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>The Stepford Solution

>From a discussion of feminist men on the perversely misnamed NiceGuy’s MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) forum. (Requires registration, so here’s a screencap.) There is so much wrongness packed into this brief comment; it’s really quite impressive.

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11 years ago

> from this link: A woman who is very drunk may still be capable of agreeing to sex, they said.They quashed the conviction of software engineer Benjamin Bree, 25, jailed for five years in December after a drunken evening with a 19-year-old student.The girl drank between four and six vodka Red Bulls and two pints of cider and Mr Bree was also drinking heavily.In this case in UK, both were drunk. It's about both sides accepting responsibility for their actions.For these top judges (2 of them women) it seems it is difficult to accept it as a rule, why a woman heavily drinking cannot be held responsible for her actions. Why is only the man responsible, despite he was drunk too?There are clearly different opinions and different laws about this complicated matter, how consent is given and how not. Even by top judges.Sorry, but I am not one of the top Judges of UK.I am only one of many MRAs worldwide.My advice: Don't socialize with these bargirls and otherwise drunk women. Best for you, don't drink too much and reject them all, even not willing to try. Ordinary men cannot carry out a deep legal study and decide what is consent and what not if they meet accidentally a woman. -Conclusion: Too risky. Say NO to her!'t have sex with an unknown woman and this man learnt his lesson, hopefully.His picture is everywhere in the news and the woman who was accusing him enjoys lifelong anonymity.For sure he does not hate women however, as his girlfriend and his mother is still on his side, according to this report.

11 years ago

>DarkSideCat said… There is a big difference between two people equally drunk (and therefore equally guilty in regards to sex with an intoxicated person) and raping someone you know is too drunk to say no, or purposefully getting someone drunk because you do not think they would otherwise consent. Actually, this is not exactly true, because whatever is happen, drunk or sober, ONLY the man will face prosecution. Under any circumstances.Again, say NO, no unknown girls into your private rooms. in a bizarre case like that, these women were NOT charged for theft and false rape allegation. Charged was the man for buying sex.Feminism makes it possible.

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