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Career women: A crime against nature?

She's trouble!

Quiz: Which of the following is an example of female infidelity? (Check all that apply.)

a)      A man and a woman are in a monogamous relationship; neither one sleeps with anyone else.

b)      A man and a woman are in a monogamous relationship; the man sleeps with someone else.

c)       A man and a woman are in a monogamous relationship; the woman sleeps with someone else.

d)      A woman, who may or may not be in a monogamous relationship, works hard at a job she enjoys.

ANSWER: If you answered c, congratulations! You are correct. If you also answered d, you are probably PUA guru and freelance internet asshole “Roissy” or one of his douchey fans. In a recent post Roissy argues, quite sincerely, that women who take their careers seriously are committing a sort of psycho-social-sexual crime against men.

In the post, Roissy quotes a reader of his who’d suggested that “female career obsession [is] a form of infidelity to the family and marrage.” Roissy seconds this opinion and goes on to argue that:

Women who place their careers front and center are committing a kind of betrayal of their sex’s biological and psychological imperatives. It’s like a big middle finger to everything that distinguishes the feminine from the masculine, the yin from the yang.

Is it possible that these women are just, you know, really into their careers? That they’re good at what they do and enjoy doing it? That they want to make a difference in the world? That they might have a family to support? Or that, you know, they simply like making a lot of money?

Of course not. For Roissy, careers are little more than psychological crutches for women who are 1) trying to distract themselves from loneliness and/or sexual boredom:

It’s quite possible that the worst offenders — the 14 hour day lawyercunts and the graduate school hermits — embrace the male-oriented rat race and achievement spectacle because it offers a welcome distraction from either spinsterly loneliness or boring beta male partners who, while intellectually are rationalized as good matches, do not viscerally excite them.

Or, 2) imagining themselves as the heroines in some glamorous romance novel:

Maybe, too, these careerist chicks see their jobs as a way to enter the world of the alpha male, to have a taste of what it would be like to be part of his life. The office cubes and doormen and glassy skyscrapers have given legions of plain janes the daily stimulation to mentally masturbate fantasy romances with the alpha males who run their companies or the alpha salesmen who greet them at the front desk with a twinkle in their eyes.

Or, 3) trying to magically ward off the case of the uglies that apparently infects each and every woman when she hits the age of 40:

When a woman’s SMV [Sexual Market Value] inevitably craters in her 40s, her career might be all she has to lift her spirits, especially if she has no husband she loves, no kids, or even just one kid who spends most of his time playing CoD or robbing convenience stores.

Of course, in Roissy’s mind, these women aren’t quite women to begin with, even before they get hit with the 40th birthday ugly stick:

 [T]here is something “off” about women who are excessively devoted to their careers and to obtaining an acronymic parade of pointless credentials. Careerist shrikes are some of the most unpleasant, unfeminine women to be around. They must have more androgen receptors than normal women to be so grating to the male sensibility. Sure, they can fuck like Viagra-laced male pornstars, but as soon as you relieve yourself in them you will feel a second powerful urge to escape their aggro nastiness.

Yeah, somehow I’m guessing that urge to flee is pretty strong in these women as well, as soon as they realize that they guy they’ve just had sex with is a pretentious narcissistic windbag who hates women.

Roissy continues, revealing far more about his own sexual insecurities than about any actual career women:

The women for whom career success is their comfort and their purpose are some sort of weird, monstrous amalgam of man and woman, halfway between both worlds, their sexual polarity askew. These types tend to attract either intense short term flings with alphas or plodding marriages with dweeby, effete kitchen bitches.

Roissy is vaguely aware that feminists – not to mention pretty much anyone who isn’t a complete douchebag misogynist – might have a few issues with his theories here.

The dumbfuck feminists will naturally ask, “Why doesn’t this same theory apply to men? Aren’t they escaping sad love lives by retreating to their careers?”

Don’t you know it’s different for guys? Unlike women, men are evolutionarily programmed to be resource providers for women. It is not a betrayal of a man’s innate purpose in life to ambitiously pursue achievement and accolades. In fact, just the opposite; it’s an affirmation of that ancient purpose.

Remember this, you ungrateful career ladies: WE HUNTED THE MAMMOTH TO FEED YOU!

1,021 replies on “Career women: A crime against nature?”

“Yeah, I took that quiz. I scored a 52%, probably because I think Zionism is a racist philosophy. But homeschooling, seriously? Let me tell you, I’ve been there. Never again, friends. Never again.”

I got 49%.

But hey now, don’t knock homeschooling 🙂 It’s not all crazies like AWS and Rick Santorum.

“AWS, I got expelled from one high school.”

Most sadists get expelled from schools that require a true belief in the love of God. Your sadist masters have taught you well. You teach young kids in a public school?

True story, the last teacher I met was 23. She taught junior high kids. She was a raging alcoholic and bi-sexual. She would go to strip bars on the weekend. She also coached junior high school soccer and said she liked to watch the girls shower. She claimed she is an ardent feminist.

Eep. I’m sorry. When I was a kid we always had big homeschool groups to hang out with…in the first town I lived in, everyone was really emphatic about using the label “unschooling” instead of homeschooling, because the religious groups all used “homeschooling.”

“I got 49%.”

Another feminist failure. yeah!!!

Teachers will be outsourced soon enough. There are already free schools on the Internet.

“Another feminist failure. yeah!!!”

Actually, according to my score I fail at “anti-feminism,” not feminism, so I’m cool with that.

By the way the Columbine High School shooters were Zionist, bi-sexual and feminist with an extreme hatred of Christians. They probably would have become teachers.

“I’m cool with that.”

Feminists/sadists are usually cool with being failures while anti-feminists are not.

I’d really like to see your source for feminism equaling sadism. I mean, I know, you’ve said it over and over, but repetition doesn’t equal proof. Where did that come from? And linking to your own website doesn’t count, I’d like an outside source please.

“By the way the Columbine High School shooters were Zionist, bi-sexual and feminist with an extreme hatred of Christians. They probably would have become teachers.”

[citation needed]

I’m beginning to think you’re just saying stupid shit for kicks. I can’t believe even a real troll would be this ridiculous.

I got 44%, I must really be a failure. Of course, some of the questions were pretty.. questionable. Zionist Republican Party and Marxist Democratic Party? Pretty sure neither of those are actual parties. Also I got points for not having participated in sodomy, but was not asked whether I care about it.


You, my good sir, have made me laugh, and laugh hard. Your little resume was pure epicness, as if you need to justify to the world your sexual prowess and superhuman mental capacity. Bravo, sir, bravo. As for your takedown of my comment… Do.. do you know what sarcasm is? Did you realize that I purposefully used every word in your little list for the lulz? Did this really escape your massive intellect? Or how about the purposeful misquoting, including actually changing the word “incorrect” to “correct?” Is this how a truth seeker and genius behaves?

I want you to stay around for a long time, my friend, I want David to dedicate a post to you so you can continue fighting the good fight. Because honestly, when you finally flounce or are banned, my world will be a much less amusing place. You go, champ.

“It’s hard to cite his own masturbatory fantasies.”

AWS (2011). [Masturbatory fantasies]. Unpublished raw data.

Oh dear…bad mental images.

“You know who else was a Zionist bi-sexual feminist with an extreme hatred of Christians?”

The Jews who helped the soviets murder millions of whites in the Bolshevik Revolution.

Also, Israel’s Mossad who were behind the Abu Grab prisoner torturing methods.


So, here’s how it works. AWS thinks that sodomy is sadism, because it can hurt.. I guess. Sodomy is performed by all homosexuals. Feminists are in favor of sex other than PiV, so they are all homosexual. Therefore, all feminists perform sodomy, and therefore they are all sadists.


Wait, you admit that bi-sexuals exist now? What the crap? I thought anyone who didn’t have a very narrow subsection of possible sex was automatically gay. What does being bi-sexual mean?

“I got 44%, I must really be a failure”

Yes you are and an unpatriotic sadist/feminist.

“pure epicness”

The wet ladies agree I am.

“incorrect” to “correct?”

Read again. I posted The Fact says AWS is correct you feminist fool and sadist.

If facts get me banned so be it feminist failure.

Try and keep up 9/11 shill.

“all feminists perform sodomy”

Wrong again nitwit s9/11 shill and feminist failure. Feminists/sadists promote sadistic/unhealthy sexual practices such as rectal sex.

I got 44% too, kirbywarp! I was really hoping for 0%, though. It kinda makes me sad that I’m 44% anti-feminist. Maybe by the time I’m done with school I’ll be fully indoctrinated.

“I got 44% too”

Thus proving my point that feminism and feminists are generally speaking…failures.


Oh yes, I saw. You still quoted it in the context of taking my argument point by point. 🙂 Thanks for clarifying your position with regards to sodomy as well.

Hmm.. Quick question though.. Is hurling insults and abuse towards commenters considered a sadistic practice? How about practically masturbating to the thought of calling people nitwit, failure, sadist, and so on? How about glorifying your own exploits and attributes for the purpose of shaming or emasculating others?

I think we have ourselves a closeted feminist here… Also a homosexual. (focusing so much on pleasuring “wet ladies,” are you insecure about something?)

Yes, Aws, I’m a failure at being an anti-feminist. Color me sadd.

You’re a failure at proving that the Flintstones are sadist pychopath feminists, though. I was really looking forward to that argument, too. Got the popcorn and everything.


The way the questions are worded, you could be against some of the things mentioned without agreeing with others who share the same answer. Plus you get easy points for stuff you haven’t done or don’t have, like tatoos or rectal sodomy. (perhaps oral sodomy is just peachy?)

Still, high five!


High five! Yeah, and then some of the questions … well, it had the same problem that all true-false tests do, I guess, where there’s no room for nuance. Do you support low taxes and personal freedoms? Low taxes for the lower 50% incomes? Low property taxes? Low corporate taxes? Personal freedom to have abortions? Own machine guns? What?

I think I read that as coded for something that I don’t support, but it’s true that I support low taxes and personal freedoms depending on the situation.

I got a 56%. Which is hilarious, because I’m maybe the only actual feminist sadist on this thread.

I didn’t know being anti-feminist required one to be racist, paranoid about the government, and anti-gay, but I guess I’m, y’know, not surprised. You’ve already made the commitment not to be a particularly sensible person, so why not go whole hog? I’m eagerly awaiting the addition of “Do you believe in the sheeple homosexual Zionist lie of the round Earth?” to the quiz.

“Is hurling insults and abuse towards commenters considered a sadistic practice?”

You tell me as you have hurled many insults toward me as have others. Is kirby the sadist/feminist /failure and 9/11 shill a cry baby now that insults are hurled at him?

“calling people nitwit, failure, sadist’

The fact is most feminist prove they are. Feminists hurl insults at other and then are cry like babies when the tables are turned. If you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen hypocritical feminist dweeb and failure. You have been skooled kirby the nitwit shill..


Yeah, same. Also, a lot of questions that had the form “Are you an X activist” had me saying no, simply because I don’t actively promote them.

I love how, even at 44%, its like “Well, you won’t like my blog, but you aren’t completely screwed, so read my blog, and perhaps you’ll see the light!” AWS doesn’t seem to have the same high opinion of us.


You see, we are already sadists in your head, so it doesn’t matter if we hurl insults. You, on the other hand, are apparently NOT one, yet you engage in sadistic behavior. So…. prove you aren’t a sadist. Cause your behavior says you are. 😉

Oooh, also you seem to want to end every post with “you have been schooled” or “ha, proven wrong yet again” and so on. Ever heard of checkmate? You might find a kindred spirit.

“I got a 56%.”

Indeed this forum is full of feminist failures. sadism is by nature a failure both economy, morally and intellectually.

feminism = sadism


The “feminist failure” thing means “a feminist that is a failure,” not “a failure at being a feminist.” I’m also pretty sure that the quiz is to get onto an anti-feminist blog… So, yeah.

I will defend myself using appropriate techniques as I am being attacked by sadists. Since folks (as proven by a google app) here operate at a base level I use the appropriate measures to defend my-self.

You are the most foolish person I have come across in years with an almost total lack of reasoning skills. It’s like saying someone can’t defend himself against robbers because he knows he is getting robbed and should not fight back. Your logic is inane and psychopathic.

Feminists are nitwits, dolts, failures and sadists. You admit to being a feminist. The truth is not derogatory.

Feminists are also hypocritical to the extreme.

Try and keep up 9/11 shill.

How long is he supposed to keep up the 9/11 shill?

Kirbywarp’s a big guy, but everybody needs a little rest after holding up a 9/11 shill for a while.


First, you came here, so the robber analogy fails. Second, its more like you are being robbed, and your response is to try to rob them back. If we are “nitwits, dolts, failures and sadists” then by coming down to our level, you make yourself the same. Simple reasoning for a genius like you. 😛

“Feminists are nitwits, dolts, failures and sadists.”

Incredibly enough, [citation still desperately needed].


I’ll admit, it gets weary trying to hold up the abstract conception that is a date/emergency telephone number. But somehow, I think I’ll manage. 😛

“apparently NOT one’

Way to obsessively/compulsively shout in all caps like a typical sadistic feminist dweeb does.

“Since folks (as proven by a google app) here operate at a base level I use the appropriate measures to defend my-self. ”

[citation needed]

“Your logic is inane and psychopathic. ”

I don’t think you know the definition of “psychopath.” May I suggest Wikipedia?


On the bright side, I’m glad that at least this yahoo is recognizing that I didn’t buy a chainmail flogger at this year’s Pride in order to express my yielding and submissive qualities…


Wasn’t that the first word I’ve ever said to you in all caps? One word? Out of how many posts? I don’t think “obssessively/compulsively” means what you think it means. You still have yet to prove that you aren’t a sadist, good luck with that.

@Actual sadists on this board:

I’m not trying to denegrate sadism here, by the way, and I realize nobody wants to be grouped with this ass. Its a fun tactic to show that the person who’s being bigoted is in fact the very thing he is bigoted against. I do apologize, however, for the repeated comparisons.

“and your response is to try to rob them back”

wow, you are slipping. How can i rob my own stuff? Truly you are a nitwit feminist/sadist. Yeah, if I am robbed not only will I get my stuff back but I will use all tools at my disposal to protect myself.

Feminists can’t take the heat which is why they are failures in business and in life. I mock you back and you cry like a feminist dweeb. You have no valid points. I posted the research and now I am exposing your sadistic and psychopathic mindset

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