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“Feminism was born out of a PR campaign to get women to smoke cigarettes” and other fun “facts” from Reddit

Typical feminists, according to Reddit

A redditor called fxexular has put together an amazing compilation of fun “facts” about feminism from assorted Redditors. It’s a bit like reading the descriptions of an elephant offered by six blind men who are also drunk misogynist assholes. Among my favorites:

feminism, at best, focuses on relatively trivial female issues instead of grotesque male issues and at worst is pure man hate.

feminism. Where the most privileged people in society can whine about their “oppression of opulence.”

Feminism is about strong males using law to further marginalize weak males.

The ruling class uses feminism as a tool to keep men, young men and boy’s down

It’s like pissing in a bucket of water – piss enough, and you’ll dilute the water to mostly piss. “Feminism” is a bucket of piss these days, from all the crazy and ignorant that attached to it over the years, especially the past decade when it became a fad.

feminism destroys men’s confidence and sense of satisfaction in being male.

every feminist is a abuser or a abuser apologist or a shield for other abusers.

Feminists don’t even think of men as human.

Most women and feminists view gay men as accessories.

these feminist nut cases have only one goal: total female supremacy at the expense of men. Fuck every last one of these haggard harpies. Fuck ’em all.

I used to hold doors, I dont anymore. I just let it slam in the face of whoever is behind me b/c I have been publicly embarrassed by many a feminist for being polite.

Feminists are like witches, but this isn’t the The Land of Oz, Dorothy. There are no “good” feminists.

Brainwashed weak feminist men are a favorite of feminists. They don’t treat them very well, but they use them to great effect.

i’m mad as hell at the way men are treated by the feminist gynecocracy

The people who dismiss /mr are like abusers; they’re looking for any excuse to piss all over something they know is logical and true because they can’t handle it emotionally.

Many feminists do hate men and want to emasculate them. While I’m thankful for the few who don’t I feel that their silence allows the groups like NOW to exploit men and women alike for their own aims.

I know it sounds good to believe that feminism was always about equality but go and read up on the first wave suffragettes. They were basically domestic terrorists in many cases.

The feminism of the 60’s also lead to the vitriol hatred of men.

I suspect that the butt-ugly women who started feminism in the 60’s were confronted for the first time with an efficient mating market (after the sexual revolution), and they couldn’t stand “losing” to the pretty girls

[Feminists’] entire shtick is to repeat misinformation and when that fails bust out the unsubstantiated personal attacks

Yeah, no irony there!

I think this one is my favorite, though:

I will never socialize with feminists after I learned the darkness of their philosophy.

Most of these quotes are from the Men’s Rights subreddit. Every quote in fxexular’s list that I went to look at in context had gotten more upvotes than downvotes. So they must be true!

EDITED TO ADD: Oops! Forgot the link. I added it above. And here is is again, just in case.

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