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Saturday Morning Cartoons: Choosing a husband, and the world’s first PUA

In light of some recent discussions here, I thought this cartoon seemed relevant.  I got it from my new favorite Tumblr blog, Comically Vintage. It’s astounding how many of the comic panels posted there — especially those from melodramatic 60s-70s romance comics — apply to the arguments in and around the manosphere today. Perhaps because the world in which these guys live is as imaginary and out-of-date as the fantasy world of 40 or 50 year-old Romance comics.

And while we’re on the subject, here’s a bonus cartoon. Here, crawling from the primordial soup, is the world’s first PUA! (Granted, he hasn’t quite worked out all of the tenets of modern Game, but, hey, he’s still a lizard. Just as human evolution took millions of years, evolving something as complex as modern PUA theory takes time.)

Hmm. That fish over there has sprouted legs. Is that an IOI?

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Er, as I’ve said, I’ve never hit anyone nor would I, so that statement is fairly illogical, you fucking retard.

You would if you could get away with it, and you are stupid enough to think you would get away with it. Also, you support the idea of raping and beating women and children, which is a very typical MRA thing to do.

Please, point me to a post in which I’ve supported raping women or raping/beating children, I’m fascinated.


Beating people = OK.

Metaphorically “spitting” on people = the worst crime evar.

Holy fuck, I’ve already said I was out of line with the elevator thing. Jesus Christ.

I’ve moved past that, I’m at home and I haven’t thought about that for weeks.

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