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Roosh V blames The Jews for “most modern evils,” including his own

Roosh and antisemitic writer E. Michael Jones

Two years ago, the infamous pickup artist Roosh Valizadeh announced that he was giving up his life of sinful fornication and getting himself right with God. Or at least right with a right-wing God, whom he apparently met in person after taking a megadose of ‘shrooms. (No, I’m not kidding.)

Now, instead of penning rapey pickup manuals, he writes posts on his blog with titles like “I Lived Most of My Life Under Demonic Influence,” “There is No Identity Without Christ,” and (somewhat unexpectedly) “Why I Don’t Trust American Dentists.”

Guess who else he doesn’t trust? The Jews.

Roosh has hated on Jews for a while now, and at one point he even got one of his tweets banned in France for promoting an antisemitic ASMR video. But he’s now getting serious about his antisemitism, blaming Jews for “most modern evils” from fornication to the Reformation.

In a recent post, Roosh reviews a book called “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit” by a Catholic writer named E. Michael Jones, described by the Anti-Defamation League as a man “obsess[ed]” with “the damage that he believes Jews are inflicting on the Catholic Church and western civilization.”

Roosh’s book review — basically a series of long quotes from Jones’ book interspersed with relatively brief bits of editorializing from Roosh — blames Jews for everything from the Russian revolution to internet porn, and even for Roosh’s own fornication-heavy previous life.

If you decide to turn away from God, there will be a Jew to catch you with one of his degenerate movements, pseudo-intellectual ideologies, or money-making schemes. I fell for the Jewish trick of sexual liberation and paid dearly for it. Many others fall for greed, cosmopolitan living, new atheism, pornography, or the self-glorification that comes from Jewish-run social networking and dating apps. I must conclude that Jews are God’s punishment to those with weak faith. If you stray too far from God, you in essence become a Jew.

(Emphasis mine.)

In another section of the review, Roosh declares that:

Once you learn how to recognize Jewish names and physiognomy, it doesn’t take long to see that just about every moral degradation under the sun is spearheaded by Jews. There are certainly gentiles involved in such movements, but if Jews were wholly absent, many social revolutions and degeneracies would simply not exist.

There are a lot of similar proclamations in Roosh’s post. We “learn,” among other things, that:

Jews hate manual labor. … Unless you do manual labor, it could be argued that you are Jewish in character. …

In a society without tradition, rootless Jews can flourish. Their very first task when parasitizing a new nation is to break down the traditional order …

While many men have fantasies about defeating Jews or ridding them from the land, understand that they would never have gained power in the first place if people stayed close to God. Without faith, a man will not be able to resist the traps that the Jews set out for him, so the solution to constrain the Jew becomes a personal and then societal decision of faith.

Roosh is really cranking the antisemitism up to eleven.

Couldn’t he have found a God who was somewhat less of an asshole?

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2 years ago

Well, you don’t get rich by spending money on every fool thing, right? As my own Scots ancestors (an infamously tight-fisted lot*) put it: “Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without.

*in fairness, when your principal crops are sheep and barley, cash money is hard to come by, so you squeeze every penny til it squeaks.

2 years ago


Contrary to the stereotypes about Jews and wealth and all that, IME using things until they break is a Jewish tradition. As are dumpster diving, repairing things, and cooking amazing dishes with leftovers.

This is my experience as well. While I am comfortably middle class, and my family was similarly so when I was growing up, we always used everything until it would no longer function and would repeatedly repair things that others might have simply thrown away. For instance, my grandfather drove the same car every day for 20 years (not a Volvo, though, it was a Subaru).

Last edited 2 years ago by Naglfar
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