ten soda decided they needed to really butch up their advertising in order to reach the core soda-drinking demographic, which just happens to be teenage boys. The result? An over-the-top, ironically hypermasculine ad campaign touting the new drink as “NOT FOR WOMEN.”

Here’s one of the ads:

Oh, and they’ve also got a Facebook app that’s — get this! — only available to men! I’m not sure the women of the world are going to suffer much from being banned from playing a rudimentary flash game that involves shooting “girly things.”

I know they’re hoping to generate controversy here, but really? This is just too dumb to even get annoyed about, much less angry. It’s not misogynistic; it’s more a parody of misogyny. Is it such a parody – stereotyping guys as macho buffoons — that it’s actually more misandrist than misogynist? You could make an argument for that, but again the ad is so over the top ridiculous, so soaked in irony, it seems silly to get indignant about this either.

So what’s going to happen when the MRAs of the world hear about this ad? Will they, missing the irony, embrace its Diet Soda Going Its Own Way (DSGIOW) mentality? Or will they denounce it as an example of ad world misandry and pretend to be deeply offended?

I’m betting on the latter. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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10 years ago

. War–and its attendent expenses and unrecoverable liabilities–is utterly incompatible with gold (or even silver). Governments and banksters know this very well! Why don’t you?

I do. But that wasn’t my point. At all. You do know that the letters in color with a line under them are a link, don’t you?

These words are a hyperlink

There’s that url.

It goes to a libertarian blog. It’s not long. Promise.

My point is this. I am familiar with the many arguments that not only you, but fellow libertarians I think the world of, or at least like, use to argue for the honesty of gold. But we need to take a long hard look at the dark side of the peaceful currency, and factor in how the hunger for precious metals has driven colonialism and slavery, and bloodied and broken the backs of our fellow human beings. All of this is a major libertarian issue that throws a wrench in our love of the metal, and we need to face it, whichever side of the gold debate we end up on.

10 years ago

A fellow at the booth promoting the local gold mine, told me it was only profitable right now because of all the wars going on. 🙁

10 years ago

See also “The Price of Gold, Human Rights Violations in Peru”

And When Silence Is Golden:

And more at

The human rights issues surrounding gold cannot be brushed aside, or relegated to the past.

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