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“We’re expected to provide, protect, provision, promote and surrender our sperm” and other long-winded lessons from the Men’s Rights subreddit

One thing I’ve noticed about Men’s Rights Activists is that they like to type. Type, type, type — they LOVE it!

I was reminded of this fact once again when I went a-reading in the Men’s Rights subreddit today after stumbling on a rant that was the size of small novelas.

Unfortunately, I do not like to read, read, read endless men’s rights rants as much as they like to type, type, type them. Perhaps you feel the same way. That’s why, out of respect for you (and for myself) I tend not to inflict most of the really long MRA posts on you, the readers of this blog.

But today, fuck that. I had to read this huge pile of shit so now you have to also.

But I’m not a monster. To save (your) time I have put all my favorite bits in bold. And edited out portions of the duller and/or more repetitive bits.

The ostensible topic up for discussion is how bitter and wrong feminists are. IRONY ALERT: The rantist I’m looking at today is way more bitter and wrong than any feminist I’ve ever met.

Take it away, MGTOW_and_Bitcoin, whom I can only hope lost many thousands of dollars in the most recent crypto crash.

Here is a very short list

SPOILER ALERT: It is not a very short list.

of the major issues of feminist hypocrisy: Issues MGTOW talks about, but gets banned over. It’s clear that Society sets men up to fail even before there are allowed to mature and catch on to the hypergamy game or the feminist cover-up.


I’m not concerned with a man who acts thirsty…. let him throw away all of his opportunities and wealth just to sniff a vagina or two… I really don’t care beyond introducing the red pills. It’s the things which men are gaslighted into or legally forced into that has to be addressed. Thus, what matters to me is how Society and governments step in and force or manipulate men in ways it does not do to women.

What follows is the list of real grievances:

Oh goody.


Women can commit (4) of the worst imaginable crimes and it’s not labeled as such: women can take children away from fathers, extort fathers using their children, remove father’s from the most important role as a parent and force them into indentured servitude.

Ok, except that these aren’t crimes and it isn’t uindentured servitude.

Women commit the worst imaginable type of violence: taking away your rights to your own child and women commit this act everyday in family and divorce court. I dare anyone to point at a more violent Act.

[I don’t know, pouring acid in someone’s face? Drawing and quartering? Just spitballing here..


The most important role of a parent is making financial decisions (like what clothes to buy, if the child goes to a daycare, what daycare, what sports to get into, what books to buy them, etc.) Child support takes away all of those choices from fathers and give them to mothers, who go on to conflate it for their contribution as a parent. Worse still they further alienate fathers by calling him cheap while he is paying her way in life, paying to support her lifestyle.. etc. Make no mistake about it this is Parental alienation at its most basic level and it’s built into our family court system.

Women can Force men into lifelong indentured servitude using legal devices like permanent alimony. Wtf…

Haven’t you said this like nine times already?

All of these three crimes should be showing up on the statistics showing and proving the criminal deviance of women. And again I can’t find any other crime that is worse than these four.

Wait, is it three “crimes” or four? Please keep your grievances orderly.

Women can put men in jail on a mere accusation and these women get away with 4 of the worst crimes imaginable…

I guess it’s four.

Western women will complain about clitoral mutilation in the world, and circumcise infant boys without any possibility of consent.

Men are as involved in that decision as much as women.

Women can practice all forms of prostitution, but men will still be held as criminals for participating.

Er, men can also practice all forms of prostitutions. Just s aying.

Feminist complain about men stalking women,  physically and verbally abusing women, but complains when a man or boy fights back or when men complain about cancel culture harassing men at work.

Cancel Culture is harassing men at work? Better send ’em to HR!

Feminist complain about sex trafficking which forces women to serve men’s sexual needs, and then they ignore all the men who are forced into indentured servitude in order to serve women’s lifestyle needs

I’ll take “things that are not equivalent to each other” for $1000, whoever is hosting Jeopardy at the moment.

Men are not given fairness under the law like due process or the assumption of Innocence, when it comes to gender issues… so it is men who lack basic rights whenever women complain.


Women complain about not having a voice in the media and yet that’s all the media reports on meanwhile men’s issues get marginalized, demonized and the manosphere gets deplatformed for talking about men’s at issues like this.

Guy who’s posting a 2000-word rant on a subreddit with 320,821 subscribers: Help help I’m being repressed!

I’m snipping out some more relatively boring passages here.

They will complain about Harvey Weinstein getting naked in his own hotel room with an aspiring actress who takes that deal,

What difference does it make that any of his abuse took place” n his own hotel room “.” Like renting a hotel room gives you the right to sexually assault women in it?

then they will March down Main Street completely naked writing the word slut on their body with their own menstrual blood.

I think they mostly used paint or markers, dude,

They complain about representation in all of the easy air conditioned offices, and ignore their lack of representation in all of the hard heavy dangerous dirty Work.

Damn those women and their air conditioning! AIR CONDITRIONING IS A MISANDRUST PLOT AGAINST MEN, women should always be somewhat uncomfortably warm!

Also, the odds that this dude is working one of those hard heavy dangerous jobs, are, well it’s not looking good. Somehow I suspects air conditioning in his life.

They yell and complain about the wage Gap and they ignore all the other Financial gaps like: the child support Gap, the net taxpayer Gap, the alimony and palimony Gap, the consumer spending Gap, the car insurance and Healthcare premium Gap, etc, etc…

Alimony isn’t part of every divorce settlement, and in cases in which a woman earns more than a man she may have to pay him.

They complain about fairness under the law and then they promote antifather discrimination in divorce and family courts.

Bla bla bla.

They complain about manspreading in the trains and then put their purses on empty chairs or support women pouring bleach on men’s crotches.

Oh no not their purses. Also that viral video of a woman pouring a bleach solution on men’s crotches was staged.

They complain about equality in the workplace and then they look for special privileges like menstruation leave,

LET’S GET SUPER MAD ABOUT A THING THAT REALLY ISN’T A THING! Why can’t cis men have menstruation leave too!!!1!

They point to news events where women are held captive like Boko Haram and then they ignore how all of the young boys and men were slaughtered. And then say that women are more affected fine the Injustice is against men.

Ok, maybe he’s got a little bit of a point here. BUT JUST THIS ONE.

They March alongside black lives matter and then they support economically disadvantaged black father’s going to jail the next day in child support cases.

Excuse me? I’m a little confused by the, er, logic here but I can certainly smell the racism.

They complain about men not marrying women and yet they also complain about the institution of marriage but also how there are no men worth going through the process of marriage and divorce rape… but they’re also 70 to 80% more likely to initiate divorce.

To be fair, dude, if I were married to you I would immediately get a divorce, possibly fake my own death.

They complain about not being able to get ahead because of all of their student loan privilege and then they ignore men who can’t get ahead because of the excessive alimony, palimony and/or child support orders.

Student loan privilege?

Yes it is certainly a privilege to owe tens of thousands of dollars in student loans despite being educated by poorly paid adjuncts, many of whom are also trying to pay back student loans ,

They complain about civil rights protection for all women and then they take all of the rights away from fathers (Tender Years Doctrine, Title 9, and the default full custody for women)

Bla bla bla. Lots of typing, no citations.

Oh, but we’re not done yet. Apparently dear Mr. MGTOW Bitcoin came up against a word limit for Reddit comments (I think that’s a thing). And so he replied to himself with yet another torrent of text:

They waited until we built a safe and secure world and a bunch of bulshit jobs now they want equality in the workplace even though they don’t want to do any of the dirty dangerous hot heavy jobs that actually produce social good.


On the issue of wage Gap there is usually a wage Gap if all of the women try to only get all the easy Air Condition jobs.  Simple supply and demand economics along with personal choices.

Jesus dude enough with the air conditioner hate.

But an often-overlooked issue is all of the other economic gaps that these feminazis do not want to raise concerning alimony, palimony, child support, paying the bills, paying for entertainment  transportation, etc and paying for all of these government programs which benefit women to a larger degree. Taxserfs.

TAXSERFS! Weird, because you have to be pretty well-off to have to pay alimony.

Society always looks to men to be the breadwinner that already sounds on Financial abuse.

Yes, how terrible it was for the feminists to impose patriarchy on the world thousands of years before they even existed.

Having one adult parasitize your financial future with alimony power alimony and child support that is financial abuse.


Being divorce raped clearly is financial abuse.

Being “divorce raped” is not a thing.

Directing the vast majority of welfare towards women is financial abuse to men who find themselves being used as a taxsurf.

The taxserf has become the taxsurf.

Having the expectation that men pay most of the bills is financial abuse, raising our young boys to believe that they must pay for the majority of dates is financial abuse. Allowing women to play their hypergamy games is all about women trying to financially abused men.

Again, none of this stuff is “abuse” and none of it the fault of feminism. This is patriarchy.

The most important decisions a parent makes is financial decisions for their child

You’ve got a pretty fucked up notion of what parenting is.

child support takes those decisions away from fathers and gives it to mothers who then confuses it for their own contribution and very typically try to shame father’s for being cheap.

I’m surprised he didn’t say that being called “cheap” is a kind of rape.

At this point Mr. MGTOW Bitcoin stumbles to a stop.

Then he returns with a third comment.

They want to help women get into prostitution while simultaneously wanting to help women get out of prostitution.

It’s possible you are talking about two different kinds of femininsts here.

... but they do not want to support MGTOW  who are wanting to walk away, and they want to criminalize men who participate and women prostituting freely.

What on earth does MGTOW have to do with prostitution? Also, no one has any problem with MGTOWs walking away. It’s just that they never do.

They complain about sexual harassment because men are only interested in them because of their sexuality, then they ignore all of the Practical harassment men experience because we’re expected to provide, protect, provision, promote and surrender our sperm..

Dude, I’m pretty sure no one is begging for your sperm.

and they seek laws to compel men to provide these things.  Alimony, palimony, child support and crosssubsidized tax-serfdom which force men again into male gender provider roles, harassing men who do not come to a woman’s rescue and expecting police to always take the side of the woman in domestic disturbances ( the Duluth model)

” Harassing men who do not come to a woman’s rescue .” What on earth does that even mean? Do you just havet the word “harassment” stuck in your brain or soemthing? Not everything is harassmeent or even much like harassment.

They promote ideas like toxic masculinity which is only true of men who are sociopaths, then they deplatform, criminalize and get men fired who complain about all of this toxic misandry I’m posting about.

So close! As feminists point out every time this comes up, “toxic masculinity” is a kind of masculinity that is toxic, just like a “red car” is a car that is red. It doesn’t apply to all kinds of masculinity.

They complain about Father’s not taking an active role in their child’s life while they have been taking away decisions from fathers and not insuring that fathers have any rights to their children.

The logic here is so twisted I’m not even sure how to respond. Generally speaking, wothers want good fathers to be involved in their children’s lives; they want bad ones kept away.

They complain about men raping women, and they ignore how men are divorce raped…. (and yes these are the same issues where one gender wants to forcefully take from another gender what they find most interested in getting).

That is the dumbest excuse I think I’ve ever seen for improperly defining something as a kind of rape.

They complain about believe all women and so they promote disbelieve all men.

It’s “believe women,” not “believe all women no matter what.”

They complain about stalking and harassment and then they harass and stalk men who try to get together and talk about men’s rights.

Again, just redefining random things as “harassment” doesn’t make them so. And talking about what idiots you guys are doesn’t count as either “stalking” or “harassment.”

They complain about free speech and not being listened to, but let’s face it feminist get to define gender issues and all we listen to are women’s complaints… even stupid shit like sexist air conditioning gets precedent over having a conversation about men’s lack of basic rights like the right to choose to be a parent or not.

Jeez, dude, get over this air conditioning thing.

Women complain about sexualizing breastfeeding and yet they actively sexualize their bodies.

Not while they’re breastfeeding they don’t.

They complain about rape culture but they also promote that all sex is rape.

A tiny number of radical feminists think all sex in a patriarchal culture is rape, The vast majority of feminists are sex positive, and there’s absolutely no contradiction between that and opposing rape culture. The slogan is “yes means yes,”

Feminist complain about the high death rates of women when it comes to giving birth and then they ignore how 96% of work deaths are men.

Yes, how terrible it is that feminists care about women dying in childbirth. If you guys really cared about mem dying at work — and not just as a debating point –wouldn’t you have done a single solitary thing to help reduce them?

They complain about patriarchy and they are promoting women taking over as Feminine Supremacy. In fact they have never pursued gender equality.

This endless nonsense.

They talked about domestic violence yet statistically women are more likely to initiate and practice more covert forms of violence…

Uh, citation needed. Also, a definition of “covert forms of violence.” What are you even talking about?

basically they don’t care about domestic violence they just want to criminalize men I lost control after they threatened to take away half of what the men have worked for all their life, false rape, false abuse or to take their children away. ( the silver bullet theory)

“I lost control” seems like an odd little Freudian slip to make here.

They complain about men cheating on women and now they have normalized women cheating on men as some type of stupid Journey which the husbands are obligated to except.

“Accept,” And no, this is not a thing.. Even “Eat, Pray, Love” was about a single woman, not a woman cheating on her husband.

They banned male-only spaces and they have actively pursued female-only safe spaces for decades now.

There are still many male-onlly spaces.

They have complained about the Boy Scouts not being inclusive and then they exclude boys in the same way from Girl Scouts. They literally do this everywhere they go. We even have gyms that are women only, school programs that are women only, etc, etc.

You know, I’m pretty sure the big problem for the Boy Scouts isn’t the presence of a few girls. It’s the decades of sexual molestation by adult men.

They complain about poor parliamentary representation and yet they’ve had 51% of the vote the whole time.

Not the whole time. You do remember the suffragists, right?

Here is a very short list of the major issues of feminist hypocrisy: Issues MGTOW talks about, but gets banned over.

Am I in a time loop? Didn’t we hear this already?

Yes, we have. Because Mr. WGTOW BItcoin has decided to cut and paste in the first nine paragraphs of his rant and call it a conclusion. It’s not just that he sounds like a stuck record most of the time; he actually is a stuck record.

They all are, aren’t they?

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Elaine The Witch
Elaine The Witch
3 months ago

“How dare women want men to help take care of the children they brought into the world with their careless ejaculation”

Give me a break.

3 months ago

I have so many possible responses to this, but I’m gonna go with “I guess this is your way of saying she turned you down, huh?”

3 months ago

Men prevent women from getting the difficult and dirty jobs and then complain about women not doing those jobs. Give me a break. An air conditioned break.

If men want to do something about unsafe work environments, feminists would happily join the movement.

This dude is going to give himself a heart attack. So much anger isn’t healthy.

3 months ago

This dude is going to give himself a heart attack.

You say that like it’s a bad thing. I’m sure he’d be ecstatic to have another thing to blame everyone but himself of.

Elaine The Witch
Elaine The Witch
3 months ago


My husband and I just watched Elaine the love witch and let me tell you. That was not what my username was originally named after but now it is.

3 months ago

I’ am not quite sure I have the wits to respond right away. That’s quite a torrent of nonsense.

3 months ago

@Elaine the Witch , I surmised you borrowed the name from Cordwainer Smith’s heroine ? Or am I wrong?

Elaine The Witch
Elaine The Witch
3 months ago


I originally chose it because my name is Elaine and people tend to think I’m a witch because I am a goth who likes cottagecore aesthetic. The places I live in tend to look like a witches home.

Robert Haynie
Robert Haynie
3 months ago


Apropos of nothing, it’s refreshing to find someone else who’s heard of Mr. Linebarger.

3 months ago

I’m starting to recover my wits from this rant. So, the first the that pops into my female head is that clitoral mutilation and circumcision are by no means the same. Circumcision can be controversial, depending on the cultural milieu, and I am not going to insert myself into that debate, but it does not affect a man’s ability to enjoy sex in the way that losing a clitoris does.

Megi Stardust
Megi Stardust
3 months ago

Re. Dirty difficult jobs.
Nursing is a dirty, difficult job. Performed mostly by women. So there’s that.

Elaine The Witch
Elaine The Witch
3 months ago


Its not even a loss of ability to feel pleasure. it’s feel intense pain that makes sex horrible. So I had shingles when I was a teenager, it started on my lower back, went over one ass cheek, and then up into my nether regions. After it healed, the ass cheek it was on is almost completely numb to touch compared to the other cheek. the lips and mound of my bits are far less sensitive then they were, along with the clit hood. I no longer enjoy oral sex, because they feelings are far less there. I can tell I’m being touched but I don’t feel it. Most of the outward put of my vagaina have little feeling.
It sucks and I’ve cried about it. but its not pain. I still have all the feelings on the inside of my vagina. Sex still feels pleasurable to me and my husband and I enjoy a lot of sex with each other even if there are only one or two ways that I can have an orgasm now.

Now people who had fgm, they do not have the same thing as me. when they are touched it is pain. when they have penetrative sex, it is pain. pain is so much different then numbness and loss of feeling. women that had fgm probably would pray for what I have. this guy is comparing a slight less sensitivity to excoriating pain

3 months ago

“then they will March down Main Street completely naked writing the word slut on their body with their own menstrual blood.”

Thanks. Now I’ve figured out what I should do this weekend!

” Also, a definition of “covert forms of violence.” What are you even talking about?”

I’m going to go with nagging.

3 months ago

Covert forms of violence is when you punch them and they don’t know it?

3 months ago

Hmmmm… I missed my chance to edit or something.

Anyway, looking at the headline “We’re expected to provide, protect, provision, promote and surrender our sperm”?

… says some guy who probably hasn’t done any of those things…

Tabby Lavalamp
3 months ago

Feminist complain about the high death rates of women when it comes to giving birth and then they ignore how 96% of work deaths are men.

Maybe stop voting for people who are bound and determined to remove all the regulations, including the ones that are there for a good reason and contribute to workplace safety?

They talked about domestic violence yet statistically women are more likely to initiate and practice more covert forms of violence…

No doubt this is something to do with turning on the air conditioner.

Kat, ambassador, feminist revolution (in exile)
Kat, ambassador, feminist revolution (in exile)
3 months ago


“Circumcision . . . does not affect a man’s ability to enjoy sex in the way that losing a clitoris does.”

Not to mention severe bleeding, severe pain, fever, injury to the surrounding genital tissue, problems urinating, problems with menstruation, cysts, infections, pain during intercourse, scar tissue, depression, anxiety, PTSD, complications in childbirth, shock, and death. Also, it brings with it a greater risk of newborn death.


They [feminists] want to help women get into prostitution

Whoa. This MRA is confusing prostitution with the building trades. Or possibly STEM. For an MRA, this would be an easy mistake to make: anything a woman or girl is or does makes her a prostitute. They love throwing around the word “whore.”


[Feminists] ignore how 96% of work deaths are men.

This MRA should check his math:

“Women made up 8.1 percent of all [workplace] fatalities but represented 16.3 percent of workplace homicides in 2020.”

“Although women comprise more than half the U.S. population, they committed only 14.7% of the homicides noted during the study interval [1976-87].”

3 months ago

Alimony, palimony, schmalimony, repeated ad nauseam for emphasis.

I just noticed my browser spellcheck seems to accept “palimony”, so I looked it up. It’s like division of assets for divorcing cohabiting couples, which is a real thing to some extent. From Wikipedia:

Palimony is the division of financial assets and real property on the termination of a personal live-in relationship wherein the parties are not legally married. The term palimony is currently not codified as a legal term, but rather it remains as a colloquial portmanteau of the words pal and alimony. Nevertheless, numerous “secondary” legal sources refer to the term, and attempt to describe its influence and implications upon actual statute law.

BTW I get the general impression that when manospherian ramblers talk about “alimony” they lump the division of assets under it.

Elaine The Witch
Elaine The Witch
3 months ago

my uncle got divorced a few years ago because his ex-wife wanted it. So when their two kids were born, my uncle became a stay-at-home dad to be their care giver because he made less than his ex-wife. He didn’t go back to work until much later when the kids were older.

She now has to pay alimony to him for the rest of their lives. So these mra’s can get alimony too if they damage their careers by being the primary care giver and then have a good 16-year gap in their resume when they do go back to work and also have to swallow their pride and make less than their wives (forever)

I would love to see a mra ask their wife if they could have some pocket money because their wife is the only income in the family.

Elaine The Witch
Elaine The Witch
3 months ago

to add on, I say this while being on my uncle side. He deserves much more than what he’s getting. I love my uncle and I hated his ex-wife before they even got divorced. She said some pretty horrible things to a small child who was grieving her grandmother’s death (me). at the funeral no less.

occasional reader
occasional reader
3 months ago

“crosssubsidized tax-serfdom”
What is that ? A new kink ? Your dom orders you to pay your taxes ?

3 months ago

“We’re expected…to surrender our sperm.”

Dude, birth control exists because women DON’T want your sperm. If you don’t like surrendering it, get the snip or wear rubbers or abstain from sex entirely. What even IS this complaint?

3 months ago

What if the deal with randomly capitalized words? It looks like someone did a sh*t job translating something from a language that capitalized all the nouns.

3 months ago

If you weren’t going to surrender your sperm what were you planning to do with it?

I probably don’t want to know.

Schnookums Von Fancypants, Naughty Basic Horse
Schnookums Von Fancypants, Naughty Basic Horse
3 months ago

Covert Forms of Violence is the name of my Violent Femmes cover band

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