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Career women: A crime against nature?

She's trouble!

Quiz: Which of the following is an example of female infidelity? (Check all that apply.)

a)      A man and a woman are in a monogamous relationship; neither one sleeps with anyone else.

b)      A man and a woman are in a monogamous relationship; the man sleeps with someone else.

c)       A man and a woman are in a monogamous relationship; the woman sleeps with someone else.

d)      A woman, who may or may not be in a monogamous relationship, works hard at a job she enjoys.

ANSWER: If you answered c, congratulations! You are correct. If you also answered d, you are probably PUA guru and freelance internet asshole “Roissy” or one of his douchey fans. In a recent post Roissy argues, quite sincerely, that women who take their careers seriously are committing a sort of psycho-social-sexual crime against men.

In the post, Roissy quotes a reader of his who’d suggested that “female career obsession [is] a form of infidelity to the family and marrage.” Roissy seconds this opinion and goes on to argue that:

Women who place their careers front and center are committing a kind of betrayal of their sex’s biological and psychological imperatives. It’s like a big middle finger to everything that distinguishes the feminine from the masculine, the yin from the yang.

Is it possible that these women are just, you know, really into their careers? That they’re good at what they do and enjoy doing it? That they want to make a difference in the world? That they might have a family to support? Or that, you know, they simply like making a lot of money?

Of course not. For Roissy, careers are little more than psychological crutches for women who are 1) trying to distract themselves from loneliness and/or sexual boredom:

It’s quite possible that the worst offenders — the 14 hour day lawyercunts and the graduate school hermits — embrace the male-oriented rat race and achievement spectacle because it offers a welcome distraction from either spinsterly loneliness or boring beta male partners who, while intellectually are rationalized as good matches, do not viscerally excite them.

Or, 2) imagining themselves as the heroines in some glamorous romance novel:

Maybe, too, these careerist chicks see their jobs as a way to enter the world of the alpha male, to have a taste of what it would be like to be part of his life. The office cubes and doormen and glassy skyscrapers have given legions of plain janes the daily stimulation to mentally masturbate fantasy romances with the alpha males who run their companies or the alpha salesmen who greet them at the front desk with a twinkle in their eyes.

Or, 3) trying to magically ward off the case of the uglies that apparently infects each and every woman when she hits the age of 40:

When a woman’s SMV [Sexual Market Value] inevitably craters in her 40s, her career might be all she has to lift her spirits, especially if she has no husband she loves, no kids, or even just one kid who spends most of his time playing CoD or robbing convenience stores.

Of course, in Roissy’s mind, these women aren’t quite women to begin with, even before they get hit with the 40th birthday ugly stick:

 [T]here is something “off” about women who are excessively devoted to their careers and to obtaining an acronymic parade of pointless credentials. Careerist shrikes are some of the most unpleasant, unfeminine women to be around. They must have more androgen receptors than normal women to be so grating to the male sensibility. Sure, they can fuck like Viagra-laced male pornstars, but as soon as you relieve yourself in them you will feel a second powerful urge to escape their aggro nastiness.

Yeah, somehow I’m guessing that urge to flee is pretty strong in these women as well, as soon as they realize that they guy they’ve just had sex with is a pretentious narcissistic windbag who hates women.

Roissy continues, revealing far more about his own sexual insecurities than about any actual career women:

The women for whom career success is their comfort and their purpose are some sort of weird, monstrous amalgam of man and woman, halfway between both worlds, their sexual polarity askew. These types tend to attract either intense short term flings with alphas or plodding marriages with dweeby, effete kitchen bitches.

Roissy is vaguely aware that feminists – not to mention pretty much anyone who isn’t a complete douchebag misogynist – might have a few issues with his theories here.

The dumbfuck feminists will naturally ask, “Why doesn’t this same theory apply to men? Aren’t they escaping sad love lives by retreating to their careers?”

Don’t you know it’s different for guys? Unlike women, men are evolutionarily programmed to be resource providers for women. It is not a betrayal of a man’s innate purpose in life to ambitiously pursue achievement and accolades. In fact, just the opposite; it’s an affirmation of that ancient purpose.

Remember this, you ungrateful career ladies: WE HUNTED THE MAMMOTH TO FEED YOU!

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@ Ami ‘He’s rly flailing isn’t he xD Desperately trying to recover indeed xD’

I mistook all that flailing for an imitation of a dancing monkey. 🙁
On the bright side, he doesn’t seem particular upset that I keep tossing in crackers, and he’s making fine use of those cymbals! Just beware the feces flinging. You know it’s coming.

“Just beware the feces flinging.”

Said the feminist grammar slave and Zionist obsessive/compulsive scatology dweeb.

@Yaz, that was a movie quote (a slight misquote, actually, according to google). However, I never correct grammar and spelling, except to ask for clarification of meaning if necessary, because I am not the most diligent proofreader and spellchecker of my own comments. It was not a quick mistake that AWS made (such as typing “there” instead of “their”), it was a repeat misuse of the same terms.

I too have seen Inigo Montoya’s scene in the Princess Bride, darksidecat. 😉

proofreading grammar and spelling isn’t in the same realm as a basic misunderstanding of what the words actually mean. Which he apparently does not.

I was agreeing with you. His language comprehension is terrible.

Heh, AWS… Posting the same information that was already debunked. Don’t you remember? Detailing female violence is not the same thing as detailing feminist violence, let alone feminist sadism. You might as well say that all the male criminals indicate that all MRAs are sadists. Oh wait, you probably agree with that.. Hrm…

“I told you the keywords of psychopaths and criminals. Kirby is a non-factor here. He has little in the way of facts. He almost no research. He had a grand total of one valid post early on where he summarized my views. The rest has been pablum.”

Aww, he likes me. Sadly he’s conveniently forgotten all the praise he gave me about my “research.” ^__^ And how my “summary” of his views was tongue-in-cheek sarcasm… Ah well.

I also love how he compulsively had to check his own grammar, even posting exactly 1 minute after his previous one to point out the errors, rather than giving anybody a chance. That and the horribly out of context quotes, the constant non-attributions, the utter failure at detecting when we are messing with him…

This guy is the best. XD

Hmm. He’s gone from using the word “sadist” in every post to using the word “slave” in every post. I take it back, he’s not a frustrated subbie, he’s just a frustrated switchie.

I can’t tell if it was a Poe, or not. I think not, but then it would seem to have a flash of self-aware irony… and then be gone again.

If it’s not a Poe… I sort of feel sorry for him.

Keep dancing, aws. I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds it hilarious.

No. No, you’re not.

I can’t tell if he took my advice and was trying to rewrite the first four comments that I already rewrote, or if he was trying to respond to them in some fashion. Either way, a little ray of sunlight in this thread. And he’s only got … what? 1008 or so more posts to rewrite in a pro-Aws fashion. Hop to it, man!

He’ll be back xD He’s one of those trolls who doesn’t understand his own personality xD He shows up hoping to piss ppl off, gets RLY UPSET himself and then suddenly finds himself unable to stop engaging b/c he needs the last word xD

Oh yeah, he’ll be back. He seems somewhat obsessed with making absolute sure that I know I don’t matter to him at all no really not at all not even a little bit I just thought you should know that. Bbbbuuuttttt… just to throw in a little bait >:D I’ve come up with a list of keywords that indicate the mind of a homophobic, racist, intentionally ignorant boob.

The Fact
obsessive about grammar
thinking once=obsession
scatology dweeb
insisting on having your own thread
“buh bye for now”
intentionally make grammar mistakes to hide the unintentional ones
out of context quotations
wet ladies

I wonder how well AWS stacks up against this completely researched and well documented list of flags? XD

I like how he calls himself The Fact xD It works so well w/ my wrestling world xD Like Ron “The Truth” Killings xD Or when Rocky Maivia became The Rock xD He knows AWS is a ridic name and he’s trying to get himself up to main event status with a gimmick change xD

The Fact irish whips Kirby and follows it up with a huge clothesline! Oh my goodness what an impact! Kirby is stumbling up… he’s dizzy… here’s The Fact with… THE FACTFINDER!!!! GOOD LAWD ALMIGHTY!!! THE FACT HIT THE FACTFINDER ON KIRBY!!!!! Here’s the pin! 1… 2… 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He reminds me of the fear demon in the BtVS episode “Fear Itself”, all bluster, but teeny-tiny. I shall call him Gachnar from now on.

I don’t think he’s a Poe, I think he’s an ELIZA. Someone wrote a computer program designed to post chunks of text from The Turner Diaries, and set it loose on Man Boobz. Also notice the repeated use of the “said the X to the Y” formation at random intervals — a dead giveaway.

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