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Hey, Man Boobz fans. This little blog of mine, three months old, is starting to reach critical mass. But I could use your help. If you enjoy what you’re reading here, please post about it elsewhere! Some of you guys are tweeting or Facebooking posts of mine, and I appreciate it — a lot. I’ve added a little “Share This” button that makes it extra E-Z to post to all sorts of social networking sites. (It would be especially great if any Redditors here could submit some of my posts to some relevant subreddits there.)

And if you do click that little Share This button, you can have this conversation with a friend:

You: Today I helped make Man Boobz bigger!

Friend: Wait, what? Did you bake John Travolta a pie or something?

You: No, silly. Not that kind of manboobs. Man Boobz, the blog!

Friend: OMFG you are so cool!

I thank you in advance!

EDITED TO ADD: Thanks, Reddit submitters! And tweeters!

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>I cover interesting posts from this blog over on my you tube channel and link here, I even made a brand new intro for the "manboobz blog" segment that I hope to be regular. I have some mra and mra types that watch, so it's a segment that gets voted down sometimes (tee hee). I'm thrilled I found this blog. -Theresa

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