Mutant Illuminati whores, oh my!

Illuminati tool?

You can always count on men’s-rightser-turned-conspiracy-maven Henry Makow for sound and sensible commentary on the sexual and social mores of today.

Oh, wait, it’s not Opposite Day. You can count on Henry for loopy misogynist paranoia.

Henry recently took a trip to Toronto, where, he explains,

signs of the elite’s psychological attack on heterosexuals are everywhere. Young females are the main victims.

His evidence for this? He noticed some people fundraising for a program designed to help girls in the Third World. He read about a conference of feminists in Winnipeg.  (No, it’s still not opposite day: in his mind these things are terrible for girls.) Oh, and he read about one oddball couple that is raising their kid to be genderless.

All this leads him to conclude, naturally, that the powers that be are trying to make women obsolete. Huh? Let’s let him explain it, because I sure can’t:


If a woman will not accept her husband’s just leadership, she does not love him. …

A woman loves by surrendering power to her husband in exchange for his power (protection) expressed as love. Men want power; women want love. …

Masculinity is defined by power. Power = penis. Empower women and you give them a psychological penis. You neuter them.

Well, damn. That doesn’t sound good. Who exactly is giving women these psychological penises?

By sabotaging their gender identity and their faith in marriage, the Illuminati are transforming females into their sexless worker-drones and amateur whores.

Oh, right. Those guys. Those guys must be really, really busy.

Anyway, back to Henry’s trip to Toronto:

Most of the young women I saw on the street clearly defined their self-worth in terms of sex appeal. …

But they seemed to regard male attention as predatory. They were like amateur streetwalkers who were both too self-enamored and gender-confused to relate to males.

There’s also a chance that these women looked at Mr. Makow and thought, “huh, a weird angry dude old enough to be my father is staring at my tits like they belong to him. I will definitely not be having sex with him.”

Oh, and apparently ol Henry has heard about the Slutwalks:

Yet they will actually demonstrate for the right to behave like sluts without suffering any consequences. Their younger sisters are also being sexualized and look like Brooke Shields in the film Pretty Baby.

Um, THAT’s your cultural reference? Brooke Shields in Pretty Baby? Not, I dunno, the Bratz? And seriously, if you want to reference a 70s movie that creepily sexualizes underage girls, at least be a little original about it: go with Jodie Foster, in Bugsy Malone.

If you’ve never heard of Bugsy Malone, or simply want to remind yourself of its icky weirdness, the trailer below should help.

Ol Henry again:

The Illuminati are turning young women into mutants, unfit for marriage, and unfit for motherhood.

They are fit only to betray themselves and their society as cannon fodder in the New World Order.

Our world is increasingly zany because it is controlled by a Cabalist satanic cult, the Illuminati.

Dude, way to totally sell yourself short.  The world is zany because of people like you. And the producers of Bugsy Malone.

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11 years ago

I think we should make a rule that men cannot opine about femininity unless they are at that very moment wearing a dress and heels.

And don’t forget the girdle or corset!

Oh yes, ole Henry is a treasure trove of inanity. No wonder he had A Long Way to Go for A Date

11 years ago


11 years ago

6,775,235,700 That is far too few people, obviously. What we need is more, at least double. 13,550,471,400 is the absolute minimum number of humans we need before the earth is crowded enough to get us to be able to convince the government to build us a moon colony like a 70s space opera. What sort of world would it be if we decreased world population by half and only had 3,387,617,850 people? One with not enough misery and resource depletion to justify settling in space, that’s what kind.

Johnny Pez
11 years ago

What sort of world would it be if we decreased world population by half and only had 3,387,617,850 people?

It would be an awful lot like our world in 1965. I leave it to others to decide whether that is a good thing.

11 years ago

I havent read the whole thread yet but I must say that my power doesnt come from a psychological penis, my power comes from my quite real but enourmous breasts. I normally only use this power for good.
Back to reading.

11 years ago

Why is it that every time I see “psychological penis” I imagine it’s on the same album as “Lesbian Seagull?”

Actually, I just start imagining the lyrics to “Lesbian Seagull” with the words “psychological penis” instead.

“Come with me
Psychological Penis”

It would get a little confusing around the parts where it goes on and on about birds, but otherwise …

6 years ago

I hope nobody minds if I necro this thread to call attention to the fact that it’s the GREATEST THREAD EVER. It’s full of NWOslave and the non-troll commenters are really on point.

Thank you again David for the random post feature. Even if it does encourage thread necromancy.

6 years ago

Necroing as well, I especially like the fact that its easier for me as a newbie to read some of the hilariousness I missed. Love the feature.

Argenti Aertheri
Argenti Aertheri
6 years ago

Oh dear gods, MRAL’s original incarnation! And this thread’s older than me, this should be a good read. Thanks for the necro guys 🙂

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