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Trump’s new anti-trans crusade is cruel and dangerous

Apparently worried about competition from Florida governor and anti-trans crusader Ron DeSantis, Donald Trump has announced a terrifying anti-trans agenda he promises to enact if (god forbid) he is returned to office.

In a campaign video released yesterday, the oft-impeached former president vows to undo Joe Biden’s pro-trans policies the moment he (god forbid) re-assumes the presidency. “The left-wing gender insanity being pushed on our children is an act of child abuse,” Trump declared in the video.

Vowing to stop what he dishonestly calls “the chemical, physical, and emotional mutilation of our youth,” Trump also made clear that he would basically make it impossible for adults to transition as well.

I will sign a new executive order instructing every federal agency to cease all programs that promote the concept of sex and gender transition at any age.

I will then ask congress to permanently stop federal tax-payer dollars from being used to promote or pay for these procedures ….

He plans to essentially eliminate gender-affirming care for kids by cutting off Medicaid and Nedicare funding to any facility involved in what he insisted on calling “the chemical or physical mutilation of minor youth.” Apparently, in his mind, puberty blockers are a kind of “chemical mutilation.”

He also declared that his Justice Department would go after “big pharma and the big hospital networks” to see if they’ve “deliberately covered up horrific long-term side effects of sex transitions in order to get rich,” another accusation without merit.

Under his administration, he says, teachers would be required to “promote positive education about the nuclear family, the roles of mothers and fathers” and prevented from “erasing the things that make men and women different and unique.” Teachers who tell children they’re “trapped in the wrong body” would face “severe consequences.”

He would also ask Congress to pass a “two genders” bill saying that the only genders recognized in the US would be male and female. In addition, he would ban trans girls and women from participating in girls’ and women’s sports.

Lying again, he accused the “radical left” of inventing the idea of transness “just a few years ago.”

Trump’s crusade would be disastrous to trans people of all ages in America. Civil rights attorney and trans activist Alejandra Caraballo warned on Twitter that

they wouldn’t even need legislation to do most of this … They’ll weaponize the administrative state and turn it into an arm of the reactionary far right. We are in serious danger of a Russian-style fascist crackdown on LGBTQ people in this country and being in a blue state won’t protect you when the federal government is targeting you and holding federal funding to an entire state hostage to eliminate your rights.

If we want to keep the US from turning into Russia, we need to keep Trump out of office.

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Crip Dyke
7 months ago

Thanks for jumping in everyone.

7 months ago

@Crip Dyke

No problem and I’m really sorry about this 😐 Been a while since we’ve gotten a troll of that magnitude.

Crip Dyke
7 months ago

They are also a sock puppet. I’ve seen this language too many times before. I don’t know what they do to hide their identity — VPN, probably, but maybe more than that as well — but this same asshat comes back repeatedly and is always using trash arguments. but the arguments are trash in similar ways and so is the language. it gives the game away.

I thought that first comment to which Fuckstick McFuckface responded was clumsily worded, but what was being said (people with Klinefelter’s are 1-in-1000 and nearly all of those persons are undiagnosed; short of a medical exam there’s no way to tell the difference between undescended testicles on the one hand and internal ovotestes or ovaries on the other are just the 2 I remember off the top of my head) was clear enough through context.

Fuckstick clearly has a brain. They could choose to use it to read carefully and in context so as to learn something.

Instead they use to use that brain for evil. I have no respect for them. None whatsoever.

7 months ago

@Crip Dyke

Ah, noted 😐 That makes sense. Virtual hugs offered if you’d like them.

Crip Dyke
7 months ago

Thanks! Hugs back.

7 months ago

Ugh, what an asshole… and wrong in so many points. I know I’m late now because I had to sleep and all, but did that guy seriously was that ignorant?

Btw, very not fun fact. Elections in Nazi Germany were essentially dysfunct since 1933, similarly to how elections fhnction in China nowadays; they technically exist, but the result is basically set in stone before the elction takes place. One could argue it was like that that even before that, since the NSDAP exploited a weakness in the electoral process to come to power to begin with that rendered the entire process meaningless. Furthermore, the Weimar Republic was one of the most LGTQIA+ friendly states of the time, and for a long time after. Iirc the first gender-affirming surgery was, in fact, performed in the Weimar Republic. So much for “that can’t happen in any modern country”. It literally did in the past, and can happen again if we are not careful.

It’s also amazing how condescending that person sounded towards Jews (and trans people, for that matter) anywhere. Not even Israelis are 100% responsible for their government. The options they get offered are often shitty, and I know for a fact that there are protests against both the government and their treatment of the Palestinians in Israel. From news, and from my contacts actually living in the country. Though seeing all this and how readily anti-semitism was used by that person, I think it’s clear that none of the above was actually their stance and they just wanted to cause a stir.

@Crip Dyke @Cyborgette
Hope you two are okay and had an otherwise good evening yesterday, and that this asshole didn’t affect your mood too much.

Last edited 7 months ago by KMB
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