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“Feminists don’t even think of men as human,” and other insights from Reddit’s Men’s Rights subreddit.

This, oddly, was one of the first results in a Google image search for "hatred of women." So I'm going with it.

Hey, everybody, here’s another massive list of ridiculous comments from the  Reddit’s Men’s Rights subreddit on the subjects of women, feminists and feminism. Some, er, highlights:

Never trust a woman. When you are out and they are around, go the other way. Your life may actually depend on you crossing the street or not taking that elevator or not working late in a office with another lonely woman.

Women are keen to assert all of the benefits that modern society affords them, but at the same time quick to twist their hair into pigtails and play the “I’m just a girl” defense when the traditional benefits of being a woman would suit them better.

Misandrist feminists want gender based apartheid, and the male population culled to lest than 10%



Feminism does NOT create strong women – it creates dependency and a stunted intellect.

In the feminist community, bigotry is met with a groundswell of support, and is very rarely called out.

That last one is just a teensy bit ironic, given that most of the comments above were heavily upvoted – in other words, “met with a groundswell of support.” Further evidence of this irony: oh, just the hundreds of misogynistic statements from MRAs I’ve linked to on this blog.

For links to the original comments in context, see the full list on Reddit. Props to the Redditor known as Squibbling for having the patience to assemble all of this.

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10 years ago

i don’t know…i act like i want, but i have mated (and even have the kid to prove it.)

10 years ago

nugganu: We aren’t the one’s writing the posts being mocked, so the obsession seems to be with the MRA types.

As to your fantasies… well if it works for you, go to town, but change the sheets before dates.

Ah, but changing the sheets before dates wouldn’t fit well into his repertoire of awesome revenge tactics.
‘Ha, I got her to give me PIV, unknowingly on the same sheets where I’d jacked off, shortly before, to imaginary pics of Futrelle hogtied on a picnic bench getting it from a gang of bull-dykes with strap-ons.’

10 years ago

nugganu, I think you can do better than that. That sexual fantasy was just not shocking or disgusting at all. Protip: sex acts involving poop, vomit, or animals are more likely to be considered disgusting, especially if you’re trying to shock hardened internet veterans. Regular old anal sex and bondage just won’t cut it.

10 years ago

Let’s revisit this. Between this thread and the most recent one about Slutwalks, Hengist wants to simultaneously argue that a) women are responsible for doing whatever necessary to avoid being raped and b) women who are wary of strange men are misandrist oppressors.

10 years ago

blitzgal: Thats because, from the evidence, Hengist does have a coherent position: women are to blame for things which happen to women.

Once that becomes plain, then the rest follows. No, it isn’t consistent, if you think that men might have agency. But they don’t. The underlying theme in this is, “women cause rape”. If she doesn’t do the perfect thing, then some man will rape her. That men are so different as to make it impossible to do the,”right things” to avoid any man ever being driven to it, is her problem, because it’s not the rapists fault, not really.

We blame him, if we decide it was a “real rape”, but she could have died her hair, bound her breasts, not worn Doc Marten’s, chosen a longer skirt, worn tight jeans, bought a protective coloration wedding ring, avoided the medical library’s more distant stacks, etc., since men have been known to commit rapes in those places, “because” of those stimuli, and she could have adjusted her behavior, so she has to bear responsibility, QED.

So, once you accept that women cause rape, and accept it, then you see the underlying consistency.

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