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>Women Are … Part 4: Retarded Children Edition


See, they ARE children!

More insane misogyny from the “manosphere.” Part 4 in what could easily turn into a 10 billion part series.Today’s theme: Women are children. I’ve bolded the best — as in worst — bits.

Women are: Children who don’t deserve the right to vote.

Just as those who oppossed the female vote 100 years ago predicted, women will vote for what’s best for women as a group only, and the politicians that cater to them. Little else matters to them, especially men and children. Convincing them to give up any power at all, for the good of society as a whole, is absolutely fruitless. They won’t do it unless forced to through a period of civil instability or anarchy, which is exactly where the breakdown of the family and disenfranchisement of men has us headed towards. But don’t tell THEM that. They don’t want to hear it. They’re high-functioning children, and they vote.

Women are: Retarded children with guns

Some say that women are children.
I think that women are way below children.

Imagine a retarded child playing with a machine gun and you will have an accurate picture of women.

Pathetic, yes they are…

What a curse it must be to be born a woman..

Women are: Lying, cookie-stealing children

I think one of the absolute best things men can do with women is follow the advice of so many of those “misogynists” of old, and view women as children. … Of course, it is not actually that they are children. It is more likely that they do not develop the same sense of principle and justice to navigate the world, because society enables them not to have to. … They exist somewhere in between child and man. …

You can catch a woman dead to rights in a lie – like a child with cookie crumbs still stuck on the corner of her lips insisting she wasn’t in the cookie jar – it simply does not matter to them. They just create a new truth in their heads and carrying on as if nothing matters.

Women are: Children who need a time-out

Women are like children. They need clearly defined limits. They will test those limits continually, but they MUST know they are there, and that they are enforced.

Both children, and women, are happiest when there are clear limits and those limits are enforced.

A smart man will NEVER lower himself to child’s level, nor a woman’s.

Women are: Infants.

Some men in the men’s movement have accused feminist women of being children. This is inaccurate. They are one step behind children — they are still infants. … This grown-woman infant consciousness is so widespread that most of us don’t even comment on it any longer. We take it for granted that many women are going to act like infants. I suggest that it’s time for the men’s movement to address the fact that feminists are suffering from arrested development, that feminists are acting like infants. … It’s time that the men’s movement pointed out that infants are dependent, and must not be given positions of responsibility, such as a public office or a top management spot at a corporation. … Until women start acting like adults, until women are forced by our laws and customs to shoulder both responsibility and accountability like all other adults, they should have no right to even ask to be promoted to leadership positions.

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You know, Good, I’m glad you came to a feminist website, honestly. You’re making yourself miserable with these rules of what it means to be macho or manly, but you don’t have to. There is nothing wrong with a man needing guidance and reassurance. It’s good to let go of those restrictive gender roles. So men shouldn’t feel like they have to be stoic and strong all the time. This is part of what feminism is all about, getting rid of gender roles for everyone.

RE: thebionicmommy

Wow, that excerpt from the second is just absurd. The more I see people trying to define masculine and feminine, and the more horseshit I see, the more I suspect the terms are completely meaningless.

Wow, that excerpt from the second is just absurd. The more I see people trying to define masculine and feminine, and the more horseshit I see, the more I suspect the terms are completely meaningless.

I agree. When people define masculine and feminine, it also happens to be that the best traits are masculine while the worst ones are feminine. The main exception I can think of off the top of my head is when people associate masculinity with being warlike and femininity with peace and diplomacy. Other than that, it’s just women=crap.

And it’s because I also read Good as young that I’m giving him more credit here. I’m betting he’s just a Nice Guy and not a full blown MRA, not that the two are mutually exclusive.


You guys are simple. Kids look up to their parents, idolize them, depend on them, look to them for reassurance, protection, guidance, etc. etc. When a woman looks to a man in similar fashion, she is playing a childlike roll to him. Nobody said anything about children wanting to replace their parents.

You’re stretching. Especially since the vibe here earlier seemed to be ‘woman want man with resources’ (idk if I remember? trolls all blur together) so he can take care of her. Which I was pointing out was really not like children (or most women, but you seem to be veeerrrrryyyy unwilling to acknowledge 99% of what comes out of your ass is bullshit assumptions.)

It’s okay for adults of any gender to seek reassurance, protection, and guidance from the people they love. That’s what love is about.

Yet women find men who seek such things as unattractive.

Who are these you claim don’t like this, Good? Do you actually know anyone like that? Do you know any women at all? All you seem able to do is link to sexist puff-pieces as if they were some sort of evidence for what ALL THE WIMMINZ are like.

When are you going to get it into your head that women are individual human beings, just as men are? Or do you think men are identical too? Do you consider that every man in the world thinks and feels and wants exactly the same things you do?

Here’s a bit of anecdata for you: I would NEVER want to be with a man who expected to be boss, who expected I would idolise him like very little children do their parents, who expected to make all the decisions and, essentially, treat me like a child, or a pet*. I want what I have, a man I love for his unique, adult self, and who loves me the same way. We both feel protective, we both value the other’s judgement, we both want guidance and reassurance (allowing for the fact that he’s where life is entirely safe, so there are no threats to our welfare involved).

Why are you so scared of the idea that women are people, adult people? Or do you really think you’re entitled to your very own little domestic servant, ego-booster and sex slave? Because that’s where all these MRAs are coming from.

tho in sparring you arent really trying to hurt the other person, so… in a self defence situation, you might kick/knee in a different way.

I took a solid shot to the groin once. Really solid, lifted my heels off the ground (the little shit was serious). It got my attention. I looked down, saw he was trying to kick me again; put my hand out, trapped his foot and lifted it straight up.

Which caused the other two dudes who were getting ready to try and beat us up (I was out with a friend) to decide it was time to leave. It was about a minute later that I sort of doubled up and thought about puking.

The groin is a lousy place to hit. The effects are variable.

Why are you so scared of the idea that women are people, adult people?

At a guess… insecurity. If women are able to make rational choices than any rejections he gets are, therefore, reasoned decisions. If they are children than it’s whimsical, and not based in justifiable reasons.

It’s a “get out of jail free” card for interpersonal failure.

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