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This NoFap parody of Johnny Cash’s cover of Hurt is possibly the worst song ever recorded

You make Johnny Cash sad

By David Futrelle

Yep, some NoFap dude did a NoFap version of Johnny Cash’s famous cover of Nine Inch Nails’ “Hurt,” with the lyrics changed to make a point about the evils of “cooming” while jerking off to porn. Just listen to this mess, if you can:

Every day we stray further from God’s light.

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243 replies on “This NoFap parody of Johnny Cash’s cover of Hurt is possibly the worst song ever recorded”

Did I really just read an exchange that essentially went, “How do you justify saying women weren’t oppressed in the US until Obama was elected? Here is an example of a form of institutionalized oppression experienced by women throughout much of US history.” “Wow, so I guess you don’t think the Holocaust was bad!”

Like, I spent time and energy from my life reading that. That really happened.

@Mrs Morley
I’d agree that Ashkenazi Jews (like myself) are not PoC, but there are Jews who would be considered PoC like the Beta Israel or some converts.

I was in a meeting while much of this was going on and I am only now looking at the responses and having a similar reaction. Oy vey.

I get the feeling dude just really wants to be some form of brown so he can claim he’s much more oppressed then any white woman ever so that if we (for some reason he thinks we’re all white women) try to punch mammoth size holes in his semen thing we’re wrong because of racism i guess? But the dude is clearly not a person of color so he goes to the next best thing he can think of which is Jewish people?

Was a new comment released? I took a look, and couldn’t see it. If it was, welcome new commenter! Sorry I can’t be more specific.

(It’s also possible someone is posting through an email link. Please don’t do that, it messes up the pages.)

@Naglfar you misunderstood me.

Of course there are Jews who are people of color. I was saying that being a Jew doesn’t preclude being white.


Eh, there are nonwhite folks who pass for white, and the whiteness of Jewish folks is a point of contention with a lot of white supremacists and other dickheads. SRLO is from a different country and the definition of whiteness may be different there.

I don’t think that it’s a useful exercise to try to debate whether someone’s identity is what they say it is. POC folks can be just as wrong as white folks, and the content of SRLO’s posts would be objectionable no matter what his identity is.


The commentariat doesn’t think less of people who don’t have sex/romance. As I stated before, I’m asexual. I don’t pursue romantic or sexual relationships (though there are ace people who do), and I have only very rarely been made to feel lesser for it here.

(There have been a few cases of folks sneering at the misogynists by referring to them as “basement dwelling virgins” or something similar, but these instances are usually quickly corrected by the community. One’s sexual activity doesn’t make someone an ass, that’s their words and their actions.)

@Mrs Morley
Of course, I was just adding a clarifier. Sorry if I misunderstood your original post.


Oh I don’t doubt that he’s Jewish, what I mean is I get serious “I’m gay so I can’t be racist” type of vibes form him.


my reply not loading ..i will try again after 10 mins before i go to sleep

@ weirwood

of course western black women were even more brutalized and oppressed than western black men…oh-so-prim-and-proper western white women would not even let western black women to go to toilet


MRA talking points about how western women were never oppressed based on gender.

It is interesting that that kind of argument is a mirror image of the TERF/white feminist argument that women are oppressed but that black people aren’t or that intersectional oppression isn’t real. Both arguments are anti-intersectionality but in opposite ways.

It wasn’t the women who created the system of racial oppression. Did many white women participate to some degree? Yes. But men created the system of segregation.


That’s the same argument junior Schutzstaffel officers used post 1945. Fact is white women were the watchdogs for the enforcement of brutal genocidal oppression..

*comes in to tell us about how non-misogynistic SR (later changed to SER, so it’s nice that it’s now more inclusive) is*

*four pages later, yelling about how white women are the absolute worst, actually, and are at the root of all the world’s problems.*

With a large side helping of Godwin’s law.

Gentle reminder to SRLO – Naglfar is also Jewish, maybe watch what I assume is a nazi comparison?

(I’m on a work computer, don’t want to google.)


All the more reason for her not to forget that it was white schoolgirls who would have gone home to their parents and complained that somebody like Naglfar’s greatgrandma’s hair is “suspiciously curly” ..that her greatgrandma has a “suspiciously long surname”

do we REALLY need to go through those Painful Histories?

Funny how SRLO keeps ranting about white women constantly, like the women were the only ones who participated in the persecution of POC. None of the white schoolboys would have complained to their parents about someone being suspiciously curly haired, certainly not! Only those deceitful white women.


forget normal white schoolboys and schoolgirls..even white celibate priests engaged in such antics even though their God was born of such a “curly” haired woman..That’s what most excruciatingly painful and heartbreaking

I’d really prefer that you not drag my family into this. Most of my family had the good fortune to be in America during that time and escaped persecution, but regardless I don’t see it as necessary to drag up the history. And FYI my great grandmother’s maiden name was 4 letters.

But to respond directly:
There definitely were girls and women who assisted the Nazis, and those women were definitely in the wrong. However, I want to be clear that it was not women who created the Nazi party. Hitler was not a woman. Eichmann was not a woman. Nor were Goebbels, Göring, Mengele, or any of the other Nazi officials. There were definitely women who were Nazis (like Leni Reifenstahl or Ilse Koch) but that does not mean women created the situation.

The Nazi party was violently misogynistic, one of Hitler’s favorite maxims was “Kinder, Küche, Kirche”, describing how he thought women belonged raising children, cooking, and being religious. Hence the lack of high-ranking women in the party. So, you cannot blame the Holocaust on women exclusively.


point noted and even I hated to bring it up..I repeatedly asked Rhuu what’s the point in dredging up old history? This conversation has gone way beyond its original scope and would only work to open up old wounds and not unite people..ket’s just end everything here..good night


do we REALLY need to go through those Painful Histories?

You… you brought it up?? What is happening right now?

Is there any chance that you might be able to defend your assertion that no woman was discriminated against in the US (at least on the basis of being a woman) until Obama came into power? Preferably without bringing up Nazi Germany, unless you can actually manage to connect the two somehow?

You keep bringing it up! You brought it up in the first place, and you keep trying to tie everything to white women and the holocaust!

You can blame me all you want. In fact, this all took a turn after i pointed out that you only represent yourself, not the greater SR community.

I think that upset you, and you have to make me a bad person, so you can disregard everything i say.

What does that tell you, about your beliefs, and how you respond to conflict?

Also, you never provided a quote of someone calling you a noble savage. Or explained how Obama created all oppressions for women. Or only white women?

You can want to end the discussion, and that’s fine. You can stop replying. But we will keep posting for as long as interest holds out, trying to figure out what the heck happened here.


This conversation has gone way beyond its original scope and would only work to open up old wounds and not unite people..ket’s just end everything here

Fair enough.


I will not be answering to any queries anymore…The conversation took an ugly turn inspite of repeated entreaties from my side not to engage in such brinksmanship

If this means I am convicted here of all the ludicrous allegations against me, let it be so

Out of the respect for the memories of many I choose to stay silent tonight, tomorrow, forever


Have a nice, peaceful and prosperous life

This is how I’m going to win all my arguments now. “No, Viscaria, you cannot have the last piece of pie.” “Wow, sure sounds like you support horrible atrocities.” “Because I want my piece of pie, somehow I support atrocities?” “Stop bringing up the painful atrocities!! I will not be taking questions at this time.” And then I will have all of the pie and all of the moral high ground.

It sure was…something. Half of it I had to read twice to make sure I wasn’t having a colossal misunderstanding and that I was actually seeing what was there.


Did you bring some booze to go along with that pizza? because I could use it right about now lol

Out of curiosity, what is that gif from? I’ve seen it before, but I don’t know where it’s from.

even white celibate priests engaged in such antics

Too bad semen retention didn’t prevent them from being horrible people.

It’s from the show Community. Season 3, Episode 4. It’s probably my favorite episode of the show. 😄

I choose to stay silent tonight, tomorrow, forever

Go ahead and let the door hit your ass on the way out.

So coming (HA!) into this conversation late, and I realized an important internal test for an argument: If reading your argument makes me question whether or not I’m having a stroke at this very moment, it just might be a bad argument.

My respect to everyone who was willing and able to respond to SRLO. I just spent the whole thread with my jaw gaping open while I watched in amused horror.


You don’t tell me what to do!!!


I know you’re not talking about me, I just couldn’t resist.

As a white person of partial Jewish descent… this was terribly confusing.

Like, does he believe that people from other cultures never intermingle?
Or just that they shouldn’t?

Weird and beautiful thread. Very sincere, bad spiritualism with a relatively broad span of esoteric historical bullshit.
We shall not see his like again soon.

Ahhh, who am I kidding?

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