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“Many feminists love rape” Another gem from Reddit

According to some MRAs, this guy doesn't care about rape

Ugh. No jokes this time, just an appalling little exchange on Reddit’s Men’s Rights subreddit. First, a Redditor called xbyiu offers some unsolicited, and pretty pig-ignorant, thoughts about SlutWalks. The basic thesis:

Personally, I think a lot of feminists just don’t care about rape victims. They’d much rather see women as a whole being a victim of the patriarchy and fight against that sort of abstract idea then deal with the reality of rape, which can be fought against with simple tips on how to protect yourself.

Hold on; it gets worse.

To this the r/mr regular EvilPundit replied (in a comment that, last I checked, had gotten three times more upvotes than downvotes):

I’d go even further, and say that many feminists love rape. For them, it’s a perfect way to demonise men in general.

If rape didn’t exist, feminism would invent it. In fact, feminism does invent a lot of rape, with its imaginary statistics such as “1 in 4”, and so on.

In other words, feminists don’t really want to prevent rape. But most rape is imaginary. So feminists are trying to not prevent something that doesn’t much happen anyway. Brilliant.

A note on the “1 in 4” thing: EvilPundit’s insinuation that it’s an “imaginary statistic” is a common MRA talking point. It’s not imaginary, but it’s not quite accurate either.  The one-in-four number comes from a study conducted in the 80s by researcher Mary Koss: based on a detailed survey of college women, she found that roughly one in four of her respondent had been a victim of rape or attempted rape since the age of 14. This is often simplified – and distorted – into “one in four female college students are raped while in college.”

In fact, Koss’ survey found that one in eight college women answering her survey, not one in four, had been the victim of completed  rape.  Other studies have reported numbers not far off from this. The National Violence Against Women Survey, for example, found that roughly one in six of female respondents reported being the victim of rape in their lifetime.

The fact that some people have misrepresented Koss’ study doesn’t mean that her findings are “imaginary.”

I’m not even sure why I’m writing all this, given that as a feminist I presumably don’t care at all about rape.

Pic above taken from here.

EDITED TO ADD: EvilPundit’s comment has gotten some downvotes since I posted this, but it still has more upvotes than downvotes.

465 replies on ““Many feminists love rape” Another gem from Reddit”

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Eurosabra is forgetting the fantastic rule of “the only thing in common between all your failed relationships is you”… Maybe women aren’t terrible, you are? 🙂

I prefer to think of it as a sign that they’re broken, but perhaps (due to things I’m not about to reveal here) I’m a bit more flexible and better-adjusted (at least behaviorally, my state of mind is my issue) than appears here in text.

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