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Batmen’s Rights

I didn't know they carried books like that in the library.

There are many things that are annoying, obviously, about Reddit’s Men’s Rights subreddit. One thing that isn’t: a relatively new commenter there by the name of BatmensBegins, a fellow who knows how to get right to the heart of any argument. Provided that heart is him, Batman.

A few of his recent comments will give you an idea of his perspicacity.

In a discussion of a New Zealand business lobbyist sacked for saying that women get paid less because they menstruate:

This is why the best form of labor is me, Batman. Batman don’t menstruate. Batman is driven by a psychopathic desire for vengeance and unresolved Oedipal feelings. Batman’s the perfect man. Batman men-struates.


In a discussion of an article about prominent men recently accused of rape:

[T]here’s one blind spot in the article: what of the billionaire playboys who have lost their fathers and now fight crime dressed as a bat? Not that I’m one myself, mind you. But if you think about it, they’re the real victims here.

In a discussion of women being, you know, evil goldigging whores:

As Batman, I have many hysterical biddies seeking to con me out of my hard-earned money. Women such as Grass Girl, Girl Joker and Latex Ass. Thankfully, I’ve built up a resistance to their feminine wiles and devious behavior. I can’t even get an erection anymore.

I would just like to salute BatmensBegins for his single-minded devotion to bringing up the important topic of Batman whenever and wherever he posts.

Also, if you’re a Redditor, I highly recommend that you check out a fledgling subreddit called r/againstmensrights. It’s not actually against men’s rights, per se, just the army of douchebags who make up the Men’s Rights Movement as we know it today. It hasn’t quite hit critical mass yet in terms of comments or subscribers, but it’s a handy place to find out about the latest bits of egregious misogyny being upvoted elsewhere on Reddit.


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This is the one of the most boring blog entries here… so, there’s a very mediocre troll on … and that’s all? He even posted that frequent…

Can’t we please talk about something more interesting…? And since it seems that we absolutely need to talk about trolls, why not about Morrissey?

Believe it or not, NONE of us are here to entertain you. David does not pick his posts based on what you will find interesting, nor do any of us frame our comments with your pleasure in mind.

You want to talk about something you find interesting, go find somewhere where they’re talking about it. Or start your own discussions. Or just go on ChatRoulette and start talking about your horse.

“’Not only that; it had Caveman Batman, Pilgrim Batman, Pirate Batman, Cowboy Batman and Film Noir Detective Batman. It was awesome.’

“Wait, what?

“Is that the inspiration for Batman: The Brave and the Bold? ;)”

Or “Batman Meets Dr. Who”?

“Heartiste,” seriously? It sounds like something my mother would think was precious.

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