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Desperately Seeking Übermenschen

Hey ladies!

The general line amongst manosphere misogynists is that American women are a bunch of stuck-up princesses whose “ginas” – that is, vaginas – tingle only in the presence of “thugs” and “alpha males.” But one YouTube ranter calling himself LogicJunkie has a somewhat different theory, as he recently explained in a note to the moderator of the Happier Abroad forums. American women, it turns out, are basically all Nazis at heart, “preoccupied with … eugenic perfection in males.” Let’s follow LogicJunkie’s, er, logic:

American females regard as a “creep” any guy who isn’t at least six feet tall, with a pronounced chin, a jock physique, and, in general, Ken doll good Aryan looks. And money is important, too, but not nearly as important as the physiological eugenics. So, in good Germanic fashion, I think what they’re mainly concerned about, is somehow being contaminated by the mere presence of the inferior. …

America is, now more than ever, a Germano-eugenicist death camp, wrapped in the facade of “capitalism” and “corporatism” and “pop culture” and blah, blah, blah. But it’s all about covertly advancing the genetic omnipresence of the Teutonic physiological ideal.

I hate to poop on LogicJunkie’s logic here but, dude, if all the women you’re meeting turn out to be eugenics-obsessed, Aryan-fetishizing Nazis, it does not therefore follow that all American women are eugenics-obsessed, Aryan-fetishizing Nazis. It may just mean you should stop cruising for chicks at Klan meetings.

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Pronounced chin? Where is this guy getting his beauty standards, 1950?

It is also worth noting that in the US it the trend is the exact opposite, at least where black people are concerned. White women marry black men at much, much higher rates than white men marry black women. White men marry asian women at higher rates than white women marry asian men.

It really seems like these dudes got rejected and decided that rather than look at themselves that the problem must be the woman’s unreasonably high standards. Since they never deal with their own unpleasantness the rejections keep coming so they conclude that all women have unreasonably high standards. It must suck to be that angry all of the time.

Look! ScareCrow made a funny!

The gentleman I am very slowly chatting up is six feet tall but that is the only thing about him that resembles this Adonis that this guy claims I want. Now I do like intelligence-I will admit that but a tall, muscular former footballer is not that attractive. Hence mine, and the other women on here’s, puzzlement over this obsession with Brad Pitt we supposedly love.

While muscles might be nice for brute force, a smart engineering type is able to create some kind of pulley/leverage system that helps you move heavy things without needing muscles. Or figure out the right combination of household products that let you blast your way into a mountain.

Uh wait, not that last part. *walks away whistling innocently*

I’m confused. I thought women were seeking after thuggish badboy socially dominant alphas with “game”, and looks don’t matter. The manosphere needs to get its story straight.

Also, glad to know that women are doing what men have been doing for centuries.

Alsoalso, I have some sad news for you. If women were eugenically breeding men for their erotic pleasure, men wouldn’t look like Aryan Ken (Klan hood sold separately). About half the male population would be androgynous David Bowie types, and the other half would be Taylor Lautner clones.

Can I have a young Oliver Platt clone? I have a thing for brunettes with goatees.

Yes, yes you may. I’m currently putting in for a Gerard Way clone myself, but you know the waiting list on those is ridiculous, so I’m thinking of switching over to a Lee Pace.

Upon further reflection, it seems that what really pisses off these dudes is that women have any standards at all.

Yep. If I were breeding men for my pleasure, I would have a David Bowie, Marc Bolan, Noddy Holder, any boy from a Japanese boy band, Lou Reed, Eddy Izzard Dr. Frankenfurter… you get the picture: androgynous or girly men, with a touch or more of makeup. Not so much on board with the Übermenschen, but then again, my boyfriend is a bisexual transvestite, and my last girlfriend was a butch, so I hardly count as a “real” straight woman who can weigh in or gender-essentialist, homophobic MRA classifications of women. 😉

I never get the math here. If women only want perfect gorgeous alpha men, then what are the other 90% of us doing with our time?

Is the conspiracy theory so big that it suspects all sexual relationships are gigantic polyamorous groups, or is the presumption that women will stay home alone every night rather than date a “beta”?

Also, um, how do they account for the vast number of non-gorgeous guys who are married or living with partners? Because that describes the vast majority of my male friends, coworkers, neighbors, etc.

I’m thinking that “going outdoors” isn’t a big part of the data gathering process here.

The more MRA stuff I read like their views of what goes on in the world, the more convinced I am that they never leave their houses.

I want Mike Trainor-well as long as he is single anyway-for my famous person. Who is Taylor Lautner? Is he an actor?

Holly-their answer is “well obviously those women have ‘settled'” I think.

Ken Doll looks? Ken was just overcompensating for something IMHO.

Also… Auschwitz is a teutonic (germano?) deathcamp. American is merely pop friendly…

Yay, Oliver Platt clone for me!

@ PosterformerlyknownasElizabeth: Taylor Lautner played Jacob in the Twilight movies, a major selling point of which is the fact that he spends most of the movie with his shirt off. I haven’t seen the movie, but I do know a shirtless Hugh Jackman is what made the Wolverine movie so enjoyable for me.

@ Holly: I think the conspiracy goes along the lines of, these ‘alpha’ men are so desirable to women that women will willingly sleep with him while knowing he’s also sleeping with other women. So these alphathugbadboymanginas accumulate harems of women, ruining it for the so-called betas/omegas – because the only women left are fat chicks, and MRAL was kind enough to explain to us all why that’s just not an option.

From what I can tell, ‘alpha’ means a guy who gets laid and has a better job than the MRA currently whining about it, and ‘mangina’ means a guy who not only gets laid, but is also able to have satisfying romances and friendships with women. I’m still working on ‘thugboy’, I think it means a man who meets the definition of ‘alpha’ and is also more physically fit than the MRA currently whining about it.

I’m still working on ‘thugboy’, I think it means a man who meets the definition of ‘alpha’ and is also more physically fit than the MRA currently whining about it.

I’m pretty sure ‘thugboy’ is MRA-speak for black.

Hmm…. your theory is a good one. Though aren’t most MRAs fairly unshy about being racists as well as sexists?

Fair enough! I had thought ‘thugboy’ meant someone the MRA was intimidated by, but considering how much latent racism is inherent in the movement, that could also be a synonym for ‘black’ in their minds.

Fatman said, “Upon further reflection, it seems that what really pisses off these dudes is that women have any standards at all.”

Oh yes, that’s what I getting from this little rage rant myself. How dare women have needs and desires! They should be happy to get a man at all! Yet the funny thing is, most of these guys clearly have their own standards but deny women the very same thing.

Jeanette said, “What about the American women that aren’t white??”

Shhh, you’ll ruin their dear hope that all non-white women are not educated and don’t speak English and aren’t feminists.

Hey Ms. Wings … I have to ask. You don’t go by Butterfly Wings elsewhere, do you? Sorry — long shot, I know.

Lady Victoria: I have a thing for brunettes with goatees.

You’re in luck! You’ve just described LogicJunkie! Do you also like men who drone on for hours about uninteresting things? Double score!

For what it’s worth, this guy’s problem with women doesn’t have anything to do with how he looks. It may have something to do with how deathly boring he is. I’m nearly done with his video, and perhaps not entirely coincidentally, I am also almost done longing for the release that death will bring. I can no longer remember a life where I was not listening to LogicJunkie’s story about his stupid computer and how much memory it has or whatever. I can only assume it was beautiful.

Ah yes, and my boyfriend lucked out by meeting someone (me!) who likes imperfect teeth and a bit of a potbelly. I’m sure this can be explained by me not actually being a woman or existing or whatever, but yeah.

I thought Ken was gay? I also distinctly remember him not having a penis, so I should think his desirability as a mate is pretty low.

“What about the American women that aren’t white??”

I imagine they aren’t worthy of any more consideration than American women that aren’t stick-skinny.

Hey everybody, I’m back, and I didn’t die in my cushy privileged white mans job. I know you’re all too happy about that. This article is lame, nothing to really comment about here at all.

[EDIT: Three paragraphs of completely off-topic stuff about Obama and international politics removed by blog owner, who likes these new options available on WordPress. NWO, please make your comments vaguely relevant. –DF]

One final thing, apparently a new term of “omega” has popped up in the two weeks I’ve been gone. Being a lowly slave perhaps one of you social savants might womansplain it to me. Hopefully I’ll be bale to grasp the concept.

You know my head really does start to hurt when I read something like this because what he’s basically saying is women like men who they personally find physically attractive… Well yeah don’t we all?( Although I’ve never met a woman who finds the type of man Logicjunkie describes attractive)

Of course different body types are appealing to different people, and there should be reasons to be with someone beyond the physical, personality, attitude, etc. I’m just saying I don’t begrudge anyone male or female who’s slept with someone purely based on physical traits whatever they maybe because sometimes that’s all some people need.

Oh yeah and why is it just western women who are like this surely women from other cultures have standards as well?

Whoa, whats this Dave? Comment awaiting moderation? I’m gone for a scant two weeks and you have a new site with moderation technology.

His description of the ideal man sounds just like Dolph Lundgren from Rocky 4. My husband actually fits the description of being tall with very light blond hair and blue eyes, but his physique is plus-size instead of muscular. I will admit that I’ve always found tall men more attractive than short men, and I don’t see anything wrong with that. Everyone has different tastes.

@Kendra, There’s nothing wrong with that individually, you’re entitled to your preferences. But when 99% of women refuse to look twice at a man unless he’s eight feet tall, you can’t act surprised when short men have a little resentment. And it’s something men can’t help, unlike you women who can just do a situp and be slim and hot.

Even on this site, a feminist site, every single one of these partners are described as “tall”. Quite honestly, screw you feminists, you’re no different than the shallow ^$%##(&%%^#$@$#^$%#@%^$%#$#!, just more pretentious.

No one said you had to return NWOslave. In fact, have another long trip to another planet. We will be happy to read your glowing reports of the weather on Saturn.

NWO, the term “omega” is one used by (lots of) PUAs, MRA’s etc; it’s part of that ridiculous alpha, beta, etc system they use to classify everyone. If you read through more of the comments you missed while you were off doing your dangerous job, you’ll see that the feminists commenting here think it’s bullshit.

“But when 99% of women refuse to look twice at a man unless he’s eight feet tall, you can’t act surprised when short men have a little resentment.”

Why should you have resentment for a woman who doesn’t want to be with you because she’s too superficial? Didn’t you then dodge a bullet and are free to look for a blind chick someone more open minded?

Law, it’s not just “a” woman, it’s pretty much ALL women, or at least all alphas and betas.

You’ve got it D.F. I’ll keep it relevant. Probably the only comment of relevance would be to note that the rate of STDs run about 3 or 4 women to 1 man. Which would kinda fit in with the “gist” of the article.

However, since you pretty much need to talk women into the sack, if you have two men of equal “stature” so to speak, the man with the “silver tongue” wins the day.

“the rate of STDs run about 3 or 4 women to 1 man”

[citation needed]

“Probably the only comment of relevance would be to note that the rate of STDs run about 3 or 4 women to 1 man.”

Relevant to who, people who collect bullshit statistics as a hobby?

If women are all infected with diseases, why are MRAs so pissed off when we refuse to sleep with you?

Oh c’mon PosterformerlyknownasElizabeth I know you like it when I’m here, you can prove how backward I am and how progressive you all are. Otherwise it’s just another feministe mutual admiration party.

But what does the term “omega” mean Dave? I mean I get alpha/beta. Are omegas the guys in between?

I just got back from Dallas area and oddly enough it was cold. Anyway, mral, it seems everyone is calling you. Women can’t just do sit ups to slim down, since every damn thing is corn fed or filled with hormones. A little tip from the Slave ladies, only buy free range meats and avoid corn syrups. See how much I care!

Yes, the guy who gets apopleptic at the very thought of fat women is angry that some women go out with tall guys. Never mind that the women who mentioned going out with tall guys here did not say that they have anything against short guys; for all you know, MRAL, every other guy they’ve gone out with could have been short.

Also, women do date and marry short guys. Indeed, women who are very conventionally attractive date and marry short guys. Unless every short-man-and-conventionally-attractive-woman couple I see out walking around is a plant, with paid actors playing both parts.

To FelixBC, I no longer give citations. Look it up yourself. Theres about a million empirical studies debunking the 77 cent wage gap myth including the white house study yet the puppy won’t die.

I hate fat women because they choose to be fat. Short men don’t choose to be short, indeed they face huge amounts of discrimination that honestly I believe to be comparable to racism (and not just in the sexual arena either, from everyone). Thus, it is not remotely the same thing.

@law1204, I could care less who you sleep with, I’m a believer in that old timey fidelity thingy as a positive social norm for society. More proof of my backward thinking.


Oh, don’t worry about being missed. MRAL has been keeping us entertained with his own brand of misogyny.

Also, NWO, “omega” is the lowest of the low on the alleged totem pole — I guess the equivalent of the stereotyped greasy-haired nerd with tape holding his glasses together. Ask MRAL about it.

Yes I’ve seen, I read a lot of the posts before posting myself. Frankly I think you do miss me. Not to toot my own horn but honestly my entertainment value seems to tower above his. C’mon you can admit it.

Ahh, gotcha, thx Dave. Makes sense, omega being the end of the latin alphabet. Alpha is the beggining Omega being the end.

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