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Hitler-loving woman-hater Andrew Anglin offers tips to would-be wife murderers

Attention angry men! If you’re taking a cruise with your wife and she tells you she wants a divorce, the Daily Stormer’s Andrew Anglin has some advice for you: don’t beat her to death in front of your children. No, just push her overboard when no one is looking.

As Anglin explains in a recent post on the Daily Stormer.

A cruise ship is a great place to kill that stupid traitor cunt – but you need to remember this simple rhyme:

* Smash her in the head, you’re dead

* Dump her off the side, you slide

You can easily give the sickening slut a few drinks, get to a spot with no cameras, and give her a quick “booster” off the poop deck.

As Anglin sees it, this kind of murder shouldn’t even really count as murder.

Many men want to murder their filthy whore wives to protect their children. In fact, calling this “murder” is wrong, as it is actually an act of self-defense. …

This man’s wife was trying to divorce him, and he was absolutely in the right to pull the curtains on her worthless life. But he forgot that rhyme, now he’s gonna do the time.

Anglin was inspired to offer this free advice after reading about the case of Kenneth Manzanares, who pleaded guilty to to second-degree murder after beating his wife to death while on an Alaska cruise in 2017.

Though Anglin would have preferred that Manzanares had used the “over the side” method to kill his wife, he’s glad that the couple’s daughters witnessed the savage murder that reportedly left their mother “unrecognizable.”

It was good he did it in front of the children – they are girls and they need to know that the wages of divorce is a humiliating death.

Manzanares’ attorneys tried to blame his actions on a malfunctioning brain. In a filing, the Associated Press reports, they declared that Manzanares

had brain abnormalities that a defense expert deemed consistent with injuries caused by playing contact sports. This, combined with what was at the time an undiagnosed bipolar disorder and “a problematic combination of prescribed medication and alcohol resulted in an aberrant episode of violence,” the filing states.

Manzanares played football, wrestled and boxed when he was younger and had a history of “testosterone supplementation,” the filing stated.

Ultimately, Manzanares was sentenced to 30 years in federal prison for the murder, which is 22 1/2 more years than the defense argued he should get. You can read more about the case here. And more about Anglin in the WHTM archives.


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39 replies on “Hitler-loving woman-hater Andrew Anglin offers tips to would-be wife murderers”


What is it with the devoutly religious and domestic violence?!

Why hasn’t Anglin been arrested for incitement already? Seriously, has nobody reported the man yet?

I’d be surprised if modern cruise ships have places accessible to tourists (with or without cameras) that are also easy to fall off. It’s not like those ships are designed to safely contain & entertain drunk idiots. Sometimes people climb over safety railing, but that’s different from simply losing your balance.

Isn’t the cover-story of those people usually that they want to protect women from “invaders” and “savages”? And don’t those nazi-wife recruiters like Lauren Southern love to claim that they want white supremacy to feel safe?
Cause.. that ain’t safety, chief. That ain’t safety at all.


Overconfidence that they know what is wrong, combined with a twisted self assurance that all the need to do to be “right” is to be the enemy of people who do “wrong”.

Once you have that much, the only last bit you need is for your devout religion to be patriarchal, then any time a woman doesn’t obey a man, she’s crossed over into existential evil, and anything you do to fight/punish that enemy of your god is justified.

Fortunately very few people n the world subscribe to a religion that can fairly be called “patriarchal”. Or, no, wait. The opposite of that.

@anyone who ever interacts with Anglin: know your local self defense law, because with his body of work, just about anything he does at this point is reasonable grounds to fear death, rape, or grievous injury.

Women, if you want to leave your piece-of-shit abusive boyfriend or husband, contact a battered women’s hotline first. They’ll help you put together a safety plan for yourself, your children, and your animals.

He missed step 3 of his cunning plan: Spend the rest of your life in hiding, moving from place to place to evade the law.

Guess he’s so used to running away now that he doesn’t think it’s worth mentioning.

We’ve just had a particularly nasty case of gender-based violence locally, where a father appears to have shoved both his very young daughters off a boat. Or at least, one of the daughters has been found dead at the bnottom of the ocean. They haven’t said what she died of, whether she was alive when she went into the water. Father and one-year-old are missing, but I don’t hold out any hope.

He has a point. Not about murdering a woman for wanting to leave you, but seriously, fuck cruise ships

@happy cat:

I feel so bad for the little girls…

At least Anglin seems not to have stuck around long enough to learn that the eldest has autism and cerebral palsy; otherwise, he might be castigating Manzanares for not finishing her off too, in the name of eugenics.

So what’s Anglin’s defense going to be when he inevitably snaps and kills someone for looking at him funny or whatever? Because I don’t think “not guilty by reason of pure evil” is a thing.

I feel deep and sincere pity for this… fellow homo sapiens.
How deep?
Perhaps. .00001% of that I feel for anyone who has to ever deal with his living presence, for any reason whatsoever.

No punishment could be worse than to live that life, but it’s a punishment he deserves, even if no others deserve to suffer because of him.

I shouldn’t have clicked on the link. Anglin in context is no better than Anglin taken out of context.

Something that David didn’t mention was that Anglin seems to have assumed it was Kristy’s desire for more cock that was the problem. She was determined to commit adultry (after the divorce??? This seems unclear…) and the children are better off because if the divorce had happened, the mother’s boyfriends would molest said children. WTF…

 and the children are better off because if the divorce had happened, the mother’s boyfriends would molest said children. WTF…

Don’tcha find it just weird how these miserable excuses for a human being are mad at women because they accuse them of being controlled by evil men? But they think men should be running the world and have complete control of women & children.

Is it petty and wrong that I would laugh if he fell off a cruise ship some day?

So be it.

* Smash her in the head, you’re dead

* Dump her off the side, you slide

Worst Paul Simon cover ever.

“an aberrant episode of violence”…

Manzanares played football, wrestled and boxed when he was younger and had a history of “testosterone supplementation”…

”He liked violent, aggressive sports that rewarded aggression and violence. Somehow, the aggression and violence came out of absolutely nowhere.”

Hideous misogyny aside, this sounds like a child’s idea of how to get away with murder. Isn’t this toad in hiding already?

Ok, but women can dump men off the side of ships too. Didn’t Anglin see the end of the 90’s classic thriller Wild Things?

@ Lumipuna

You are right about cruise ship safety, won’t go into detail, but it would take some effort to go overboard.

@Buttercup : I don’t know for american football, but the combat sport practicioners I have encountered aren’t more violent and aggressive than the average. That being said, maybe shitheads are more likely to take up combat sports.

Technically, the lawyer is right that high level combats sports and a lot of other make a number on the brain and create long term psychic problems. Why exactly do that excuse anything is another problem ; it’s more an argument to forbid boxing or force for bigger protections. If an ex-boxer is unable to control his temper because of boxing wound, he is probably not fit to live unattended. (replace boxing by wrestling, MMA, gladiatoral combat, american football, european football, etc)

@Ohlmann – yes, I definitely didn’t mean to imply that all football players/boxers/MMA practitioners are violent, but it’s reasonable to suppose that people with violent tendencies, if they play sports, are more likely to be attracted to sports where they get praised for hitting other people hard. And then we’re supposed to act surprised when that aggression spills over into real life (according to defense attorneys).

The “aberrant” phrasing just rubbed me as disingenuous, another in a long, long line of excuses that get trotted out whenever women are murdered. Men like Manzares don’t just up and suddenly beat their wives to death one day out of a clear blue sky. According to the prosecutors, he had a history of domestic violence.

I agree they are trying to forge him excuses. Basically the lawyer is trying to reject the responsability to doctors and sport regulations.

The thing is, responsabilities are like idea : if you share it with someone, both have it entirely.

(if you find the image unclear, I mean that sport wounds, alcohol and unadapted medication might engage the responsabilities of the involved parties, but the perpetrator still had his free will and explanations on why he did that don’t mean it’s any less dire)

”He liked violent, aggressive sports that rewarded aggression and violence. Somehow, the aggression and violence came out of absolutely nowhere.”

And you just know this is the kind of jackass who brags that his hands are registered as lethal weapons or something.

Honestly, someone who has knowledge of martial arts should be considered more accountable when tried for a violent crime, IMO.

@Battering : isn’t it harder to plea accidental death when you know how to fight ?

That being said, for domestic violence I don’t quite see what penalizing more people who know how to fight would achieve. I don’t think threats are more forgiveable or less realistic because the guy didn’t do 10 years of karate, and in actual fact knowing boxing isn’t making anyone more dangerous as a domestic abuser.

It’s the kind of reasoning that look good until you look at what it would entail.

they are girls and they need to know that the wages of divorce is a humiliating death.

I am sure that if they instead of this learn that marriage is a bad idea because your entire existence is then at the whim of someone who considers you property, declining birthrates and/or marriages is also somehow women’s fault

They think everything is women’s fault. We’re to blame no matter what we do.

I have no doubt Manzanares’ brain had problems. Toxic masculinity may even be a result. The concept and associated behavior might resonate more with those who have impairments, jmo. Anyway. Anglin’s as worthless as his opinion. The message the murderer’s daughters will most likely take away is their dad was a sick and possibly evil guy. They’re probably already in therapy, and if so, they’ll have a chance at a somewhat peaceful adulthood.

isn’t it harder to plea accidental death when you know how to fight ?

I sure hope so. But I’m not a lawyer.

> Cyborgette
I bought it a few weeks ago but did not have the time to try it yet. Is it as good as it seems ? Graphisms made me thought of the game “Over the Alps”, which is good, and was one of the reasons (yeah, a phony one, but hey) i bought it.

@occasional reader

No idea unfortunately. I should probably buy it though, if it’s available outside Steam and such.

I have read enough Carl Hiaasen to know that throwing your wife off a cruise ship will never come back to bite you in the arse. Especially not if your wife was a champion diver. That will never haunt you in the most stupidly hilarious way possible.

Carl Hiaasen is basically a journalist for Florida. I wonder how many true stories he’s had to leave out of his books because no one would believe them, even for Florida.

The Mr. and I have a little game. We surf the net side by side and periodically I say “Florida Man…” and he stops reading whatever he’s on and listens eagerly. Sometimes dumb stuff happens elsewhere and he ends with “Not Florida?”

The little girls who witnessed the horrific murder have probably taken the lesson “marriage will get you killed” and won’t have anything to do with men to begin with. If they have children, they’ll be sperm bank, single mom.


They’re quite willing to kill most women in the name of Womanhood, just as they (and many others) would happily murder most persons in the name of The People.

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