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If you let girls in the Boy Scouts they’ll become astronauts for the wrong reason

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So I’ve been puzzling over this comment in the Men’s RIghts subreddit for several days now. The topic at hand? Why the Boy Scouts are doing very badly right now.

None of the regulars can seem to remember that back in its alleged glory days the organization was a hotbed of pedophiles, and that it has shelled out nearly a billion dollars to the tens of thousands of victims of these men. No, as far as the Men’s Rightsers are concerned the real problem with the Boy Scouts is that it’s let in some girls. Which just ruins everything. Ruins it.

Also, it apparently makes women become astronauts for all the wrong reasons.

At least that seems to be the implication of this somewhat confounding comment from someone called grimreefer213.

When you allow females in a conventionally male space then you fundamentally change the space and how men interact with each other, emotionalism infiltrates, now instead of the mission you have to be mindful of what the thermostat is set at so that the little ladies are comfortable.

Yes, men and women tend to prefer different temperatures, and office thermostats are generally set using a formula designed to serve the cooler preferences of middle-aged men. God forbid you have to adjust the thermostat a little to accommodate ONE HALF OF THE WORLD’S POPULATION.

It removes an important element of coming of age as a man, it removes objectivity

The irony of this guy seeing himself as Mr. Objectivity.

and now you can’t be unapologetically masculine and be a good influence on boys because you have to behave differently when girls are around. Everything becomes feminized and the female imperative becomes primary.

Human sacrifice! Boys and girls scouting together! Mass hysteria!

Girls and boys learn and develop completely differently but we tell them that we’re all equal and boys need to man down.

No one in the history of humankind has ever told a boy to “man down,” whatever the hell that means.

It’s messed up, we used to have rites of passage and men had to go out and hunt to take on their burden of performance into manhood, now were becoming soft and when you allow women in then they start to police the locker room.

You know, if you don’t want female reporters in the locker room, you could just declare lockers rooms off limits to everyone for post-game interviews. Fair’s fair.

It’s at this point that Mr. grimreefer213 completely loses it.

Women often don’t become astronauts and governors because they’re compelled to serve humanity and be the best astronaut, they do it because they want to be the first woman to do it and because they’re told they need to be empowered and be world empresses.

There are two possibilities here. EIther grimreefer213 is talking complete twaddle. Or he’s operating on such a high level of Men’s Rightsness that ordinary mortals like you and I can’t make sense of his supreme man logic.

Evidently his colleagues in the Men’s Rights subreddit understand, because they gave him 21 upvotes for this absolute nonsense.


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Alan Robertshaw
3 months ago

Depending on how conspiracy minded you are, Valentina Tereshkova may not have been the first woman in space. Just the first to survive the mission.

As for the US; this is an interesting bit of history…

@ Vicky P

Amy Shira Teitel’s YouTube channel 

Oh I love Amy’s space stuff. Also she’s one of the few who recognise that Gemini was more interesting than Apollo. I too highly recommend her. Even if you don’t like space stuff, she has a cat, called Pete, who likes to stick his nose in.

3 months ago

@Alan, the boy you mentioned also reminded me of Catherine Douglas (attempting to prevent the assassination of James I in Perth on the 20th of February, 1437) (I remember hearing about “Bar Catherine” at school, though of course I didn’t remember the date or anything. Not sure how well-known the story is in southern parts?)

Gerald Fnord
Gerald Fnord
3 months ago

I see your reference to Gorf and raise you…well, actually, I can’t think of anything better than a quick reference to Gorf, Eater of My Quarters.

Queen of the Harpies
Queen of the Harpies
3 months ago


Thanks for the laugh, that was amusing. But one of the first things to go in our Glorious Matriarchy will be the use of all this idiotic manospherian slang. “Simp” is out, as are dozens of other words and terms I won’t type out because I don’t need my keyboard trying to memorize them. In fact, all this misogynistic crap will be eradicated and scrubbed from history, post haste, hopefully within a year or less.

I think one of the best things our male subjects erm, allies, can do is to start teaching mandatory classes in our well-funded public schools to other young men about how to combat toxic masculinity so that these kinds of hate groups can never rise again. You will, of course, be paid well for your time and efforts. And feminist staff members will be available at all times to consult with the male teachers and make sure they actually understand proper feminism, not just what guys think feminism is.


Why thank you. I’m sure we’ll all have a great time once we get this thing up and running. Now all we have to do is stage a world coup… Should be easy enough, right? 😉

@mal, Vicky P, and everybody else talking about Space Ladies

This should be one of the prominent classes taught in our schools: Women’s contributions to space exploration, as well as other achievements throughout history that were glossed over or left out of the books entirely in the old world order.

3 months ago

@ Queen of the Harpies and GSS ex-noob

Well, I wanted to mock the MRA types directly by “reclaiming” simp, but I shall bow to your greater wisdom. ;D

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