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The incels’ new enemy: Chad Thundercockroach

Cockroach Chad getting all the babes

Now the incels are not only jealous of Chad Thundercock, the mythical superhunk who supposedly has regular hot sex with every woman on earth; they’re also puke green with envy of Chad’s insect equivalent: Chad Thundercockroach, an actual bug, who gets more female attention in a day than the average incel gets in a lifetime. Supposedly.

In a rant recently posted to the forums, an angry young man who goes by the name of Billowel urges his fellow angry young men to “take the bugpill” and acknowledge that, in the eyes of women at least, they are lower “then dogs, cats, rats, spiders, cockroaches, [and] ants.”

Why? Because there are some hot young women that keep these assorted critters as pets.

“Women only find about 5-15% of man ‘attractive,'” Billowel begins,

This mean that the rest of man are nothing more then disposable garbage whose value is solely on their skills(skills that can benefit society) and manual labour.

Yet some of these man-hating ladies keep everything from dogs and cats to bugs as pets — allowing these lucky beasts to live the incel dream as lazy-ass NEETs (Not in Education, Employment, or Training).

And by “keep as pets” Billowel also means “have sex with,” because he assumes that some huge percentage of women are out there having sex with dogs and any other animal they can figure out how to have sex with. Incels call this “the dogpill.”

look through this list and see how absurd our lifes are. Whilst dogs tongue kiss virgin jbs [jailbaits] and sometimes even get to pump their wombs full of cum ,we are left to rot and contemplate ropes and copes.

This is all happening in your imagination, dude.

Women wash dogs,hug them,kiss them,cuddle with them, fed them, take them to the veterinary, sometimes hand prepare food for them (i will never have dinner served by my cute wife,but a dog will), and makes sure he has [everything] that he needs to spend hs day.

the epithet “living a dog’s life” is no longer appropriate for the incel. We are worse then a dog. A dog even gets a painless death at the the end of his life in an infirmary whilst people like my truecel uncle died because the nurses where doing who knows what(probably fucking a chad patient or sending nudes like the whores they are). For 6 minutes till his mind went blank he screamed this world and the other,yet no nurse came to his rescue. Nothing is more horrible then a women in any position that isn’t motherhood.

I really doubt that the nurses were fucking Chad while your uncle died, dude.

But it gets worse. Women love cats and dogs. But they also don’t mind bugs.

He posts a YouoTube video of a woman with a pet jumping spider.

Can you imagine a female being so excited about an incel?She oozes out joy whilst talking about spiders and teaching other women how to take care of FUCKING SPIDERS. She literally buys shit for a fucking SPIDER. Can you imagine not only getting hit by a women, grabbed by her because she likes how you look, but also to receive presents and to be taken care off as if you were royalty? all for fucking free?

He wants a servant as much as a girlfriend.

You cannot have this,but a fucking spider can because women find them adorable.

Even fucking rats receive more love then us.

He shows us a video of a woman with a pet rat.



He shows us a video of a woman with hissing cockroaches as pets.

A fucking cockroach,we are lower then a fucking cockroach. Can you imagine. We have never been touched, or hugged or kissed by a women, yet a fucking cockroach is allowed to caress her skin as if he was her lover all because the female finds them “cute tehehehe”

He’s jealous of a literal cockroach.

Dude, the cockroach isn’t “caressing her skin as if he was her lover.” Nor does he have any desire to be her lover, what with him being a cockroach and really only being interested in lady cockroaches. He’s just wiggling his legs, as bugs are wont to do.

A fucking cockroach gets to hit all the milestones of intimacy (minus sex but that’s because the cockroach cannot have sex, for if it could i wouldn’t be surprised at what a women would do with it).

Let’s just move on quickly because I don’t even want to think about this.

a cockroach is love[d] by a foid and taken care like a neet king whilst we rot.

This is pretty much the life he wants, but with a hot “JB” girlfriend taking the place of dear old mom:

He continues, getting madder by the sentence.

that becky whom you had a crush for and loved, prefers to have a cockroach and pamper him with all types shit yet seethes in anger at just imagining(just IMAGINING)you laying one finger on her skin.

Give what you’ve written so far, can you blame her?

now the question remains.Are we lower then ants?


Now a video about ant farms.

millions of normies and women take care of ants whilst you rot.

We are lower then bugs. Jfl, at normies approaching women when women find a cockroach more valuable then them kek.

take the bugpill

Naturally, the commenters think that Billowel is onto something, One insists that “females stick cockroaches in their cunts.,” and I can only hope he’s just misremembering an old 4Chan meme and doesn’t really think this is true.

Anyway, I think I’m going to lie down for awhile. I think this post has ruined my dinner.

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1 year ago

@ Big Titty Demon concerning roach math

Uh, no… no you didn’t… All aboard the Nope Train headed straight to Nopeville. Nope, nope, nope…

1 year ago

So the only thing woman are allowed to like is their “designated” male partner? Any other passion is some ridiculous form of cuckholdry?

But then these incels shit on women for not having interests or passions (that they can comprehend) and use it to ‘prove’ women’s inhumanity versus men’s hobbies…

Heads they win, tails women lose.

… I say ‘win’, but…

Last edited 1 year ago by Ferrous
1 year ago

From the OP

“Women only find about 5-15% of man ‘attractive,’” Billowel begins,

Okay, I’m willing to spot him that because even when I was at my most sexually active, I was only really interested in about ten percent of the men* I encountered. Most of these men were not “Chads”. This is at least partly because my biggest requirement for a sex partner is that they be very interested in all involved parties having a good time. Oh, and be good company besides. Biggest things, #1 and #2 on the list.

It’s still amazing to me how attractive an average-looking person or even an “ugly” one can become just by opening their mouth! And vice-versa, of course.

BUT… Leaving aside the obvious fact that different people find different things attractive about prospective hook ups, these chucklefucks tend to limit their preferences to a small percentage women as well. These women must be: Young, slim, conventionally attractive, virginal, subservient, and now, apparently, pet free. Way to limit yourself, guys.

*Granted this was probably a larger pool of men than average since I was in the military for much of that time. But still.

Moon Custafer
Moon Custafer
1 year ago

@ Hambeast:

I’ll be charitable and assume that’s 5-15% of the adult men I have/will actually meet and exchange words with in my lifetime, as opposed to 5-15% of all the men on Earth. Then if I rule out the ones who aren’t attracted to me, and the ones already in monogamous relationships with someone else… honestly, anything over 5% is probably putting it a bit high.

1 year ago

I adopt and care for rats with my husband, and I can say that they are 10000 times sweeter than any incel on a good day.

1 year ago

We’re currently syringe feeding and medicating one of our pet rats because he’s old and infirm and unwell and because he is the sweetest boi and we love him to pieces. You can bet your sweet bippy I wouldn’t do anything remotely like that for an incel. They should just get back all the love and compassion that they put out into the world – ie. zero.

1 year ago

This is literally “The Metamorphosis” made real. Just understand that the whole incel thing at this point is little more than competitive self loathing a cop out blaming.

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