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All the Spinster Ladies

How spinster ladies try to distract themselves from their deep loneliness

Oh, you ladies. Getting jobs! Hiring other ladies! Demanding to be paid the same as men! You don’t realize just how short-sighted these strategies really are.

Luckily, you’ve got Sgt_Sweetness on Reddit’s Men’s Rights subreddit to explain just where you went wrong.

[W]omen are slowly but surely becoming in charge of the work place. They dominate the HR Department of almost all companies. Especially large corporations. I’ve have never met a male HR person before and I am no young person anymore. This allows for women to decide who gets hired and fired. Do you know what pattern I see though? More and more women being chosen over men simply because women like to hire women over men. …

So this creates a shift in society towards women having more jobs than men. Better paying jobs too.

Ladies! With jobs! Oh noes! Damn those HR ladies, who totally and completely run the workplace, and never, say, just handle the paperwork when some dude higher up on the corporate ladder decides to hire someone!

But these ladies will get their comeuppance, for sure. For, you see:

Women while keeping their thin veneer of Feminist ideals, still want the ideal American family. They yearn to quit their jobs and marry a man who is handsome, funny, and makes more money than she does. …

So what we have hear is a situation: Women are taking more jobs than men and are starting to make more than men. But they want to have a partner who earns more than they do.

Uh oh.

What we have hear is a ticking time bomb. I’ve seen its effects first hand too. I know of 10 different women who are college graduates and have decent jobs. They are also desperately single. Like talks to their cats lonely.

Huh. I’m not sure where he’s going with this whole “talks to cats” thing. I mean, I talk to my cat. I think it’s only when the cat starts talking back to you you’ve got to worry, because then either you’ve just swallowed a handful of peyote buttons, or cats, who could speak all along, have just launched their secret plans to take over the world.

That aside, back to that ticking timebomb and those lonely, lonely women:

Nothing wrong with them: they are in shape, look good, nice personality, and make good money. But they won’t date down, as it were. I tried to set them up on some dates, but they would rather die inside from loneliness than date someone who they view is beneath them.

Just wait until this little problem becomes widespread. Because this is going to cause a lot of spinsters.

Bad news for the ladies, I guess. Good news for cats, though. Their supply of spinsters is going to go through the roof!

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Anecdata, but I talk to my pets (Dog, Cats and Fish) all of the time, but my sister thinks I’m weird for doing that.

So much for the “lonely cat lady” origin story.

Hmm, reading the whole thing… some things that were left out xD (and he made an edit)

This also excludes 100k plus jobs. Which have more to do with who your father is and his connections than anything else.

That’s convenient xD Women have all the top paying jobs, except nething over 100k which don’t count, and we all know everybody who makes over 100k are trust fund babies neways xD

Before whining about a lack of sources read the entire post. This is my opinion, combined with easily found articles on reddit. I wrote this just on a whim. This is not a Academic paper, this is about discussion. No one has provided any evidence against it, so don’t complain about a lack of sources while citing none yourself. This is about creating a friendly discussion, that is all. Anecdotal evidence people.

It’s just his opinion ppl! It grows on trees! And why should he have to prove his statement of how the world works when nobody can cite sources to disprove it? xD It’s not like the burden of proof might rest on the one making an affirmative statement xD Oh and he’s just creating a friendly discussion! 😀

“Anecdotal evidence people.”

has to be the best line evar to justify a theory you just made up xD I want to do that from now on.

“All men are cat haters and without feminism, all felines all over the world will be wiped out.”

“Um, cite plz?”

“Anecdotal evidence people.”

He then goes into real defensive mode (since I’m guessing even the guys at the reddit see the same holes that we do xD )

And no I am not writing about the downfall of all women everywhere. This is just a small percentage of women.

Oh okay…. o_O

This is a social-economic topic. That being how people on average interact with each other, with money thrown in because its relevant to the topic.

So he’s not RLY talking about economics.. except he is o_O and he’s mostly talking about how people “on average” (except he just said it was a small % of women) interact with each other xD So… stop hatin’ guys! xD

A good reason why their aren’t as many men in HR is because men typically don’t favor that type of job. It still is hard for men to get in to a mostly female position. Also Hiring and HR are separate for a lot of places. But it is still a very important part of any company.

Okay so most men don’t even WANT to get in HR. Maybe he should be encouraging them to? o_O And he acknowledges that Hiring and HR are separate… BUT

it’s still an important part of a company! (well sure, so is any sort of administrative position, so is answering phones… that doesn’t.. change.. that they’re separate… xD)

His edit to defend his theory doesn’t seem to actually defend it at all o_O


I see some comments are telling him to stop making generalizing statements without facts because it is why “visiting feminists” accuse them of sexism :3

David and Manboobz: Keeping the Men’s RIghts Reddit honest since 2010 😀

Most MRA’s think it’s good for men to be picky. They want women to be under 25, have a BMI under 20, and have long, blond hair, clear skin, and a DD chest size. Their ideal women is also a virgin who dreams of marrying a angry, bitter chauvanist that is a generation older than her. After marriage, she will devote all of her time to cooking, cleaning, child care, and giving blow jobs. She is obedient to her husband and has no opinions of her own. She never spends money on herself either.

The same men that are seeking out this imaginary woman then have a hissy fit if a woman dares to have standards, such as wanting a man to have good hygiene, intelligence, or kindness. If she happens to want a man she finds attractive, then she’s a superficial snob. Notice how some men think it’s a federal crime for a woman to admit that she finds tall men more attractive, but don’t see the hypocrisy in their derision of plus size women. Sorry to rant, but this is a big pet peeve of mine.


Either that or *gasp!* MRAs don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about when it comes to the sexes.


The lady in this picture is exhibiting an activity known as extreme planking…in case anyone was wondering.

This article made me lol. I have a cat and a boyfriend. I don’t feel the need to leave my boyfriend for earning less than me when my cat doesn’t earn a penny. That furry moocher.

MRAs (and other right wingers) really dig that word, “spinster”. I never heard the word until late in my childhood; we had grown up assuming “bachelorette” was what you called them. To me its archaicness is about as jarring as someone calling a homosexual an “invert”.

Also, while I have a cat and two dogs I love dearly, as soon as I get my own place I’m going to get a snake. Maybe a ball python.

Where’s my stereotype?

LOL!!! The manosphere never ceases to crack me up!

Re: “spinster” … I find it interesting that its used in my native land. Some of the middle-aged and old English speakers still use a lot of old British terminology there, leftover from the British Raj days, and in doing so sound totally archaic and out of touch. What’s interesting about this is that the 2 countries with the most active and populus “Mens Rights Movement” are, hold on: the United States and … India!

Now, what the hell is India of all places doing with a “mens’ rights movement” you may ask?…. that’s something I’m still trying to figure out.

What’s interesting about this is that the 2 countries with the most active and populus “Mens Rights Movement” are, hold on: the United States and … India!

But I don’t understand… the latter has exotic non-white women everywhere, and few Ameriskanks! HOW CAN THIS BE

In all seriousness, I’d like to see a post contrasting the Indian and US MRA movement.

Wait a minute…

Nothing wrong with them: they are in shape, look good, nice personality, and make good money.

…did an MRA discuss a woman’s traits…in a positive<i way? Knock menover with a feather.

Johnnykaje, Indian men have taken to the web just as American men have, calling Indian women “feminazis” and the bane and downfall of Indian Culture and Civilization, all because they have started to request living separately from their in-laws.

In India the joint family household is the norm, as it has been for thousands of years. When a bride marries, she leaves her parents home and goes to live with her husband in his parents’ home where she is then slotted into the role of 24/7 unpaid servant, nurse and cook to her in-laws who control everything she does, right down to telling her what to wear. Abuse is not out of the question in such an arrangement.

Some Indian women are beginning to request separate living arrangements and their own homes with their husbands, as per nuclear family norms. This is seen as a downward spiral into a Fascist Feminazi Matriarchy as you have here in the USA.

Indian MRAs have organized themselves to guard against this threat to their society.

Hindu, that is very interesting about the joint family household structure. I can see that would be a source of conflict between men and women. I’ve read about dowry demands, domestic violence, and rape as other issues Indian MRA’s are involved in. Do these MRA’s in India have much political clout or are they mostly fringe groups like here in the US?

This article made me lol. I have a cat and a boyfriend. I don’t feel the need to leave my boyfriend for earning less than me when my cat doesn’t earn a penny. That furry moocher.

Yeah, well, I just found out my cat’s been embezzling from me.

Kendra, they started off as fringe but I think they might be gaining clout. Some do hunger strikes (a very Indian approach to protest) and petition the government in various ways. India has penal code 498A which was a law passed to protect women from dowry demands, dowry deaths, and other forms of abuse that generally come from husbands and in-laws. Indian MRAs claim that the majority of 498A claims are false, much like American MRAs claim that a significant, if not majority, of rape claims in the US are false.

Renuka Chaudhari, Minister of Women and Children, television interview


The video you provided is an excellent example of what feminism is all about. At 3:28 in the interview she accuses the host of domestic violence. Any disagreement with a woman by a man is considered domestic violence. The repercussions of VAWA are being felt across the globe.

That’s really interesting.

What’s the reaction of the non-MRA Indian men to the living separately suggestion? Is this partly a class-based thing, or do rich, middling and poor Indians alike practice this custom?

Victoria, its not a class thing. Across the board it is the norm in India, with some exceptions. Some Indian men also prefer living separately, but many men and families feel threatened by it. By the way, show your support for India’s Slut Walk July 31, 2011 here

I would say NWO is trying to beat us down with stupidity. Fortunately, it’s like playfully hitting someone with one of those squeaky inflatable hammers – it may sting for a moment but doesn’t really hurt and just makes an irritating sound.

Yeah, Slavey, because it’s totally unreasonable for a woman to want to live with a man who doesn’t think he has a right to denigrate her.

Thanks for posting the link, Hindu! That’s pretty interesting, I had no idea that there was an Indian equivalent to the American MRM.

Sooo… My boyfriend and I both live with cats. Does that make him a spinster, too?
My boyfriend also looks like Weird Al.
My cat and I have very long conversations in which she describes her plan to take over the world (and by world I mean my puppy’s stuffed animal collection), and then she asks for a treat and smacks the puppy in the face when he steals it. She’s my hero. ^_^

So NWO, how often have we accused you of domestically abusing us so far? :3

Well, I after reading his post I tore my shirt off and ran out the the apartment crying and screaming rape. The alley cats were unimpressed and the crows just mocked me.

Well, considering that I’ve seen the results of a study that found something like 95% of pet owners admitted to talking to their pets, I think it’s pretty safe to say if someone has cats, they talk to them. Sixty something percent said they understood their pet’s communication. I talk to my two cats every day, and it’s not hard to figure out what they want or interpret their expressions.

I don’t know why MRAs think it’s such a horrible fate to spend the rest of your life in the company of pets. If I was faced with the choice of having a cat or a bitter, misogynistic asshole in my life, I know which one I’d pick.

“It seems to me that the main thrust of MRA complaints is that women have standards in who they date.”

They complain when we have standards, then they complain that none of us have standards anymore. Usually when a political group engages in that level of doublespeak, you can bank on the fact that their motivations are either pre- or ir-rational. The cognitive dissonance would make them dizzy, otherwise.

To an MRA, the only decent, moral way for a woman to have sex is to stay a virgin until she marries an MRA and starts birthin’ babies for the good of the nation. After running into enough of these guys IRL, I’ve started to pick up on this weird virgin-fetish subtext in their rhetoric. What all their anger boils down to for them is their lack of access to cheap, low-maintenance, pliant virgin pussy (read: free domestic labor, including regular male-ego fluffing). They imagine that in the Golden Past, before feminism came along, they would have easily procured this for themselves. They use a lot of subterfuge and rhetoric, but what many of them are upset about is that it’s difficult for them to find a literal *virgin* to marry.

I have my own theories about why this is- they’re either insecure about their penis size or performance, or they’re virgins and thus feel emasculated by the thought of a more experienced woman. The virginity fixation reaches the level of full-on obsession for some of them. I’ve heard more than a few rants about how alphas always “steal” the virginity of the angelic Madonnas they’re in love with, which makes the angelic woman unable to love them back. It couldn’t be that the object of their affection is just not attracted to them for a variety of reasons- nope, she’s been spoiled by dick and will never be able to offer “pure” love. They’re men stuck in adolescent male brains, stunted by some traumatic unrequited first love experience. Seriously. I really think it’s that simple for a lot of them.

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