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Reddit transphobes: “Transgenderism” is actually a sneaky form of conversion therapy

People protesting actual conversion therapy

“Gender Critical” transphobes like to associate their trans enemies with terrible things. They call trans folks and their allies “Men’s Rights Activists” — because, you see, trans women are really men, so if you support trans people you’re fighting for men’s rights. (I guess trans men, whom transphobes think are women, don’t count.)

Meanwhile, along with their far-right allies, the Gender Crits attack trans folks, drag queens, and assorted kinksters as “groomers” for basically existing in the presence of children.

Now some Gender Crits have decided to add “conversion therapy” to the list of Bad Things to Saddle Trans People With, suggesting that “transgenderism” is akin to the pseudo-psychiatric torture once commonly used to try to “cure” gay men and lesbians of their sexual orientations.

What’s the logic here? It’s a bit flimsy, but apparently to the Gender Crits, “transgenderism” consists mainly of trans lesbians trying to convince cis lesbians to suck their dicks (literally).

In the TumblrInAction subreddit, which has become Reddit’s main transphobe hangout since the banning of the Gender Critical subreddit, someone called MastermindX writes:

Sounds a bit like trans people trying to convince lesbians to suck their cock, except instead of soft spoken [like regular conversion therapists] they are screeching at you, calling you horrible names, and threatening to kill you.

A regular commenter called Comfortable_Mango_11 explains, further or, rather, fails to explain.

Incredibly, having just about come to our senses and decided to let gay people live their lives without being persecuted or penalised in any way, society has allowed perhaps the grimmest form of conversion therapy not just to flourish but to become mainstream and encouraged by most of our institutions.

And how exactly is this alleged grim new conversion theory like traditional conversion therapy?

Like a new religion, transgenderism promises to replace confusion with certainty, misery with happiness, and sexual alienation with sexual success. It fails in all these things.

None of that explains anything. Or really means much of anything. It’s a prime example of what Orwell criticized about political language, a passage designed “to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”

Its methods are far more brutal than the shock therapy pioneered, and dismissed, in the 20th century, for it requires its followers to butcher their owI’m a teacher too,n bodies – to submit themselves to the surgeon’s scalpel, turning healthy organs into non-functioning ones, to erase entire erogenous zones, to make what is fertile infertile. Even sexual pleasure is annihilated.

Sounds to me like you’re saying that the trans conversion therapists are converting … themselves?

The point of all this is to turn men into women, or women into men – though it is obvious to everyone that this transformation has never once been successful in anything other than a pantomime, silicone tits kind of way.

No logic or evidence here, just name calling.

To encourage young people to hate their bodies and to try to be something they can never be is surely the cruellest thing anyone could do – yet those who say so are told to “check your thinking”.

So is this the “conversion therapy” you’re talking about? The “transgenders” are trying to make everyone trans? I’m pretty sure that’s not actually a thing.

Instead of all this nonsense, young people should keep the bodies they’ve got, find someone who loves them for who they are, and have faith that nature is not so daft as to go around dumping female brains into male bodies or vice versa. That simply doesn’t happen.

Saying something doesn’t make it so; Mother Nature does “daft” things all the time.

Elsewhere in the discussion a couple of teachers report that “transgenderism” has converted many of their students into baby transes.

“I’m a teacher.,” Enough-Emu3430 writes.

As it stands in my classes, straight kids are getting bullied for not being queer and the gay and lesbian kids are as closeted as ever despite how inclusive everyone is supposed to be. Meanwhile the alphabet soup kids use their newfound identities to manipulate the adults around them and have a lot of fun doing it.

Yeah, I don’t actually believe you.

Another teacher tells a similar tale.

“I’m a teacher too,” Altruistic-Fill-8111 adds,

and occasionally someone on the teacher subreddit will post that they’re frustrated with kids changing names and pronouns daily (yes, daily) and how it’s getting ridiculous. So many of the other teachers will comment about how th teacher is a horrible person for assuming that the kids are doing it for attention and how “they’re just exploring their identity and trying on new names is part of that” – like, no. So glad I teach elementary school. Although we now have a non binary child in first grade who has changed her name.

Please, please try not to make their life miserable in your class. And try not to call them “she” to their face.

I don’t know what makes her non binary, other than her parents telling her she is.

Yeah, that’s not quite how that works.

Sigh. It’s all getting so ridiculous.

It’s ridiculous in the TumblrInAction subreddit every day.

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11 months ago


Well said. Much of medical care is “unnatural” and yet it somehow does not enter this rhetoric.

@ Ada Christine

Basic human decency should indeed not be too much to ask and the fact that some people feel the need to attack others for simply existing is a terrible reflection on humanity. Sadly, this appears to be another “natural” component of our nature, but one that benefits from education and rehabilitation. I’m glad to hear that, in general, you’re not having to deal with a lot of exhausting haters on the regular.

Gerald Fnord
Gerald Fnord
11 months ago

They’d have a point—if they were talking about Iran:

There, since homosexuality is punishable by death but the ruling clerics have admitted that transgender exists—at least the sort that doesn’t deny the a gender binary—gay men have been known to have essentially been given the choice between gender reassignment and death. Note that this is the product of a government’s threat of violence, which is not at all the same as simply trying to make a transgender identity not be a dangerous option.

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