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Ex-pro-wrestler Val Venis loses it on Twitter after trans wrestler Nyla Rose is crowned women’s champion

You might consider sitting this one out, Val

By David Futrelle

On Wednesday night, pro wrestler Nyla Rose was crowned All Elite Wrestling Women’s World Champion after defeating rival Riho in a scripted match. What made this an especially dramatic moment in the already plenty dramatic world of pro wrestling was that Rose is a trans woman.

Rose’s win, not surprisingly, triggered a transphobic backlash, with some of wrestling’s more backwards fans attacking Rose on social media. But no one seems to be quite as mad about her win as retired pro wrestler Val Venis, who has been loudly broadcasting his displeasure on Twitter for several days straight now.

Here’s a little sampling of his, er, work. As you’ll see, his ALL-CAPS key has been getting quite the workout.

Naturally, he’s trying to present himself as the champion of “REAL WOMEN” against evil soyboy SJWs and “the male species” in general.

He’s also trying his hand at humor, but he’s basically only got the one joke.

Or maybe two jokes?

I would offer some sort of rebuttal to all of these but I’m not sure I have anything to add to this tweet from Twitter MuFo and self-designated “wrestlebitch” Rivka Gheist, describing VEnis, fairly accurately, as a “fucking haggard old pissbaby” and declaring that

Trans women are women, I would happily have them in my locker rooms and face them in the ring. Wrestling is for everyone, including those gender-expansive identities. … Congratulations Nyla Rose, on your historic win!

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

H/T — Thanks to Lizuka, who alerted me to Venis’ meltdown

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175 replies on “Ex-pro-wrestler Val Venis loses it on Twitter after trans wrestler Nyla Rose is crowned women’s champion”


I’m a cis gender bi sexual extremely femenite woman who was raped by a cis gender man in a public bathroom. Is that enough information for you terf scum?

I am a trans* woman. Therefore, I am a woman.
Rhuu is a trans* man. Therefore, he is a man.
Lainy and Catalpa are cis women. Therefore, they are women.
This truly isn’t hard.


I’m not going to misgender people for you.

I’m cis as well if you must know, so whichever way you slice it, it’s a 3:1 ratio.

Apparently croi can’t tell I’m a cis gender woman despite my devine, innate and clearly define fimenate nature. I wonder why that is

So, let’s discuss: who was more of an asshole: Croi or SRLO?

I could just sense that Croi’s next post was going to be to argue with me and declare that I’m not a woman. You can tell that’s coming when they say “transwoman” without a space, because that’s their way of implying trans folx aren’t valid.

Thanks David! I’m also loving the longer edit timer, if you did that.

So, let’s discuss: who was more of an asshole: Croi or SRLO?

Isn’t that kind of like discussing what’s more disgusting, a four-day old rotting trout carcass or a four-day old rotting salmon carcass?

Both made me sad, in similar but different ways. :C

But that’s alright, I chose to interact with both.

(Sad in the like… I wish they could understand what I understand, but there isn’t much of a chance of that, y’know? Not like, internally hurt sad. I didn’t like what Croi said, but that’s just how the world sees things, so I somewhat have a callus there, y’know?)

This one doesn’t EXACTLY work, but I really liked it XD


Sad in the like… I wish they could understand what I understand, but there isn’t much of a chance of that, y’know?

I can relate to that feeling. My biggest hope for bigots is that one day they realize that what they’ve done was wrong and change to be better. I know they won’t, but I can dream. I know they won’t change and it’s not the best use of my time, but I feel like I should take them on to hone my skills and for the lurkers who might be watching.

SRLO was at least kind of original, while Croi was just regurgitating standard TERF talking points. If SRLO had just spouted his semen mysticism and not been such an enormous asshole about rape and other atrocities, he could have been fairly entertaining. As it is, though, they were both just awful in different ways.

Well, I know that Croi is already banned, but if she’s still lurking…

It’s pretty rich to accuse others of being aggressive when you’re snooping around in the contents of someone’s pants. I find it pretty rude and aggressive to ask someone about their genitals in order to figure out how to address them.

I just got upset when they said a terf would never behave in a rude or agressive way when all terfs are is rude, agressive, passive agressive, and harmful for those who don’t fit their mold

I know the bbq sauce is rapidly cooling on this roast, but I just want to add, as a (probably) cis woman, I have whole heckin lot of friends who are trans men and women or somewhere else on the non-binary spectrum, and I have never once felt harassed or unsafe around any of them. They’re all super chill peeps for the most part.

I have, however, been both sexually and psychologically abused on multiple occasions, and every one of those was a cis man.

I guess SRLO was more of a slow burn because he at least kind of tried to give the appearance of understanding the opposing points of view presented to him? Croi let the flag fly right from the jump, and refused to even give a pretense of letting anything go.


I just got upset when they said a terf would never behave in a rude or agressive way when all terfs are is rude, agressive, passive agressive, and harmful for those who don’t fit their mold

It’s all just projection when they claim trans* people are the aggressive and violent ones. Same as the alt right accusing the left of being the real fascists. Plus, it’s very counter feminist to say trans* women are too aggressive, because for years women have been told to be passive and criticized for any act of perceived aggression (especially for women of color). TERFs often love to use old patriarchal insults for women to hurt trans* women, like body shaming.

I’m glad the TERF was banned. We don’t need that here!

Rhuu said this:

Unknown lurker, you’re doing awesome, no matter how you present, or how people read you.

You are you, and you’re great.

(Rhuu, you are also great, btw.)

In that same vein, even though the troll is thankfully gone, I wanted to say something to any lurkers about this thing the troll said:

Some feminists do emphasise women’s role as mothers – not in the sense that women should be compelled to be mothers, but more celebrating motherhood, an experience that still forms a big part of most women’s lives.

Motherhood does not define womanhood, of course. No woman should ever, ever have to feel like she has to have or want children in order to be a proper woman.

But I just wanted to acknowledge the trans women who are mothers, since Croi is trying to pretend you don’t exist and that motherhood belongs only to cis women. I see you. I also see people like Croi trying to erase you, and I think that’s bullshit, and I refuse to let that pass without comment.

One last thing in this thread:
I’d just like to check what pronouns you prefer now. Which should I use for you going forward?

@Naglfar – I think with this ‘nym, i would appreciate he/him. Not sure if i want to do it irl yet, but online i think it would be nice. 🙂

Lolll, no edit timer for me! Just wanted to agree with Viscaria up above, that’s a great point.

Speaking of TERFs, an article I read a few years ago by Shelia Jeffries claimed the reason why people born with male bodies want to undergo reassignment surgery was because they…wanted to wear women’s clothes. And that this desire was so strong in them that they were willing to take a drop in social status to get the right to wear dresses whenever they wished.

Because crossdressers and drag queens don’t real, evidently.

Don’t know how accepted that idea is in TERF circles (don’t normally read their blogs), but that idea does exist among them, anyway.

“Gender Critical”: We should challenge gender… by becoming the Femininity Police and accusing random women of being secretly men. Fuck off with that bullshit.


Again, tattoos or not, height difference or not (and real clever using the pic of him wearing a shirt and slouching next to Big Show,) Rey Mysterio actually looks like a grown man, (plus actually used a regular-sized belt for all of his title reigns,) even if both would still be carded for buying beer, Riho would be more and let’s be honest here, still looks like a decoy for “To Catch a Predator”.

Now on a lighter note (and more relevant than that troll that was on here):

I’ve yet to hear the podcast, but I already feel better about liking Jericho and how it enlightened him on the issue(s) that even he found himself relating to, so it sounds like it could be another good ep.

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