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MRAs gloat over the death of Roe v Wade, demand the “right” to not pay child support

It’s a happy day in the Men’s Rights subreddit

Today is a day of mourning and rage amongst those who believe in the rights of pregnant people. The Supreme Court ruling striking down Roe V. Wade is a massive step backward, and may presage similarly retrograde attacks on everything from contraception to gay marriage. It’s bad news all around.

Over in the Men’s Rights subreddit, though, the regulars are feeling pretty cheery. For years, MRAs have complained that they have no “reproductive rights” — by which they mean, no right to a “paper abortion” that would allow them to legally opt out of having to pay child support for children they fathered. And so they take a certain malicious pleasure in seeing women’s reproductive rights trashed.

RecoveringCoomer won himself 712 upvotes for this declaration:

I’ll support women’s right to choose, as much as they support men’s right to choose.

If she has a right to kill the fetus, because she doesn’t want to be a mother, I should at least have a right to financially and legally abandon the baby, and not be forced to fatherhood.

If it is your body, your choice, well then, my wallet my choice.

RandylVlarsh added:

[S]lavery was abolished over a century ago… Just not for men. …

I choose not to be forced to give you my hard earned dollar, or to be your slave/workhorse

ImJustHereForCorn asked:

Well shit, are men just walking ATMs …

Men have every right to abandon the family and not be expected to pay, if a woman has every right to up and kill the prospects of that family before it even starts

Sinner12180 turned it into a chant.

My money, my choice! Keep your laws off of my income!

Today’s Supreme Court ruling, MRAs contend, will force women to face the “consequences” for their actions.

FactsArentHate gleefully posted:

HER body?

HER choice?

HER responsibility!!


StinkingDischarge, living up to his name, put it a little more crudely:

They may now actually have to show some discretion about who they let creampie them.

Efficient_Creme_3067 had a list of women’s alleged birth control failures:

So my question is, a woman’s right to choose….what? What is she choosing? She chose to not be on one of the 13 forms of contraceptions. She chose to have unprotected sex. She chose not to buy the “plan B” pill. Women have all kinds of rights to choose. What they are demanding, is being able to kill an unborn child as a last resort “parachute” for making a ton of bad choices before that point. The issue i have with it, this “last resort” is hurting another living creature. That’s not ok.

Now that women’s most fundamental reproductive right has been taken from them, Men’s Rights Redditors argued, things are equal, and isn’t that what feminists want anyway?

As pasta4u explained this logic:

Equal rights.

You get them by either bringing down one groups rights in line with another or raising the other groups up.

Men have no abortion rights. So this is the end results of what feminists want.

HeLiedTheyTried put it like this:

With today’s Supreme Court ruling we’re closer to gender equality on this topic than we were yesterday. …

I’d prefer that equality be achieved by providing everyone of all genders a choice, but if there’s any group out there that claims to “just be about gender equality”, they should be celebrating today’s advancement towards that end.

Some MRAs took a moment to link the abortion debate to their own pet political causes.

For CriticalConvo, it was the (non-existent) draft:

Just curious, do all these women also support mens right to choose not sign up for the draft? What happened to my body my choice?

Down-on-earth, perhaps taking a cue from one or more recent mass shooters, declared that it was really all about making more babies:

Everyone up in arms today over this issue. This is a declining birthrate and emigration issue, not a rights issue at all. If you are on the right or left side of politics trying to argue for either side of the issue, then you are missing the bigger picture of what is going on in the world.

SpideySurreal wanted everyone to know that he wouldn’t support women in any way:

I’ll tell you one fact mate, you couldn’t pay me to ‘support’ any women’s right or issue. How less they think of Men, how horribly our own mothers, sisters and daughters treat us, I’d rather take a bullet to the brain than support their feminist garbage. You enjoy your cause though!

EmirikolWoker managed to explain the abortion ruling in a couple of sentences that were wrong in every detail, and then some.

Most pro-life people are women, and women make the majority of the electorate. Therefore, if abortion is banned in any given state, it is because the majority of women oppose it.

That’s not how politics works. That’s not how anything works. Also, abortion rights are supported by a clear majority of American voters, with women (as one might expect) somewhat more supportive than men.

I found only a few commenters in the Men’s Rights subreddit who were upset by the ruling, mostly because they did the math and realized that if women can’t get abortions, more children will be born — and more men will have to pay child support.

Deeptrance83, though, had a rather different reason for opposing the ruling.

They’re coming after contraception next. They want us enslaved. They want us controlled. These are the same people who put us in a box for alimony and child support slavery. These people are the enemy of our freedom. Time to burn it all down, how much more proof do you need?

Well, some proof would be nice, though I do think he’s right about the contraception thing.

But it doesn’t require an elaborate conspiracy theory to explain the death of Roe; the Republicans have been quite openly been setting up for this for decades. And the Democrats have done precious little to try to stop them.

American politics have been in a dark place for some time now. Unfortunately all indications are that things will get darker, considerably so, in the years to come — and with the active assistance of the increasingly illegitimate Supreme Court. This is a bitter taste of things to come.

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Victorious Parasol
Victorious Parasol
5 months ago


If I ever find myself in legal difficulties while in the UK, I will probably ask you to defend me.

Queen of the Harpies
Queen of the Harpies
5 months ago

@Joaquin the Troll

Well, there are things i don’t understand about American Polítics.

So maybe don’t start talking shit about issues you know nothing about? Educate yourself before you try to start a “debate”? Nah, that’s too hard, right? Just keep on trolling and being ignorant about both American politics and your own, apparently. Alan has done his homework, as usual. Don’t you think it’s sad that a foreigner knows more about your home country than you do? You’re an embarrassment.


Internet hugs, if you want ’em. I’m very glad you had people to help you during such an awful time.

(Not thrilled about the escort praying with you, unless you asked first, but I could let it slide under circumstances like that.)

This is why I’m so upset and so committed to fighting for abortion rights in this country, even though I may never need them personally. No one deserves to suffer like that, or like the countless ways many other women are suffering as we speak, especially after that gross miscarriage of justice. (Wording completely intended.) I will not be complacent just because my own body is not (yet) on the line.

To the men in here showing solidarity, especially if you’ve made an actual commitment to something like getting a vasectomy, thank you. We need more visible support from guys like you. Keep speaking up and being an example to the other men around you who may be on the fence or reluctant to express their support on this issue.

Elaine the witch
Elaine the witch
5 months ago

@queen of harpies

It’s okay. I’m Catholic. I had my cross with me that day and I was gripping it super tight It was cutting into my hand. She was just trying to give me comfort.

Queen of the Harpies
Queen of the Harpies
5 months ago


Thanks for clarifying. And it’s awful that those disgusting protesters dared harass you like that, but then, they only (pretend to) care about the “pre-born”, not actual children or teenagers.

Ada Christine
Ada Christine
5 months ago

I should at least have a right to financially and legally abandon the baby, and not be forced to fatherhood.

oh hey is that my dad?

5 months ago

Hi, I’m from Argentina and I can definitely confirm that Joaquín is full of shit when he claims that “Men ARE demanded to pay child support the moment the woman gets pregnant” in here. You see, unfortunately, in the last few years the “social contagion” of libertarianism and inceldom brought through the Internet hit my country with full force and affected a sizable amount of people, many of them young. They even managed to pollute our congress with a couple of their spawn. Meanwhile, our right-wing journalists took a page from the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Tucker Carson, bringing the Fox News style to our media. It’s a mess. Anyway…

Joaquín, sos una vergüenza. Espero que seas miserable por toda tu asquerosa vida de fracasado.

(Translation: Joaquín, you’re an embarrassment. I hope you remain miserable for all your disgusting life as a failure).

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