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MRA: Straight men have it harder than gay men because the heterosexual “dating world is still about the subjugation of men and the elevation of women”

Woman oppressing men, one at a time

By David Futrelle

So over in the Men’s Rights subreddit, they’re discussing whether or not “LGBT men” have it better than straight men, because of course they are. (I can only wonder what they think the “L” in LGBT stands for.) And naturally, some think that straight men are the ones getting the short end of the stick, at least in the so-called sexual marketplace.

As a commenter called TC1827 puts it:

TC1827 22 points 4 days ago 
When it comes to dating yes because of norms. Men are still expected to initiate, pay, mind read, do everything "correctly" while women can act how they want. The heteronormative dating world is still about the oppression and subjugation of men and the elevation of women. Men are attacked for daring to want a fair deal while women can be straight up racist when it comes to dating and men are attacked for calling them out on it. So on that area, LGBT men have it easier, as long as they overcome homophobia and the very limited dating pool

Sure, I mean, gay guys still get beaten up for holding hands in public, but straight men are the ones who have a hard time because … they’ve convinced themselves that all women demand to have their dinners paid for. Such oppression! Such subjugation! It’s truly tragic.

Elsewhere in the discussion, another commenter adds this, er, insight:

My brother who is of that elk has told me that some gay dudes really just want to be women and will act as such in a relationship

That elk? This elk is a little confused.

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3 years ago

@ Alan

Thanks for the advice. Good to know where we stand, especially after an overly officious copper told someone off just for taking the air in their own front garden.

Right-Wing Femboy
Right-Wing Femboy
3 years ago

More proof that feminism hates gender nonconforming men. The amount of leftists on Twitter confused about why there’s so many right-wing GNC men will never cease to be hilarious.

Surplus to Requirements, Observer of the Vast Blight-Wing Enstupidation
Surplus to Requirements, Observer of the Vast Blight-Wing Enstupidation
3 years ago

What is this alleged “proof”? Because I’m not seeing it.

3 years ago

@Right-Wing Femboy

More proof that feminism hates gender nonconforming men.

[citation needed]

I and most feminists I know fully support GNC people. A lot of my friends are GNC, and I’m rather different from stereotypes myself (though I’m a woman, not a man). I have yet to see feminists hate GNC men (with the exception of TERFs, but most feminists hate TERFs and TERFs hate everyone who isn’t white cishet and conforming).

The amount of leftists on Twitter confused about why there’s so many right-wing GNC men will never cease to be hilarious.

I haven’t seen this confusion, mainly because I haven’t seen many right wing GNC men. I’m sure there are some, but almost all the right wing men I know of are stereotypically masculine.

weirwoodtreehugger: chief manatee

MRA’s aren’t GNC though. At least not as a group. I’m sure there are individuals who are. Typically, MRA dudes are more likely to mock men who don’t embrace masculine gender roles and they like to accuse feminists of trying to keep men from being traditionally male. Hating women isn’t exactly non-conformist for men either.

3 years ago

Yeah the mainstream MRA movement certainly isn’t tolerate to GNC males, the closest ‘non-feminist’ groups that exist are ‘Pro-Male Collective’ or ‘LeftWingMaleAdvocates’.

They aggressively ban anybody that even remotely espouses manosphere, MGTOW, ‘redpill’, and ‘right wing mra’ ideas or shame men for being ‘feminine’ from entering their spaces, but its a shame they have so much bad experiences with TERFs to not be open minded to Feminism.

They hate gender roles but call them ‘anti-male’ instead of patriarchal because they ‘oppress men from being able to be free’, and alot of people are generally very left leaning on everything including worker’s rights but not exactly on ‘Feminism’.

They are radical on some things because they feel threatened by forces from ‘both the right and left that are not sincere about abolishing gender roles’ they claim but themselves seem genuinely very sincere on providing a space where men can break gender norms and express their emotions including if they cry.

Oh well, at the very least they could be open minded to liberal feminist perspectives in constructive debates hopefully?

I’m sure if their channels get big enough there could be one in the future. Idk what I think, but gender role based oppression seems to come from both genders for some reason. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Who are the people on r/FemaleDatingStrategy or ‘the white feather movement’ of the 1910s seen as by liberal feminists?

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