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Men's Rights Reddit explains it all to you

Apparently we feminists simply can’t understand the Men’s Rights Movement, because

feminist ideology is still stuck in the 19th century concept that women are second class citizens when objectively they are in a better position than men. …  The[y] just cannot grasp that in modern western society men are second class citizens.

Luckily, the good fellows at the Men’s Rights subreddit on Reddit are here to put us straight.

Oh, and while they’re at it, they would also like to explain to us at great length why the whole Slutwalk thing is so silly. I mean, telling women to not dress like sluts if they don’t want to get raped is just good common sense! And obviously dudes have a much greater understanding of the topic of rape and personal safety in general than silly ladies with their silly lady brains and their silly tendency to get drunk on silly lady drinks.

Because Reddit Men’s Rights is not completely dominated by retrograde MRA misogynists, there are actually some decent comments mixed in with all the patronizing nonsense. Enjoy?

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Mr. Kobold
Mr. Kobold
10 years ago

“Does this not remind you of fascism? Or at least totalitarianism?”

You need to start going to class kid, cause if you think that the, in my frank opinion bone-headed and pretentious, intellectualizing of the plot of “Something has Got to Give” is fascism then clearly you aren’t getting much schooling.

10 years ago

Honestly, MRAL, I way prefer older men (it takes much less energy to communicate with them, for starters)–but Schwyzer is right about the power dynamics. Even with a really great guy the younger woman, if she’s serious, will end up getting hurt. The situation does improve after women hit 25, as he suggests. But he’s also right that there’s a terrible perception about older women–that we’re resentful, jaded, bitter, and that everything is just so much easier and more pleasant with younger, more innocent women. Well, that’s certainly the case, but accepting that’s the way it should be puts men’s insecurities at the center of a relationship. Personally, I like guys who believe in themselves and can handle adults; the May-December women will feel the same way some day, too. It is easy to stroke a man’s ego, get a positive reaction, and feel all womanly about yourself, but that’s the behavior of a child, not a woman. Also, it encourages vanity, which is not attractive in men or women.

10 years ago

I only date boys who are younger than me. (but not like lots younger – my fiance is a year and a half younger than me. I think my largest ever age diff was like 4 years – I was 23 and he was 19). ONE time I made an exception and dated a guy who was older than me… by a month. It went terribly horribly wrong. So I went back to my “only younger boys” policy.

Lady Raine
10 years ago

I totally agree with preferring younger men. I never even realized that I was “selecting’ younger men until I counted back in my mind and was surprised to discover that I have never dated anyone older than myself…..and have only dated one guy who was my own age. I usually stay in the “2-4 years younger” range, also (agreed with Plymouth).

And not to drag the heightism thing back from the dead, but from what I’ve seen….it’s mostly taller women who prefer taller men and it seems likely that perhaps MRAL is just NOTICING those women (and their choices) more than the women who either don’t care/like shorter men.

I can admit that I prefer somewhat taller men, but I’m also 5’7, like to wear heels, and mostly pick taller men because I’ve noticed the shorter ones are sensitive about MY height in comparison to theirs.

So I’m sure there’s some validity to MRAL saying that “many women prefer taller men”, but I don’t think he realizes that 9 times out of 10 they are choosing that way because of their OWN height….not a hatred of short guys.

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