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Well, here’s an interesting pic I ran across on teh Internets. MRAs talk about feminazis all the time, but, gosh, here are some anti-feminists who actually are Nazis.

A little Googling reveals that Sniper Records is a White Supremacist record label. I’m not going to link to it. You can find it on your own, if you are so inclined.

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12 years ago

>Cute: how about calling them "Anti Feminist Nazi's".Here are some NAZI Feminists:

David Futrelle
12 years ago

>Well, those are Nazi WOMEN, at least. It's not clear from the article if any of them would actually consider themselves feminists. Most of the white nationalists I've ever run across are pretty virulently antifeminist.

12 years ago

>Heh heh. Ironically enough, many MRAs would claim that WNs are *too* pro-female. Again, I won't link to his blog in deference to your rules, but just go to Ferdinand's place and look at his "white knight nationalists" entry to see what I'm talking about.

12 years ago

>meh. the women in the article linked at comment #1 are about as "feminist" as Christine O'Donnell

12 years ago

>'s really very old copy/paste stuff from Ampersands in 2004…. over 6 years ago.

12 years ago

>"Most of the white nationalists I've ever run across are pretty virulently antifeminist."They are also virulent whiteknights.Most MRA guys avoid them like the plague.

12 years ago

>I have to ask, EWM, and genuinely not trolling here, but aren't you a WN yourself? I mean, with a name like "evilwhitemaleempire" it's not an entirely unreasonable assemption…again, genuinely not trollin, I'm just sayin.

Lucy Montrose
12 years ago

>There's a documentary about white-power rock up on YouTube, and you can find it by typing "nazi rock documentary" in the search bar.One scene shows Erich Gliebe, who ran the Resistance Records label for National Alliance, and his wife Erika talking about the purpose of marriage. The way they described it, it sounded more like breeding thoroughbred horses than an act of love between two humans. Those two actually believe that whites and other races are different species. So you know they are completely, irrevocably, and from day one full of shit.

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