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Is Trump about to impose martial law? QAnon believers think so. And they hope Kavanaugh will help “BRING THE PAIN”

QAnon is giving rabbit holes a bad name

By David Futrelle

If I were a conspiracy theorist, it would be easy, oh so easy, to make the case that Donald Trump is preparing to launch a massive crackdown on civil liberties in order to protect himself and fellow Republicans from massive losses in the midterms next month.

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It’s official: Vladimir Putin stole the US election. Now what do we do?

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I guess some congratulations are in order for one Vladimir Putin, the Russian kleptocrat who used strategic leaks of hacked information to win the election (or at least the electoral college) for Donald Trump, a thin-skinned narcissist and easily manipulable geopolitical naif.

I mean, we knew that before. But now it’s pretty much official.