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Incel: “Worrying about rape is the real privilege”

Incels are so convinced that they suffer more than anyone else in history ever, that I guess I shouldn’t be shocked that some of them actually profess to being envious of rape survivors – because at least someone was sexually attracted to them.

Take, for example, a commenter called BrettyBoy who recently posted a thread on with the distressing title “worrying about rape is the real privilege.”

“Like the topic title says,” he begins,

if you have to worry about being raped by the gender you find attractive, you’re privileged because while I don’t support rape, if you have people of the gender you find attractive lusting after you, it is a privilege and to avoid the rape you can just stay indoors anyway so no, I’m not privileged compared to normal fags like they like to imply, I get treated like a damn baby in real life because of being autistic and on top of that, I’m sexually frustrated so all them feminists claiming ‘male privilege’ can easily fucking avoid rape by staying indoors, not hard to do, indoors activities are pretty nice anyway.

So all the women of the world should remain at home at all times? Not only is that, you know, absurd, but indoors can be as dangerous at outdoors, given that the overwhelming majority of rape victims know their attackers.

Still, as an “undesired autistic [male] that just deal[s] with constant bullshit in this misandrist, autistic male hating society,” he’s convinced that he’s won the oppression Olympics.

I have a bunch of personal problems which normal fags aren’t entitled to any details about but it’s more than about my dry dick but when you suffer from personal problems, even a slight inconvenience is harmful to your health because you’re getting kicked when you’re already down.

Dude, I’m sure your life is no picnic, but literally everyone in the world suffers from personal problems. If you want people to have empathy for you, you really need to show some towards others.

At least I’m not the loser killing myself like normal fags do all because of lockdown, normal fags even have break downs over lockdown which just comes to show how privileged they really are …

For waht it’s worth, it’s a myth that suicide rates have increased during the lockdown.

if we’re gonna play the game of mocking, I can do it better, watch me.

‘Oh, lockdown, so depressed, time to kill myself. No point in actually trying to enjoy any indoor stuff, it’s the end of the world’.

‘Haven’t had local casual sex in 2 days, I’m so depressed’.

‘Haven’t seen my local girlfriend/boyfriend for two hours, no one knows the struggle’.

How did we get from rape fears to this sad attempt at mockery? I’m not sure, but others in the thread were taken by his initial thesis on rape and how it’s not such a bad thing.

“[I]magine getting raped by a stacy,” wrote one commeter wistfully, following the comment with a row of emojis that wordpress doesn’t support.

Another commenter directed his ire at women who try to make men feel bad about the whole rape thing.

Foids complain about their risk of getting raped because they love making men feel bad. Meanwhile, we’re at equal risk of getting raped by faggots but we’re not allowed to complain about it.

That last bit’s not actually true, even if you include prison rape in your numbers.

Another commenter picks up this theme, suggesting that homosexual rape is somehow much worse than the heterosexual variety.

Those privileged whores don’t even have to worry about homosexual rape, like what some men face in prison, those whores cry about the small possibility of HETEROSEXUAL rape.

You know, this is just too stupid for me to even waste time formulating a response. Get over yourselves. dudes.

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Ninja Socialist
Ninja Socialist
2 years ago

Forcing women tp stay indoors, wear baggy clothing and go out with escorts puts all the blame for rape on women.

epitome of incomrepehensibility

@Elaine & @mcbender, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to minimize actual sexual assault by ranting about irrelevant stuff. It’s been bothering me since yesterday that I might have come across that way. You both are great and didn’t deserve to have that kind of awful shit happen to you (no one does).

@Krasnaya Koshka, experiences of autism can vary widely. I don’t want to talk for autistic people because I’m not one myself, but I didn’t know my younger cousin was autistic until she told me. In any case, I agree that using autism as an excuse for misogyny is all kinds of wrong.

Last edited 2 years ago by epitome of incomrepehensibility
2 years ago

As another autistic person, I’d like to thank all the posters who made supportive comments about the morality of autistic people, especially North Sea Sparkly Dragon. BrettyBoy is using his condition as an excuse for being a bigoted asshole with a poor moral compass. The last thing the autistic community needs is for this lowlife to make himself our self-appointed representative.

2 years ago

Thank you for including me in that, I think? For what it’s worth I don’t feel it’s my place to judge what you said, and I had been worrying that I myself was contributing to the minimisation Elaine was talking about (which I want to acknowledge and address).

What happened to me was fairly minor in all honesty, especially in comparison to what a lot of women and people perceived as women go through, and the point I was trying to make was that even a mild sexual assault can really mess a person up.

Bookworm in hijab
Bookworm in hijab
2 years ago

@ Ninja Socialist,

Forcing women tp stay indoors, wear baggy clothing and go out with escorts puts all the blame for rape on women.

It absolutely is victim-blaming bs, yes. Plus, it doesn’t work even according to its own twisted logic, given that most rape isn’t by strangers but by people the victim knows or lives with. Possibly by those very same “escorts” who are supposed to be protecting us when we go out. And baggy clothes certainly didn’t act as deterrents to the men who harassed me. So…nope, fail on the whole “ladies*, here’s how to not get raped” thing.

*obviously not only women can be raped or sexually assaulted, but we know that that’s who these backwards advice things are always aimed at.

epitome of incomrepehensibility

@mcbender – Yes, it was that I was afraid I was taking up other people’s space by worrying about something only tangentially related.

It’s something I find interesting (and I kind of dislike/am baffled by Facebook…like, I just don’t get how it works half the time) but I was afraid that by being off topic, I was potentially minimizing more serious things.

Anyway, CW for this, but I did have a colleague once who bragged about touching this guy in a sexual way when he was much drunker than she was. I think my thought at the time (I was 19) was “Hm, people are silly when drunk,” but looking back on it, I realize how predatory this was. So it is worth pointing out how people can be sexually assaulted by women too.

Assorted misogynists seem (or rather pretend) to think that feminists want to be able to get away with all sorts of abusive behaviour. Probably projection on their part. 🙁

Acid Kritana
2 years ago

Ok, this is just ridiculous.

I support not calling men incels as an offense, but people like this I do not support in any way.

I’m gay, so seriously, don’t know why he keeps saying things like “f*gs.” Kind of offensive.
Also, as for the r*pe thing, I’ve had AT LEAST 3 instances of se.xual violence perpetrated against me.

The first time, I was touched inappropiately by a male, but what was worse was that I was literally called a “r*pist” by a male feminist who then said, “Men who claim are suspiscious.”

The second time, a girl tried to make me have s*x with her. When she asked, I said no, she still pressed. I said no and that I was gay, and she still pressed and even said, “I can turn you.” She kept going on so much that I had to report and block her.

The third time, a 42 year old woman came to me online and asked me what my age was. When I said 17 she said “Good.” She wanted to pay me money to date me (despite knowing I’m gay). I also blocked her. (Turns out that she also harassed another 17 year old gay boy with the same thing.)

Guess I have privilege because of it?

(Wow, can’t believe I’m actually basically agreeing with you David Futrelle on something.)

Jonatan Carmi
2 years ago

David… you’re pudgy and ugly. Are you not an incel?

Jonatan Carmi
2 years ago

Not really. There can be rape without violence. It’s about sex without consent or sex with consent from a person who is considered very young to consent.

Bookworm in hijab
Bookworm in hijab
2 years ago

David… you’re pudgy and ugly. Are you not an incel?

WTF, really? You necro’d a thread to post this drivel? That’s pathetic.

weirwoodtreehugger: chief manatee

Sex without consent is violence. Stop being gross.

2 years ago

@Jonatan Carmi

He’s not. You need to hate women to be an incel.

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