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Men’s Rights Redditor: “The world was created by men and everything is run by men, and its not sexist, it’s by FEMALE CHOICE”

Someone is having a little tantrum, huh

Today, a lovely rant from a very angry dude on the Men’s RIghts subreddit. And the regulars there liked it so much they gave it 200 (net) upvotes.

So let’s see what Adddam31 had to say.

I’m tired of men getting verbally abused by feminists online or in person; modern women don’t realize how valuable men are to society.

Oh, this sounds like he’s going to go all “we hunted the mammoth to feed you” doesn’t it?

It’s always the kill all men and the we don’t need men we can reproduce with “bone marrow technology” …

What feminists are you even talking with, dude? Never mind the killing bit — which is honestly not part of the feminist agenda (unless I’ve missed a meeting or something). I’ve never even heard this about bone marrow. After roughly 30 seconds of Googling I saw that the research making these claims has been retracted. In any case it’s not like the feminists of the world are going to kill all men so they can try it out.

Or are they?

… which is funny because men need women to reproduce while women NEED MEN TO SURVIVE.

Why? Do the women eat them or something?

It’s because of modern conventions that feminists think they can survive without men. They have these delusions of being independent of men while waking up to their phone alarm, taking a warm shower and driving to work.

Damn those women and their misandrist hot water usage!

The world was created by men and everything is run by men, and its not sexist, it’s by FEMALE CHOICE.

Huh. Usually the MRAs say patriarchy isn’t real, But now it is and it’s all women’s fault? When were they given this FEMALE CHOICE?

I’m sick and tired of men getting disrespected by feminists. Men die at war to protect your freedom so you can speak your mind.

Is that what the long, pointless, terribly destructive wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were all about? How exactly did either war protect our free speech?

Men risk their lives protecting the streets so you can be safe.

So you can be safe from OTHER MEN.

Men work dangerous jobs so that you can have running water, gas, heat, electricity, food and a roof over your heads.

No, men work those jobs because they often pay well. Women have been kept out of these sorts of jobs by men who want them all to themselves; the women who do manage to get work in, say, coal mines are treated to endless harassment and misogyny.

Also, when have any MRAs ever lifted a finger to try to make workplaces safer for men? And now many Men’s Rights Redditors actually work in any of these professions themselves? I’m guessing one big zero, which incidentally isn’t a bad description of the OP her, come to think of it .

Men gave rise to modern medicine so you don’t die from a flu, pharmacology so you can control your pregnancies, engineering so you can cross a continent in hours, physics so you can survive a high speed crash, architecture so you don’t get trapped under rubble, and math so you can use the supercomputer you have in your pocket right now. WHAT WOULD WE DO WITHOUT MEN?? WHERE WOULD THE WORLD BE WITHOUT MEN?

What would we do without all the women who work in hospitals, who are out there saving lives every day?

Because even though we have one of the most egalitarian societies to date, women STILL avoid these jobs. Men deserve the ultimate respect.

Women don’t “avoid” these jobs because they’re, say, lazy. Historically, they haven’t been allowed to take those jobs. These days they aren’t racing to become, say, coal miners because of all the harassment that women doing these jobs get from the men who got there first and pulled up the ladder up after them.

While I was scrolling through reddit I saw this post:

I scoffed in anger.

He scoffed in anger.

Then he linked to another Men’s Right subreddit post about this meme:

Oh dear, that’s just going to make him madder.

Are feminists really that arrogant that they think they can nihilate [sic] men in WAR, especially a war that is fought with spears and swords? This post beautifully highlights the true underlying intentions of feminisms; it’s not about equality, its about revenge.

No, dude, it really is just about equality. Feminists may joke about revenge but they’re not going to cut your head–or anything else– off in your sleep. It’s just a meme, dude. I would have expected a manly man like you could survive looking at a meme.

Anyways, I just wanted to get this off my chest, since my family members and friends are very liberal. I’m really sick of this pointless gender war. I wanna hear your thoughts about male abuse in modern day society.

Oh, you’ll hear them. The Men’s Rights subreddit is filled with talk about “male abuse,” most of it entirely imaginary.

And remember, if a feminists comes up to you, arguing about how society doesn’t need men, she is probably on her period and using a tampon (brought to you by men).

Well, probably not literally. A lot of men get all squirmy if their girlfriend or wife asks them to pick up some tampons for them, as if the checkout clerk is going to think that they’re going to use the tampons themselves in some weird gay way

You’d think that ancestors of the men who CREATED THIS WORLD GRR ARGGH would be a little less sensitive about all this.

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7 months ago

@Lukas Xavier

“Einstein had a penis, so I get to take credit for everything he did.”

…And will ignore the work of mathemetician Emmy Noether, which Einstein said made his work possible.

Alan Robertshaw
7 months ago

@ opposablethumbs

Did you hold your breath as you went through, @Alan? 

Oh indeed yes!

I do that going under any bridge or tunnel anyway. That’s why I’ve never been on the Eurostar.

7 months ago

It looks like Google Street View was scared of that bridge too (assuming I have the right one). May 2011 view one side, July 2014 the other, and no images very close to the bridge.

7 months ago

If my memory serves me correctly, “kill all men” was a flash-in-the-pan Twitter hastag that lasted a few days and started as an in joke between two friends. MRAs convinced themselves it is a fundamental part of International Feminist Policy as per our AGM meeting of 2013.

7 months ago

As a librarian who knows how to do research, and knows a lot about History, I’m not sure people understand how galling it is to listen to this much twattle!

*Sigh*, in the famous words of John Mulaney: “Now, we don’t have time to unpack all of that!”, but Thanx for trying everybody!

GSS ex-noob
GSS ex-noob
7 months ago
7 months ago

You’re one of the good ones and I shan’t eat you when the revolution happens.

I’m frankly disappointed he didn’t bring up mammoths.

Gerald Fnord
Gerald Fnord
7 months ago

Worse yet, this is a re-write of the ‘How dare The Blacks complain when white men created the civilisation they enjoy!’ with sometimes an explicit but usually an implicit ‘…and would have been unable to create on their own.’. Very nasty crap, either way.

Gerald Fnord
Gerald Fnord
7 months ago

> Even if all of that nonsense was true, it’s not like those men have done
> any of that heavy lifting themselves. They’re little more than vultures.

That’s one of the beauties of any kind of racism, sexism, nationalism, &c.: the kinship the inept, the unsuccessfuly can feel with people at the top of the same race, sex, nation, &c. lets them feel less worthless. This is particularly useful in modern America where the mythology pushed on people tells them that if they aren’t high-achievers it’s a judgement on their innate worth—Our System is supposedly so well-made that if they were worth something they’d be at the top.

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