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Racist idea man Steve Sailer wants male scientists working on coronavirus to be exempt from #MeToo accusations

Man scientist doing important man work, cannot be disturbed by petty complaints from women he groped

By David Futrelle

Noted racist, er, “intellectual” Steve Sailer has an interesting proposal that he thinks could speed up research on the coronavirus: we should exempt male researchers in the field from accusations of sexual harassment and assault until the virus is finally defeated.

While he proudly notes that most of the researchers in the field are dudes, he’s worried about all the women who will be working alongside them — each one of them a possible accuser!

“Under 2019 Rules,” he lamented in a blog post on the white supremacist VDare site,

any man running a large organization that employed a lot of women and who happened to Surface in the Media was fair game for any woman who used to work for him deciding that what The Conversation needed now to be about was about that time he put his hand on my shoulder at work and it made me feel funny and I thought about it for weeks and I have now decided it was sexual assault. So Society must validate my feeling by firing this man from his job . . .

Here’s my request: Under 2020 Rules, we postpone all such Conversations involving anybody involved in the effort for the duration.

Because these male researchers are just too darn busy to be disturbed by accusations from all the women they grope.

I mean, who’s got time for that?

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It could be that the Canadian government is worried about an influx of American refugees fleeing the pandemic and its aftermath. Our resources are probably robust enough to handle the current trickle of South and Central American asylum seekers, but a flood of US citizens?

(btw, I agree they ought to have scrapped the safe 3rd country agreement as soon as Trump started caging children.)

@Naglfar : the problem being that often, extra chromosome create a lot of chaotic perturbation in the body, so it’s very hard to extrapolate from the difference between XX and XY the difference between XXX and XX (and XY). Extra chromosomes are as a rule a pretty dire condition, even if for the XY pair specifically I kind of remember it’s less of a problem.

@epitome : I am not enough of a scholar in thoses matter to say whether the Safe Third Country Agreement is a good thing or a bad thing. That being said, it could be both : Trudeau trying to economize ressources *and* limit rights at the same time. Currently there’s a global limitation of human right that is supposed to help against COVID, and sending back people at the frontier does look like in line with the social distancing and all.

I know that that can have additional effects that may cause difficulties. I was just responding to what Sheila said about how TERFs think there is only XX and XY when in reality there are more possible genotypes.

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