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BREAKING: Irene coverage pre-empts Glenn Beck radio show, MarkyMark annoyed

Think of the real victims!

It seems the evil feminist-controlled media is ignoring a critical aspect of the Hurricane Irene story: the monster hurricane’s effect on the intrepid Man Going His Own Way who calls himself MarkyMark. More specifically, the effect it had on his radio listening pleasure.

MarkyMark, who lives somewhere on the East Coast away from the areas most impacted by Irene, was settling down yesterday to listen to a rebroadcast of Glenn Beck’s radio show. But alas, his favorite radio station chose instead to simulcast the local news station’s coverage of that pesky hurricane instead. Even worse, there were actual women involved!

It’s obvious that some anchor babe is overseeing all the coverage, coordinating field reports, etc.  Man, those bitches are ANNOYING!  They have shrill voices.  They have an arrogant, know-it-all attitude, not to mention filled with their own self importance.  …

I was like, enough already!  I wanted to serve these news bitches a big, steaming cup of STFU.  I’m serious!  I have my radio off …  now, because I just don’t want to LISTEN to these obnoxious wenches.  I may put on the sports station, or I’ll tune in a station from the Midwest; that way, I don’t have to listen to INCESSANT Irene coverage. …  I’m like ENOUGH ALREADY!  Leave it to women to create drama where there is little or none.

Women! I hear ya, Mark! Hearing them talk about weather is even worse than hearing them talk about shoes! Al day long today today it’s been bla bla, storm surge, bla bla, flash floods in Vermont, bla bla, four million without power, bla bla, 19 deaths. Enough! What drama queens!

And all MarkyMark wanted to do was to listen to Glenn Beck, a man who is not at all a drama queen in any way whatsoever, nope!

I’ve been reminded why I no longer own a TV-these OBNOXIOUS, arrogant, know-it-all, self-important anchor babes.  If they had some basis for the arrogance, that’d be one thing; if they actually KNEW WTF they were talking about, I could understand it.  What I cannot tolerate is arrogance with no basis.  I guess these chickes believed all their feminazi programming in college-silly girls…

Damn chickles and their fancy-pants college educations. You might as well try to train a chimp to wash cats!

Oh wait, they did that. Bad example, Never mind.

On a more serious note, I hope all Man Boobzers in the affected areas (and everyone else, for that matter) made it through Irene ok.

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11 years ago

You’re right, I should use his full name.

I fear we’ll only learn what the K. stands for after he gets on the nightly news.

11 years ago

I seriously thought that first DKM comment was a regular commentator doing a hyperbole of a troll.

11 years ago

Holy FSM, he *does* have a crush on me! What on earth does pointing out that men also make frivolous purchases and have advertising pointed at them specifically for this purpose have to do with being miserable? How would you know if I’m miserable or not?

I mean, I know I’m irritating you by being clearly female on the internet and mocking your truly ironic dumbass tagline, but making fun of you does not, in fact, make me miserable. It makes me laugh. But of course we all know that laughing is a sign of misery. Or something.


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