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The Week in Woke #3: Hypno-Mickey Edition

Mickey Mouse hypnotizing you into wokery

It’s time once again to look at what’s going on in the imaginary world of “woke,” in which I highlight some improbable things right-wingers have declared “woke” in the past week.


“Canada Is Transforming Into a Woke Authoritarian Dystopia.” declares Hunter Wallace of Occidental Dissent. His problem with the Great White North? He seems to be mostly outraged that the “woke” have been vandalizing or simply tearing down statues of Queen Victoria and Winston Churchill, among others. He’s also convinced that laws on hate speech online will be used to censor people like him,

In this new progressive era, “woke” has been substituted for “liberal.”  … In Canada, the “liberals” are now tearing down monuments of liberal icons, trampling on religious freedom and embracing censorship. Churches are also being vandalized and burned down. …

[T]his is the result of educating several generations of Canadian children that their race, culture and civilization is immoral and illegitimate. Liberalism is also illegitimate for being part of that civilization.

Oh, and did he forget WHITE GENOCIDE?

Isn’t it fair to say that this force is anti-White, anti-Western, anti-Christian and anti-liberal? It is just completely opposed to White people, their existence and the culture and values.

I think he almost slipped into “14 words” territory with that last bit.

Dungeons and Dragons:

“The Woke Are Coming for ‘Dungeons and Dragons,” Kurt Schlichter laments in a rant on Townhall. He’s outraged, even though he provides no evidence of this new “wokeness” and he himself thinks of D&D fans as hapless virginal nerds.

It’s amazing to me that there are people out there who think, “You know, I play a lot of ‘Dungeons and Dragons,’ but I’ve been looking for a way to make myself into a more complete loser. And I think I’ve found it! I think we’re going to play ‘Woke Dungeons and Dragons.’ Instead of running around with swords and stuff, attacking people, I think we’re going to sit around and have a struggle session about our feelings about the elf privilege that’s been making things bad in ways.” I don’t understand any of this.

He decides it’s all part of a struggle for POWER — and more.

Why are they doing it? There’s a reason. … Yes, they’re lonely shut-ins who need attention, obviously. Obviously, this is a way for powerless people no one likes who can never achieve anything on their own to try and get something like power and attention, clearly. But it’s more than that. It’s part of a cultural war because they want to invade every institution.

And they have invaded every institution.

They’ve invaded Major League Baseball, the National Football League …

Look, they want to be a part of everything because they want to destroy everything. And they want to destroy you. They want to destroy everything that’s not bizarre because then they get to be the arbiters of truth. They get to be the arbiters of reality. They get to exercise some sort of power that they can’t earn in any other way. ….

Mickey Mouse:

As Disney reopens its various parks worldwide, the tabloid Express notes,

it appears officials have altered the familiar introduction of “ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls” in a bid to be more inclusive. … Disney have replaced the greeting with: “Good evening, friends.” …

[T]he change was to make sure people of all sexual and gender identities felt “comfortable in the park”.

But the new greeting has been heavily mocked and criticised on social media, with many suggesting the change was completely unnnecessary and branded it as “woke”.

The Michigan State Police:

“Is Michigan Wokifying Its State Police Department?” Jeff Charles asks on Naturally, he answers “yes” to his own question,

It looks like infesting the military with woke theology isn’t enough. Now, it appears the hard left is trying to sneak its destructive ideology into law enforcement, at least in the state of Michigan. A recent report indicates that the Michigan State Police (MSP) is beginning to adopt some of the tenets of wokeism and include them in their operations. While this first foray into wokeism might seem small, it is not difficult to imagine how far the left might take it as they gain more power.

So what horrible thing have these “hard left” wokesters done to the state police department? They’re asking employees to list their gender pronouns in their emails.

Wait, what? That’s it?

At first glance, this memo might seem silly, but harmless. After all, what harm is there in placing one’s pronouns at the bottom of an email?

It’s that whole slippery slope thing.

Still, it is worth pointing out that the hard left rarely stops at harmless suggestions. It is not out of the realm of possibility that this could just be the first step toward wokifying the MSP. The slippery slope is evident, isn’t it? How long will it be before employees are punished for failing to use preferred pronouns? What if they don’t adhere to the other tenets of woke theology that the department decides to foist upon its workforce?

I don’t know, they’ll be arrested in their sleep and sent to the Pronoun Gulag?

We’ve already seen this trend in the United States Armed Forces. At least one service member was fired for speaking out against the creeping Marxism in the military.

Yep, you read that right. A surprisingly large number of right-wing dingbats have convinced themselves that the military has gone Marxist. Because that’s the world we live in now.

It’s not hard to imagine that this same paradigm could be imposed in other police departments across the country.

To a certain kind of right-wing dingbat, there is nothing scarier than pronouns.

More Woke to come in next week’s Week in Woke. Send tips if you spot something relevant!

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Ed Baggins
Ed Baggins
10 months ago

Gygax and Arneson were pretty big misogynists. You would think Gygax died to early to be complaining about the woke feminists, and yet if you read the gamer forums he frequented, that does seem to be what he spent his last years doing. He made several rants about female gamers that directly foreshadow Gamergate. I have no doubt he would become fast friends with many of the people featured on this blog. But Gygax is not the sum total of D&D.

10 months ago

@Anon Get-It-On
…yeah, it’s probably full of scat porn like all your other links, so am not looking. I thought Anon Get-It-On got banned for that. *shrug*

Last edited 10 months ago by clingfoil
10 months ago


I believe they’ve been warned before, and I emailed David last time they popped up in a thread, but got no response. David must’ve been busy or something. I don’t mind sending another email, if people would like.

Anon Get-It-On seemed quite offended when confronted last time, so I was hoping they simply wouldn’t come back.

10 months ago

I sent in a ban request

GSS ex-noob
GSS ex-noob
10 months ago

Concern troll is concerned. Not.

David, please ban them.

Redsilkphoenix: Jetpack Vixen, Intergalactic Meani
Redsilkphoenix: Jetpack Vixen, Intergalactic Meani
10 months ago

I suspect this troll might have a bit worse game he’s trying to pull with his links. The one time I clicked his link, I scrolled up a bit to see anything but THAT, and saw a commenter using David’s name to comment favorably on said pics. I think this troll was hoping a lot of folks here would do that and associate David’s name with…that and leave this site in disgust.

At least I think there might be a false David posting close to where all those links will take you; I am not clicking any of them again unless someone else does it first and gives an all-clear as to the presence of…that stuff.

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