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>Hey ladies!


Actual message sent to a women identifying herself as a feminist on an actual dating site, by someone who evidently thought it would totally charm her into hopping in bed with him:

Against my better judgment upon seeing the ‘f’ word, I read your profile in full.  I generally eat feminists for breakfast. My favorite meal is a third-wave feminist with a sprinkling of postmodern-pretentiousness (2% caramel version)— quite the delicacy. Anyway, we have absolutely fuck-all in common, I can’t see us ever getting along, and the sex would probably be some sort of power struggle for dominance. I honestly don’t even know why you bother with feminism.

Nothing turns the ladies on more than condescending hostility! I found this on A(n)nals of Online Dating, a treasure trove of interpersonal internet douchebaggery. (Thanks to Amanda Marcotte for alerting me to the existence of this site.)

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>I once got:"Wow you are actually quite good looking. So much for those untrue stories of feminists being women who can't get men. 🙂 You should be on tv to dispute that ignorant view. :)"Gee. Thanks. Amusingly his user name is "NotAStupidCupid".

>MRAs do not encourage men to use such dating websites. It's time waste.Often men outnumber women 6:1, and it is said at least 80 percent of all profils (both, men and women) are fakes or contain otherwise untrue information.There is not much information on the link you gave, David, but the introduction text is true, dating is the worstIt seems this website is open for both, men and women to submit their strange stories.

>"Actual message sent to a women identifying herself as a feminist on an actual dating site, by someone who evidently thought it would totally charm her into hopping in bed with him."Where in the message does he imply he wants to sleep with this woman, let alone wants her company? Just because it's a dating site does not mean that every man lucky enough to glance upon a woman's profile is reduced to a lecherous, subservient retard like you, David.This is why the Men's Rights Movement exists – because with feminism you women and feminized men think you're welcome anywhere. You think that your ideology and body parts make you a welcome addition to anything, from a discussion to violating, unconstitutional government influence.Nobody will think twice about telling a man to fuck off, but if it's a man talking to a woman, he probably wants to fuck her or is grateful for the privilege of her attention.No, sometimes we just want you to fuck off. That's what the men's movement comes down to, really, getting women and you feminized men to just fuck off and leave us alone. Quit sucking up our money with your gender-biased social programs, quit putting us in jail for frivolous or even completely fabricated charges, quit telling us who we can and cannot hire, quit telling us we have to say, and all-in-all fuck off.

>That's all well and good, but in the context of a "dating site," women actually *are* welcome. You're correct it doesn't imply every man is, er, that desperate, but considering how it was the man who messaged the woman rather than the other way around, it's a curious sort of person who would excoriate some random woman he doesn't even know on a dating site nobody is forcing him to look at over what she described herself as in her profile.There are many ways to fight feminism I can think of, but I very much doubt false rape accusations will be stopped or VAWA will be rescinded because men tell women they've never met and who've never done anything to them besides describe themselves as "feminists" on dating sites to, er, "fuck off.

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