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Incel: Rape laws are “the biggest form of white-knighting ever”

After ten years of writing about the manospehre, you’d think there wouldn’t be much these guys could say that would shock or surprise me any more. But incels keep lowering the bar, somehow managing to be worse than I expect on a regular basis.

Take this discussion of rape I found on the forum not long ago. Someone calling themselves speedtypingincel opened with a question he already had an answer to: “Are rape laws actually the biggest form of white-knighting? Ever?”

He made clear that his answer to the question was a firm “yes.”

Think about it, a law has been implemented which forces men who have put their dick in a pussy to go to jail. No I mean, think about it. Police, an armed force, goes around arresting people who dared to push their dick inside that tight warm hole.

What’s just another dick to those sluts who ride the cock carousel since 13? Nothing.

In his mind, there’s only one real kind of rape that counts as rape: anal rape of men.

[M]en have anuses too so we wouldn’t want degenerate f*ggots go around raping people and then serving no jail time.

A number of other incels rose to the occasion and offered their, er, philosophical takes on the subject of rape and why it’s no big deal really.

According to freakinasuit:

Foids are more likely to orgasm during rape than during regular consensual sex. Therefore, rapists are doing a foid a favour by raping them. By enacting rape laws, policymakers are deny foids an orgasm.

Someone called Glokta offered his perverse thoughts on rape and property rights:

Rape isn’t what foids think it is. Women are property. They lose value with each new dick entering their pussy. Rape is an unlawful destruction of another man’s property. You don’t want your daughter to whore around. You don’t want her to get raped either. In both cases she just lost all her value which makes trying to marry her off harder which means she’s going to be a burden for your family longer, possibly forever. No man wants to get cucked and rape is cucking another male by getting pussy without paying for it. At least, that’s how it used to be. The idea of a marital rape is even more ludicrous. How can a man rape his own property that he’s paying for it?

Grondilu agreed, declaring Glokta’s comment “based.”

The thing is : women are de facto inferior beings, whether they like it or not. As a result, they can only be free and safe as a result of men giving them rights and protection. In the Western World, men as a collective give those rights and offer this protection.

So it can be said that this is a form of collective ownership of women : the idea that women are property is not denied, it’s just socialized. If communism is the idea that private property should be replaced by State ownership, feminism is the application of this principle to the ownership of women.

The fact that no-fault divorce is a thing proves it : marriage is no more any form of ownership of a woman, it’s just a temporary, even symbolical lease agreement. If anything, marriage is more about women owning a slave, aka husband.

BodyFat10orRope offered a slightly different take on “women as property.”

Rape is an outdated concept. Women are no longer property so you are not damaging / stealing another man’s property. These women are also not chaste. They are sluts so one more dick makes zero difference. It’s just white knight faggotry.

Also yes, heterosexual rape is natural, it’s entirely different from sodomizing another man.

An incel called Mainlander suggested that the real problem was women having any rights in the first place.

The true white knight laws are things like: women having sexual freedoms, women being able to work and study in university just like men, AoC [Age of Consent] laws (especially if unreasonably high), women deciding with whom they marry, divorce/alimony laws,

LiteralGoblin agreed, declaring that

If women stayed in the kitchen where they belong, they wouldn’t need to worry about getting raped.

(Never mind that this is simply untrue.)

FinnCel offered a mathematical solution to the question of rape:

OP is right.

I can understand if a virgin woman gets raped; that’s a horrible action.

If the girl has had 99 guys, you rape her, you’re just 1% to her

MaxZM98 gave his incel comrades that green light to rape all the women they want:

the vagina was created to get fucked. men evolved to be stronger than women so we can overpower them to overcome their hypergamous nature. men were never meant to be incel.

It’s amazing how much of incel/”red pill” ideology is just warmed-over Evo Psych taken to its logical extreme.

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1 year ago

So apparently I am *way* out of touch with modern slang. The only “foid” I know is Firearm Owners ID card. I’m guessing I might not want to know what it stands for in this context, but right now that doesn’t make any sense at all. Also, these men are so gross. No wonder they can’t get laid! I want to take a shower just from reading their ignorant comments.

1 year ago

[deleted, accidentally posted in wrong thread]

Last edited 1 year ago by Naglfar
epitome of incomrepehensibility

@Lynn – short for “femoid.” The “oid” ending to show that women aren’t really human, I guess (like “android” & such).

Last edited 1 year ago by epitome of incomrepehensibility
Katherine the Adequate
Katherine the Adequate
1 year ago

How high is an *unreasonably high* age of consent to these gentlemen, I wonder? Cough.

GSS ex-noob
GSS ex-noob
1 year ago

@Elaine: Good for that old lady, I say. She probably DGAF any more, and the sight of you dressed as a girl who died from patriarchy prompted her to pass on a helpful life tip.

Placidair Moonbat
1 year ago

And these hideous creatures are somehow “surprised” that no sane female human being wants anything to do with them? Good grief

1 year ago

LiteralGoblin is the most accurate and appropriate name for an incel ever.

1 year ago

How come they don’t ban this from the internet?? Bunch of hypocrites.

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