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Not at all interested in talking about feelings or vegetables, ladies, so if you start talking about feelings or vegetables I am OUTTA HERE. So who wants to date me?


I sort of wrote the whole post already with that headline, huh. Anyway, here’s someone’s dating profile I found on r/facepalm.

Actually I’d like to hear more about that dog. He sounds interesting. Certainly more interesting than his owner.

Anyway, as promised in the tags above, here’s a dating tip:

Do not date this guy.

You’re welcome, ladies!

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Full Metal Ox
6 months ago

Also: presenting a hunting dog for vegetarians:

Elaine the witch
Elaine the witch
6 months ago

Okay so this guy won’t like it but do you guys want to hear about my vegetable garden? It’s doing really well this year

6 months ago

@ Elaine the witch

Sure. You got pots? Raised beds?

Elaine the witch
Elaine the witch
6 months ago


Lots of tomatoes. Some herbs. Lots of potatoes. Probably over did it on the potatoes.

GSS ex-noob
GSS ex-noob
6 months ago

@Elaine: “Too many potatoes” is an oxymoron.

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