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Three flavors of disinformation about the Buffalo shooter

Tinfoil hats — ON!

Every time some angry man with a brain poisoned by 4chan and/or Fox News guns down multiple innocent victims, the conspiracy trolls come out, spreading misinformation and disinformation about the shooter in an attempt to wash the blood off of their own hands by convincing others that the shooter was no right-winger but rather a government plant or an Antifa agent.

There is never any evidence to prove their case, but who wants to let facts stand in the way of their favorite conspiracy theory?

Let’s take a quick look at three forms of mis/disinformation now popping up on social media and in the ight-wing press.

ONE: The Buffalo shooter was a Fed agent; the murders in the supermarket were a “false flag” to make right-wingers look bad.

This brand of bullshit popped up fairly quickly on social media.

Well, that took a turn at the end there.

But it wasn’t just internet randos floating this theory; several prominent figures on the far-right also pushed the false-flag narrative. “Fed boy summer has started in Buffalo,” Arizona state Sen Wendy Rogers, an ally of white supremacists, declared on Telegram. Meanwhile Nick Fuentes — a far-right shit-stirrer with something of a cult following — jumped onto Telegram while the bodies were still warm to declare the shootings a false flag.

And then, of course, there is Alex Jones, telling his still-vast audience that it was

guaranteed [that] this guy had been reached out to by the system — he was schizo, he was told he was a secret soldier, probably managed by some ‘militia group’ that was really FBI-run just like the Whitmer kidnapping. …

That’s how they would do it. Got a crazy, wants to shoot up a school…let’s just wind him up like Theodore Kaczynski, the Uni bomber — on the record was CIA — they set him up.”

This is mind control 101, MK Ultra at large.

Perhaps worried about another lawsuit for spreading bullshit about a mass killing, Jones declared that this was all just “speculation” on his part.

TWO: The Buffalo shooter was actually a leftist.

To hear some on the right talk about it, this shooting was the work of a leftist Democrat communist antifa monster trying to bring about a race war.

To rebut these claims, all we have to do it read the shooter’s manifesto. Over the course of several pages he tried his best to explain his rather complicated and sometimes contradictory political ideals. He said it was fine for anyone to label him as “a bigot, racist, xenophobe, nazi, fascist” because, well, that’s what he is. He also declared himself at one point as “an ethno-nationalist eco-fascist national socialist.”

In a series of questions and answers, he explained his views further:

Are you a facsist?

Yes, fascism is one of the only political ideologies that will unite Whites against the replacers. Since that is what I seek, calling me a facsist [sic] would be accurate.

Are you a white supremacist>?

Yes, I would call myself a white supremacist, afterall, which race is responsible for the world we live in today? I believe the White race is superior in the brain to all other races.

Are you racist?

Yes I am racist because I believe in differences of capabilities between races.

Are you intolerant?

Sure. The last virtues of a dying nation are tolerance and apathy, and I want none of it.

Are you an anti-semite?

YES!! I wish all JEWS to HELL! Go back to hell where you came from DEMON!

But in reality, a Jew confined to Judea where he can’t spread his people or beliefs is of no concern to me. It’s important to note that with proper connection to the internet, that is impossible.

Are you a neo-nazi?

I support neo-nazism but I am not a member of any neo-nazi groups, you decide what that makes me.

Yeah, I’ve pretty much decided. This depraved racist killer wasn’t AntiFa. He’s just a plain old Fa.

But you don’t need all this to tell where his politics lie. He’s a white supremacist who murdered a group of mostly elder black shoppers because he wants to protest what the racist right-wing calls “the great replacement,” a sort of slow-motion “white genocide” intended to weaken and perhaps eradicate the white race. Doing this makes him a de facto rightist, even aside from anything he has said, or written, or plagiarized.

But some on the right have picket out a couple of phrases from the manifesto out of context that they think prove that this man, who calls himself a fascist, is really a leftist — or, more specifically. an “authoritarian leftist.”

Here’s where they’re getting this — a portion of the manifesto in which he talks about his political “journey” from left to right.

Did you always hold these views?

When I was 12 I was deep into communist ideology, talk to anyone from my old highschool and ask about me and you will hear that. From age 15 to 18 however, I consistently moved farther to the right. On the political compass I fall in the mild-moderate authoritarian left category, and I would prefer to be called a populist.

Well, you might prefer to be called the Easter Bunny; that doesn’t mean that’s who you are. A self described “bigot, racist, xenophobe, nazi, fascist” who guns down elderly black people because he’s worried about white people being ‘”replaceed” is nto not in any way “mild,” “moderate” or “left.”

THREE: Whatever the fuck this is.

I found the strangest response to the shooting on the conspiracy-obsessed Natural News website in a post provocatively titled “Decoding the cryptic “manifesto” of the alleged Buffalo shooter Payton Gendron, which also spells Pentagon Drony.”

The author began by noting that “something [doesn’t] look right in the “manifesto” message of the supposed Buffalo food store shooter.” After noting several slightly odd word choices on the part of the shooter, he gets to the real point of his analysis. Which is that “Payton Gendron … also spells Pentagon Drony.”

Oh dear.

In addition, the claimed name of the person is an anagram for “Pentagon Drony,” which seems to mean “Pentagon drone.” (i.e. Manchurian candidate, sheep-dipped control subject…)

Payton Gendron = Pentagon Drony

Because of these oddities, I decided to dig a little deeper into the text and look for elements of cryptography or hidden messages. Because the text seemed as if the surface meaning were merely a distraction. There seemed to be a far more important message encoded in the text, which is why such strange grammatical and word choices were likely made.

To begin, I converted the lines into text blocks, eliminating special characters, spaces, etc.

After a bit more word-wrangling he comes up with a new batch of anagrams, this time from the jumbled batches of letters that appeared when he began looking at the new “text blocks” vertically rather than horizontally. Here are a few he lists:

iiratereel stnlededry = Altered destiny, dead eternity, insider trade, deadly elite, red-letter day*
pitldiaidi aniyhnrnit = I didn’t plan it, a dirty hand
ygewiseaaottrhgubngo = … How to be a gangster, Enough to get away, Beast with a gun
ohnihniynk nietsygmoa = Nothing is okay, Hey I’m a ghost

Hey, I’m a ghost. Now everything is clear to me.

By the way, I took a whack at the old internet anagram server myself and discovered that Payton Gendron also anagrams itself into “Gonad Penny Rot,” “Danger Pony Not” and “Anger Pond Tony.”

Perhaps even more tellingly, can be turned into “Romance Walnuts,” “Caramel Nuns Two,” and “Tumor Canal News.”

So in conclusion never go to for your news. Unless what you are looking for is evidence that conspiracy theories rot the brain. But we already have a good deal of proof of that; if you need a reminder, glance back at the first two delusions I talk about above. If your first response to any tragedy is to make up stories that make your side look better, maybe reflect on this a little bit. Once you start going outside the realm of facts, it gets weird very quickly.

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Impatient and Gorgeous Bitch Becky
Impatient and Gorgeous Bitch Becky
4 months ago

@Alan Robertshaw

Hey. I work with Stacey. She’s the one who cued me into this community.

Yeah we saw it. She is playing with some of those ideas. We were just talking with some theater people in the city about that stuff.

Alan Robertshaw
4 months ago

@ Impatient and Gorgeous Bitch Becky

Welcome aboard! It’s lovely to meet you. Hope you enjoy it here; it’s a pretty hip and inspiring place.

Do please let us know how you get on with the makeup/light experiments. I’m intrigued as to what might be possible. I can see some pretty cool opportunities.

Impatient and Gorgeous Bitch Becky
Impatient and Gorgeous Bitch Becky
4 months ago

@Alan Robertshaw


Stacey knew you @-ed her. She is intentionally ignoring some regulars here if she thinks they identify as men. She is doing it as part of an elaborate art project.

In it she is intentionally acting outrageously mean and unreasonable to men she knows in various places she goes, online and live. Nothing illegal obviously.

All men except for her guys.
Yeah. I know. Sounds fucked up to some. Or just strange.

She is doing it as part of a really complicated surreal way to make some points.

Hah. If this seems arbitrarily cruel for no apparent reason and just fucking weird then: yeah. She’s having her effect.

Somehow though after reading through a bunch of your posts I get a feeling you’ll actually be cool enough to understand, get it, appreciate the art and probably respect it.

Just saying.

Alan Robertshaw
4 months ago

@ Impatient and Gorgeous Bitch Becky

Yeah. I know. Sounds fucked up to some. Or just strange.

No, I like it.

The art that really works for me (as opposed to art I just appreciate) is all about concept. And that happens in my head. I won’t turn this into a ramble about minimalism, but I’m really attracted to their idea that the audience should do all the work, and it should be a unique and subjective experience for each observer. We all get something different and personal out of it.

That’s not to say I don’t appreciate all the work you do. You set the wheels in motion, and lay all the groundwork, for the experience to happen. But once you set the initial conditions, where we go from there is all down to us.

And I think it’s a duty of art to comfort the discomforted and discomfort the comfortable.

So if people feel uneasy, as opposed to reassured, then that’s a reflection on us, and something we need to think on.

I really like when art blurs with social experiment. And anything that is designed to produce an emotional response is art in my book. So good luck to you, Stacey,and all your crew with your project. Weird as it may sound, I sort of feel flattered that you’ve made us all a part of it; even if just as subjects. But it makes me feel involved and included.

That make any sense?

4 months ago

@Impatient and Gorgeous Bitch Becky

Do you have any rules about who may or may not address you, based on gender or any other category?

I may not know what gender I actually am, but I do know what everyone assumes, and I like to try my best to be respectful and inoffensive.

Impatient and Gorgeous Bitch Becky
Impatient and Gorgeous Bitch Becky
4 months ago


Not right now. Stacey absolutely does. Cis men have one set of rules. Every other gender identity and gender expression have another: to everyone other than cis men she’s more open if you accept her. Cis men = be attractive by her standards or go away. Period. I’m her assistant in her art. So I have to put up with inadequate cis men in my work for her. I weed them out.

I may not know what gender I actually am

About that: no issues on my part. I doubt on hers. See above.

We have an agenda. It’s about Stacey’s power. The ones getting in the way are privileged cis men. Usually not other people.

Your last question in the Doosh or Roosh or whatever the fuck he is thread seemed kind of shitty in intent at first. It was like you were questioning her decisions about who she with. Bu I don’t know.

Maybe you didn’t mean it. So. Benefit of the doubt. Therfore no issues here.

The only things I don’t compromise on are Stacey’s projects. And the only think she doesn’t compromise is her art. Specifically getting off from her art.

Last edited 4 months ago by Impatient and Gorgeous Bitch Becky
4 months ago

@Impatient and Gorgeous Bitch Becky

Your last question in the Doosh or Roosh or whatever the fuck he is thread seemed kind of shitty in intent at first. It was like you were questioning her decisions about who she with. But I don’t know.

Oh, I’m really sorry–I certainly didn’t mean for it to. It was just intended as a reminder we should attack/mock people for their bad ideas, rather than bad looks.

I’ve never seen Stacey say those who fail her standards are awful, shitty people–just that they aren’t welcome in her life. To me, this seems different from the above, so I hadn’t meant for Stacey’s post to be included among the ones addressed by mine.

I may have worded it poorly, though. I’m not always the best at communication.

Oh, and thank you for answering and being so gracious.

Impatient and Gorgeous Bitch Becky
Impatient and Gorgeous Bitch Becky
4 months ago


Well. I made typos. You forgave those. So! Thanks also.

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