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How NOT to sweep a woman off her feet, Internet Edition

Today, what may be the cringiest attempt to slide into some unfortunate woman’s DMs that I’ve ever seen.

The screenshot starts part way through a failed attempt at textual seduction with the anonymous smooth dude here trying to blast on past the first “no.” And then it just gets worse and worse.

Where to even start? Dude, she may actually be “tired of normal men” — I mean, we all are, right? — but I’m not sure that the solution is to act like the world’s biggest weirdo. Even if you can “turn around with the force of a thousand sons [sic].”

H/T — r/IncelTear

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64 replies on “How NOT to sweep a woman off her feet, Internet Edition”

@big titty demon

Thank you, it does help to here that.


That is a helpful way to think about it in that way. There is a lot times that I still feel like his puppet. I had to become a completely new person when I broke up with him. Then I had to regrow a new person all over again after the rape. Sometimes I feel like a shattered mirror or glass, something that is just broken and can’t heal and can’t grow into something new. I have to constantly remind myself that I am human. We heal even though it might leave scars, we grow and we love and we become something new if we want to and we put in the work to. It is hard to convince myself sometimes that my life has value. Enough value to not throw away for others because a lot of times it feels like I should have thrown it away to stop him so that all his other future victims would be safe from him. And today that is hitting me really hard.

Clearly the best way to sweep a woman off her feet is to assume a position controlling an elbow and the opposite shoulder, and then to use a ko uchi gari or ko soto gari on her lead foot when her weight is slightly off of it. This will allow you to throw her to the ground and win the match.

We are talking about Judo, right?

Granted, my experience (with aiki-jujutsu, which is sort of a parent art to both aikido and judo) is that the women often have it easier in sweeping the men off their feet. The classic judo hip throw rewards a lower centre of balance.

Which made it amusing to watch the young woman in the class casually toss a guy a good foot and a half taller and double her mass across the mat, while he had to actually work to throw her because he had to lift her up first to perform the throw.

@Elaine the Witch (love the new nick – suits you!)

Not much of a one for personal stuff when it moves too close to my own life so this’ll be a touch brief, but since I am a killer – all legal and not only approved but required, but still one who has killed – figure my slightly understated wittering might help some.

I’m glad for you that you didn’t kill the guy.

Yep, you feel guilt. Yep, the world would be a far better place for his absence, and you feel you are somehow responsible for the current regrettable state of affairs.

You aren’t. Full stop, no debate.

You are a good person. I’m not, particularly, but I’ve learned this: When you kill, the person sticks with you. Forever, or near enough. Feels like forever, at least. They’re always there, back or front of your mind.
It is an unpleasant thing to go through life with.


@Elaine the Witch (love the new nick – suits you!)

Thanks, I showed it to my friend who also reads this blog and he goes ” careful, the kid who threaten to sue you will have your full first name now! you might be hearing from the kindergarten lawyer soon. which made me decided to go ahead and do it. I don’t have to keep ever part of my identity secret now I don’t think. I think My stalker from work got the message to leave me alone when my football friend was driving me to and from work for like a month.

You are a good person. I’m not, particularly, but I’ve learned this: When you kill, the person sticks with you. Forever, or near enough. Feels like forever, at least. They’re always there, back or front of your mind.

I don’t think I’m a good person but I appreciate it. I get petty and rude and I’d rather live in the woods in a cabin away from everyone else (hint the witch part). But I really appreciate the words


go to messanger settings and make sure it hasn’t been changed accidently

I don’t see any messenger-specific settings when I go to facebook settings. I’ve got a dropdown in the top right with “Give feedback” (the thing that already didn’t work), “Settings & Privacy”, “Help & Support”, “Display & Accessibility”, and “Log Out”. Under “Settings & Privacy” I get “Settings”, “Privacy Checkup”, “Privacy Shortcuts”, “Activity Log”, “News Feed Preferences”, and “Language”. Under “Settings” in turn I get a huge list:

Security and Login
Your Facebook Information
Face Recognition
Profile and Tagging
Public Posts
Language and Region
Apps and Websites
Instant Games
Business Integrations
Ads Payments
Facebook Pay
Support Inbox

I don’t see “Messenger” anywhere in any of this. Where would the setting to enable drag-and-drop be, please?


Are you using a computer or a phone with the fb app? Because you won’t find your thing in facebook settings. it would be specifically in messenger settings. I can tell you how to get to it through either a phone or computer but both are a different processes and I just need to know which one.


Okay so what your going to want to do is when you open up face book there should be a little button in the top right corner that looks like a chat bubble with a with a lighting bolt inside of it. Your going to click on that, it’s going to show you your chats. Your going to want to click on the box that says “see all chats in messenger” Now there are two things that could be done. There is a small + sign looking thing at the bottom of a chat (any chat ) and when you click that it will give you more option. It should have the attached file option there. If it is not there, you gonna click the three little dots in the top left corner above the chats and click on preferences and that will give you messenger settings so you can customize how you want your individual messenger to be for you.

I know that’s a long process and it’s annoying. Fb has had a some big mergers with Instagram the last couple of months. They tried to put everything from their two big messaging sites to make it easier to people and it just messed up everything for people who just use fb or just use Instagram and even for people like me who use both. And really annoying because messenger and fb were different type aps to begin with.

I thought maybe he was dumb enough to misspell “sun”, but I don’t know what turning around with the force of a thousand suns would mean either. So, I give up.


I get just “Turn Off Active Status”, “Notification Sounds”, “Manage Payments”, and “Manage Blocking”. Nothing that looks like it would affect drag-and-drop support.


It may have been removed in the merger then, they still have a file share section which may be all you get now. I’m sorry I couldn’t be more help.

No, file share is still there. It still works if you click the + and pick “share a picture/video” or “share a file” and browse to a file, and drag and drop of files onto a chat still works on the dedicated Messenger page. The only thing broken is dragging and dropping files onto one of the little “popup” chat boxes on other pages (your timeline, a group, etc.) … It makes no sense as an intentional change. Neither does the Google malfunction (which is still unfixed, even though that complaints thread I linked to has doubled in size since I linked to it).

@ joe

I don’t know what turning around with the force of a thousand suns would mean either

It may be a reference to the Bhagavad Gita verse, that was later paraphrased by Oppenheimer:

“If the radiance of a thousand suns / were to burst into the sky / that would be like / the splendor of the Mighty One and I am become Death, the shatterer of worlds.”

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