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MRA Peter Nolan on Anders Breivik: “In different times … he would be called a hero.”

The work of a "hero?"

Some in the manosphere have been quick to label mass murderer Anders Breivik a “madman,” trying their best to pretend that his noxious misogynist ideology bears no resemblance to their own. Others, while endorsing at least some of his ideas, have distanced themselves from his actions.

As for MRA loose cannon Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c), well, I’ll just let him explain himself. In a comment on The Spearhead, which naturally earned him multiple upvotes from the assembled mob, the man with the strangely punctuated name offered this take [LINK FIXED] on the killer:

Anders Breivik sees himself as a soldier who is fighting for a worthy cause. That cause being his country. Women and leftists then make him out to be “insane” and are looking for “who is to blame”. Well they might start looking in the mirror. The most pervasive element of western civilization today is its hatred of men and all things male. There is a particularly strong hatred of fathers and husbands. I know. I used to be a father and a husband. I have never experienced hatred in my life as vehement as by women in divorce.

And then the justifications began:

It is only natural and normal that some men decide to take matters into their own hands at all the hatred spewed at them and their marginalization. Men often see that some things are worth fighting for. Men often then take action to fight for what they believe in.

Anders Breivik is not crazy. He’s as rational as the next man. He sees that his country is being destroyed. He sees that the people responsible for that destruction are the left of politics. And he would be correct. He took action to stop what he believes is the destruction of his country.

Followed by a smug told-you-so:

I have been telling women for three years now that hatred of men in general and fathers in particular is going to see men killing a lot of women and children. Well? We just saw 76.

Of course, when Nolan refers to “telling women” that angry men will erupt in violence, what he means is “offering guys on The Spearhead specific tips on how exactly to kill innocent people.”

I’m not going to repost the vile suggestions he set forth in a now notorious Spearhead comment some months back, but I will note that they included handy tips on how to efficiently kill police officers, as well as specific advice on the best ways to take out large numbers of people in “malls … girls schools, police stations, guvment buildings. Full of women and manginas.” He ended the comment with a not-terribly-convincing attempt at plausible deniability:

Do any of you here realise just how easy it is to ANY of these things? I am not recommending them or even condining them. But if a man got into the frame of mind of Sodini and was actually SMART about it. There are PLENTY of ways he could attack women and manginas and their cop protectors with NO CHANCE AT ALL OF BEING CAUGHT as long as he kept his mouth shut.

Naturally, this comment got dozens of upvotes from the Spearhead regulars.

In a followup comment on The Spearhead last night, Nolan mocked another commenter for offering words of sympathy to the “innocent victims.” That last phrase seemed to send him into a fury:

Those who were killed were not “innocent victims” in the main. Anders Breivik is as sane as the next man. …

This was an act of war and he considers himself a soldier. In different times, as in WW II, he would be called a hero.

The people he killed were the children of those who had betrayed him and his fellow norwegians. I would put forward the opinion that the political leaders are responsible for the war on men and the destruction of the families of men. What could be more “an eye for an eye” than to kill the children of those who were so willing to destroy mens families and destroy the homeland of men?

In killing children of those who are betraying men? He is sending a very clear message.

“You may think you are protected by your police and your security…..but we can find your children…and you can not protect them except by locking them into a secure area.”

He then went on to make what I think can only be called a veiled threat towards Predident Obama’s daughters; I won’t repeat it here.

Then back to the “innocent children” remark:

These “innocent victims” of whom you speak are the children of those who are criminals. And since Anders Breivik could not get to the REAL criminals he went after the children. Is that such a bad idea? Are they not legitimate targets if the primary targets can not be reached?

This also received multiple upvotes from The Spearhead crowd, and a much smaller number of downvotes. [UPDATE: The post has now started attracting downvotes, but the upvotes still outnumber them considerably.]

Yes, it is truly strange that anyone could possibly associate the MRM with violence in any way.

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11 years ago

You know, if I had it in for someone as much as Peter Nolan has it in for his ex-wife, the LAST thing I’d do is advertise that fact to the world. I’m just sayin.

11 years ago

Dear Mr. Peace and Freedom for white men only,

You are insulted by being called a racist because you know it’s a “bad word” to be called. It’s clear that you don’t know why, and it doesn’t stop you from espousing racist viewpoints (which is, of course why we call you a racist) but you know that it’s bad.

And your retort is to call us feminists. Oh, I’m sorry, FEMINISTS!!!!! As if it would have some sort of similar impact. However, we generally self-identify as feminists and do not consider it a bad word, so that was about the most lack-luster insult I’ve seen. It’s like being called “woman” as an insult, which has happened to me. I’m like, and so? Yup, totally a woman over here. Proud of it even. So, you know, try again. Or don’t and try some self-examination. Your choice. (*hint* peace and freedom includes things like my previous sentence fragment, your choice is yours and I’m not trying to make it for you, you are free to continue being a racist misogynistic bigot, or you can examine your choices or you can ignore me all together. FREEDOM!)

David K. Meller
David K. Meller
11 years ago

amandajane5 for feminists only…

Let us see if we can cipher this out, shall we? We will give two lists, one for women, and the other for feminists, and see if you still “self identify as feminists”.

See also how much of the list identifies you–and my other female fans on–as women (or ‘womyn’ as a lot of feminist bloodworms prefer to spell it).

Feminist: female, bitter, envious (of real men and of attractive, loveable women), shrill, nasty, vicious, greedy, self-absorbed and narcissistic, mean, spiteful, man-hating, loathsome, malicious, violent, often lesbian, paranoiac, and just plain ROTTEN!! The list reflects your damned “equality” on the lowest common denominator, of course.

Woman: female, soft, empathic, sensitive, warm, lovable, cuddlesome, affectionate, cute, adorable, domestic, feminine, loveable, patient, playful (when not attending to domestic and homemaking needs), perceptive, and just plain WONDERFUL! This list reflects “quality”, on the highest common denominator, of course.

Identify yourself–and the rest of the sisterhood from hell–as feminists! I don’t care! Maybe feminist is not a “bad word”–I would take “racist” any day of the week over it, however–but let me tell you something: You all aren’t WOMEN, not by a long shot!! You are nothing but bitter, man-hating, grotesque, vicious FEMINISTS! With posts like yours, even your cats wouldn’t have you!

You don’t have to go through life as a nasty, vicious, mean, loathsome feminist, You have a CHOICE too! You can embrace the feminine within yourself, see men in terms of harmonious complementarity, NOT as rivals or competitors, and become soft, lovable, and beautiful!

David K. Meller


Um…no. Just no.

Ami Angelwings
11 years ago



I think that needs a bit of a citation DKM xD

Violent? o_O Feminists are, in general, violent? xD

AND JUST PLAIN ROTTEN! xD Why do I feel reminded of reading a kid’s book xD

You can do this w/ everything btw 😀

Baseball Fan: bitter, envious, shrill, nasty, vicious, greedy, self-absorbed and narcissistic, mean, spiteful, man-hating, loathsome, malicious, violent, often lesbian, paranoiac, and just plain ROTTEN!!

Hockey Fan: soft, empathic, sensitive, warm, lovable, cuddlesome, affectionate, cute, adorable, domestic, feminine, loveable, patient, playful (when not attending to domestic and homemaking needs), perceptive, and just plain WONDERFUL! This list reflects “quality”, on the highest common denominator, of course.

By your logic btw, I can’t be a feminist xD Even tho I am… cuz I’m just plain WONDERFUL! 😀

open vote! who thinks Ami is just PLAIN WONDERFUL? 😀

Molly Ren
11 years ago


11 years ago

Let’s see how many of the feminist ones I have…I can occasionally be a bit self absorbed, I’m not sure how the lesbian thing works given my gender, but “often lesbian”, meh, I’ll take it, there’s no space for genderqueer bisexuals…

How about the other list. I am lovable? Maybe not so much…perceptive, I’ll take that one. 🙂 I can be playful, but not always. I am “soft” if that refers to body texture…

Ami Angelwings
11 years ago

I have to say that first list (except for the specific gender ones, like lesbian, and female) seems to more reflect most of our trolls xD

11 years ago

I vote ami to be rather non-plainly wonderful!


Yeah, yeah, and atheists worship the devil. But, none of that has anything to do with what feminists are. Whereas being a racist… definitionally… is being a racist.

11 years ago

What about EVIL and CRUEL?

David K. Meller
David K. Meller
11 years ago

David Futrelle,

You are correct! Calling someone a racist doesn’t make them a racist, either!

Most people INDEED learn this by the age of five–except for some of my fans on your! I did this to show those people how infantile THEIR namecalling e.g.”racist” was, and how objectionable it could be when misdirected and defamatory.

In a previous post, I said that “people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”. In their cases, even little pebbles would be crossing the line!

David K. Meller

11 years ago


Yeah, but being a racist does make one a racist. You know, like insinuating that if minorities ever took the place of all the fine white people our country would dissolve into a third world country. Or something.

Most boys also learn by age 5 that when they get caught with their hand in the cookie jar, they can’t just deny it and say “no it’s not.” That’s the mark of a compulsive liar. You aren’t a compulsive liar, are you?

Vanessa Emma Goldman
Vanessa Emma Goldman
11 years ago

can something please be done to make this Peter jackass change his last name? because it REALLY offends me that a sexist jerk like him has the same last name as my beloved Greatest Basketball Player Ever, Deanna Nolan of Flint, Michigan.

Maybe i will let Deanna know about this moron, and she can go kick his ass or something.

11 years ago

Meller: It’s that we call you a racist which makes it so… it’s that you being a racist is why we call you one.

You’d probably be pretty put out if I were to try to adopt that list of traits. I’m, after all, a man. So none of the ways in which you use those words applies.

Then again, I know a lot of feminists, and, by and large, they like men, see them as complementary to women. They just don’t see themselves as any way inferior to men.

Which really seems to be your problem…. it chaps your hide that non-whites, non-males aren’t automatically beneath you. If you want to be seen as better than they are you have to prove it.

Seems you can’t, and want to go back to having everyone just say you are superior. You want affirmative action to come along and say second rate you = first rate human.

Good luck with that.

Anirac Grebgah
10 years ago

Heroes don`t kill defencelessy children. If he was any such thing, he`d have taken up arms against adults with guards. If he was any kind of hero, he would have tried to change things and gotten his message across in a way that didn`t include taking out innocent lives. Al Quaida does it his way. Terrorists do it his way. What he did was cowardly and pathetic, and it hurt his cause. Norwegians are not afraid of terrorists. Even if his ideology had a point, even if his opinions had a hint of truth to it, we`re not going to care. When I now hear “Islam is taking over Europe”, I think “F*** you”. I don`t listen. Because the only things this does is make me see the faces of 69 dead children killed by a white guy.

ABB officially made himself and people like him into villains. We don`t listen to villains. We don`t listen to killers. A shame, because maybe he was right that we should protect our national values better. All I know is an immigrant has never hurt me, mine or any other Norwegian in a scale like this. The worst crime since WWII was committed by a Norwegian, and people like him is what we`ll guard against, not muslims, not immigrants. That`s what his so-called heroic act led to. In fact, he can kiss my ass. I`ll vote for a leftie party simply to show him the finger because honestly, that`s how irritated this whole crap makes me and many other Norwegians.

You people accuse us for being soft traitors. Well, up yours. Better a soft traitor than a murderous psycopath on a power trip. There are a lot of thing we could accuse the USA for, but I won`t. All I can say though, is that a lot of these people makes USA seem like a place filled with arrogant, nasty, evil pri***. And that`s a shame.

If you want to live in Nazi Germany, get a time machine. We prefer to try it our way, the soft way, but at least we have some dignity. Oh, a last thing, muslims and christians, it didn`t matter on that island. They helped each other. They showed what a future could be like. A future where color, religion, ideology does not hinder unity and progress. We`ll work towards standing together, you can work on tearing each other apart if you so much need it.

ABB was a loser and a psycopath. There`s nothing heroic in anything he did. I`d like to see him try and tackle armed grown ups, then we can talk about guts or balls or whatever.

Cj. Merrett
10 years ago

I am The~Anti;Nolan ©

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